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  1. My latest was the Bronco m1114 up-armored Humvee. Tons of detail in the box. One more in the "I drove one" military vehicle series.
  2. Another beautiful classic. I really like watching your builds Harry. Your choice of builds always deliver.
  3. Really nice dio Dave! My favorite part is the air between the rear wheels, only thing missing is the splattering mud.
  4. I applaud your perseverance.I would have shelved this more times than I would want to count. You work is spectacular. Can't wait to see it finished
  5. All very different, that being said, I am drawn to the car with the four Allison engines. I don't know why.
  6. All are great! I agree with Walt, the Mini is my favorite.
  7. A need that i think missing, a rolling tool cabinet(like a snap-on tool box). I have a plan for a garage that I can admit will never look this good. Only way for that to happen is for you to build it for me. Your work is amazing.
  8. That is perfect, take her to fight some wildfires. Very nice rig.
  9. Nice truck. Nice and tasty. Ya should call her "Lemon Drop". I really like it.
  10. Gorgeous truck. Beautiful. Is the bed a decal or what...It looks great?
  11. Great show guys. Thank you for the invite. Had a great time.
  12. Great job. Always loved those old classic cars.
  13. Great build, and kudos for family involvement. I'm still working on the motivation to do a purple, blue and I think it's green mustang. (Daughter's choice of colors).
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