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  1. Jason added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    I am sorry for the delay on the parts. I am USAF and had to leave for a little while. If you still need the parts I will be happy to ship them out this week. Sorry again for the delay, I hope you understand.
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  2. Jason added a post in a topic long hood 90% done   

    Thats awesome, the truck reminds me of the older W-900 KW with an extended hood, she had a 12v92 Detroit under the hood. Ive always had a "thing" for the longer hoods. Can you imagine trying to drive that thing with the massive sleeper, itd take half of texas to get that thing turned around haha.
    Good work
  3. Jason added a post in a topic air brushing virgin ???   

    As stated the pressures can be a bit tricky at times. I have found that around 30PSI works the best for me. I use an external pressure regulator. My compressor has one but i dont really trust its accuracy. You can play with it to get what you want. When i first started I used some old cardboard to practice. Like you i was kind of scared of it. Now, i love it the paint choices have quadrupled from whats available in a rattle can.
  4. Jason added a post in a topic Straight pipes aluminum tubing?   

    I know you guys are going to call me crazy but use sand. Tape the end off fill'er up with sand then slowly bend. Works well for me. Also, on occasion i will use my automotive tube bender if i cannot get the right angle with the spring style. the sand offers a plyable interior that will not kink then simply dump it out and press on.
  5. Jason added a post in a topic International 4300 Dump Truck   

    Outstanding craftsmanship! I love the weathering! Looking at the pictures a good backdrop and it would probably pass for real. I feel sorry for the old girl she looks used and abused, very nice touch!
  6. Jason added a post in a topic AMT Flatbed (new release)   

    Hey, The trailer looks great! I made a covered wagon and used just standard fabric. i chose the "shiny" black covering to represent the tarp.
    worked out pretty good for me. I also used thread to tie it down to the sides.
  7. Jason added a post in a topic Newbie help?   

    Im sure some other modelers can agree with this but some of the materials you use just "come to you" Metal coat hangers work well in some areas. as your wife/girlfriend/mom's old chain jewelry work well for others. If you do not have a reputable hobby shop around a little redneck engineering goes a long way. As far as paint goes, i bought an airbrush a few years ago and have not looked back since. It can be a little intimidating at first but as you get the hang of it it gets easier and easier as you go. I use a normal 2 gallon compressor with regulator that i got from harbor freight for $60. Its worked great for me!

  8. Jason added a post in a topic my first scratch build   

    Wow. I am very impressed! you did an excellent job. Do you have plans for a trailer? Can you post some details on how you went about doing this? again awesome work!

  9. Jason added a post in a topic Custom Pete   

    Just my opinion but I like the photoetch pieces from www.sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com (from KFS) They add a very nice "custom" look if done correctly, they have a few options as far as hood emblems (flames etc.) and a very nice bottom lightbar with add in lights. also a few other items you may like. these require virtually zero modification and have a nice end result. there are also the photoetch stacks with the peterbilt logo as well as plain. sourkraut has tons of awesome custom parts to make your pete look awesome! most of his parts come with instructions to help you out. very helpful if you are new to resin products.

  10. Jason added a post in a topic FLD Condo sleeper   

    Thank you! Maybe i can find one on ebay or someone has one they would like to get rid of. Ill get ahold of him and see what he has.
    Thanks for your time!
  11. Jason added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    FLD Condo sleeper
    Hey, I remember seeing a condo sleeper for the FLD as well as a classic conversion. I can't find that for the life of me now!
    If anyone knows where it is that would be great! Thanks in advance!
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  12. Jason added a post in a topic Tacoma's 1970 American LaFrance series 900 snorkle   

    Wow impressive truck, the third axle looks like its supposed to be there. I like all of the modifications. Where did you get the other yellow accessories? did you fab them up?
  13. Jason added a post in a topic Freash air intake Western star constellation 5964ss   

    Hopefully these will help you. it sounds like you have it right, the air intake is not "fresh air" like the petes, kw's etc with the external chrome air breathers.




    For more truck reference photos

  14. Jason added a post in a topic Epson Hino PIAA Transporter   

    Thats a cool cardstock truck, how does that work exactly? is it printed paper over a plastic base? do you have any WIP pictures?
  15. Jason added a post in a topic Questionable subject   

    Isnt this an ironic story. First, the probability of those being the "current" photos very VERY unlikely. Those vehicles are waivered from having placards and such. Those vehicles will NOT have Gov't plates and most likely be a civilian contract with well armed escorts. The trucks are made to "blend in" as we dont want Mr. bin laden taking one of these for a spin (good luck) Some people are oblivious to the fact that there are terrorist cells operating in the U.S. and would just love to get theyre hands on one of these trucks. Just my .02