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  1. '29 Ford Woody

    I've got a weakness for Woodies, and that is a great looking Woody!
  2. I was one of the founding members of the Jackson Purchase Automotive Modelers Assoc. in Mayfield. I moved to AZ about 12 years ago, I take it the club did not survive, huh??
  3. Revell's '09 Camaro

    Duplicolor Ultramarine Blue.
  4. Revell's '09 Camaro

    No. My interior slipped in and right into place. Not a problem at all.
  5. Revell's '09 Camaro

    I'll have to work on that. Moon Pie Fotki
  6. Revell's '09 Camaro

    Fun build, just to get a newer Camaro in my stable of older Camaros.
  7. Gone in Sixty Seconds build off?

    Thread was seven ( 7 ) pages back. BTT with an answer.
  8. Clearing over decals

    In my experiance, automotive clear coat is too "hot" for the decals. I've always used Tamiya or Testors clear laquers. To be on the safe side, you can airbrush Future as a clear coat, and remove it with Windex if you mess up.
  9. Fed Up...discouraged

    Don't give up, Mitch! This Revell '09 Camaro took four dips and the "Purple Pool" before I got a paint job I could live with.
  10. $24.00 Monogram '32 Ford kit ?

    Out here in the Mesa, AZ area, the chains, Hobby Town, Hobby Lobby and Michael's are all charging MSRP, and the "Ma & Pa" hobby shop is way under MSRP. Guess who is getting my business.
  11. Fed Up...discouraged

    You've just received real good advice from all of these guys. I have been building since the early 1960's, and it is very seldom that I can lay down a paint job that I am happy with the first time. And I have my very worst luck with my airbrushes, but then... ... I get that one paint job that makes it all worth while. Don't let it get you down. Just go retreive that body from the trash, get back up on that horse and ride it to the ground. Don't let it win. And if you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it here. The knowledge base of the members here is absolutely awesome.
  12. Gone in Sixty Seconds build off?

    "Erin" '69 Camaro Z28 progress report: Interior: 95% completed Chassis: Completed Engine: Completed Body: First coat of paint.
  13. 1970 Camaro built by one of my best friends !!!

    Really great looking Z/28 !
  14. 70 Chevelles

    And my older build:
  15. 70 Chevelles

    Very nice '70 SS, Bruno!