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  1. Is there something wrong with the Forums? It's not letting me view anything, only lets me reply to them.
  2. Count me in, I am going to build a Mustang II. Don't have the kit yet, but once I do I will get pix up. I may do a second one but only after the Mustang II is built.
  3. I would totally do it, but I would do one from Twisted Metal!!!
  4. So I have a few foreign kits, 70 Skyline, Nissan R34 and a Porsche kit, two of which are curbside, no engine detail at all, I am looking at some Subaru kits and I can't find any with engine detail. Is there an easy way to figure out which kits ARE NOT curbside?
  5. It will be sitting just a tiny bit higher than normal ride height, I was even considering putting a grill guard and bumper guard for a little more All-Terrain attitude. I've always wanted a truck that could tear up the streets and the dirt, so this is going to be that realized.
  6. So I am back to this hobby after some years of being out of it and I am picking up with my pride and joy project. 95 Ford Ranger kustom. Originally it started out as a street truck but I have since turned it into something that would be more on all terrain, on street/off road type deal. So I am going to post progress pictures. Right now I am in the middle of customizing a Shelby grill as the grill of the Ranger, not just because it looks awesome, but I also screwed up the original grill, so it was a happy thing. This is where I left the truck about 4 years go This is the grill before I cut it up and pieced it back together. Now, if I want to use the Lund Razorback I will have to cut into the cab... so before I do that, I would like opinions, keep it or ditch it? Final one for viewing pleasure. So there it is. I am using the Super Stallion Mustang 5.4 with it's supercharger for the power plant. I am modding the front suspension to a control arm set up as opposed to the I-beam, though I am actually going back and forth on that.
  7. Reminds me more of the Scion FR-S.. oh wait
  8. Very nice! I really like this car and this is a very nice rendition of it. I especially love the Gran Turismo license plates
  9. So, that Revell Grave Digger re-issue is a really great kit. I built it as a kid and really loved it. I am picking up a couple of the kits and I want to do a more professional finish on it than I did when I was 13, lol. The decals are adhesive, not water based, but I am curious if I can clear over them? Anyone have any experience and/or luck with that?
  10. I agree with both of you, Charlie and Mark. It's like when we have a gas "shortage" and people organize those days for people to not buy gas all day, never works. I think the sense of community has been lost, at least here in the Phoenix area. (I lived in Mayfield Kentucky and I can say that for the most part that great sense of community still exists.) The problem is no matter how many of us were to complain about quality and even refuse to buy kits until the products and quality reflect what us, the consumer, want to see, there would still be people who ignore the protest and buy gas or models anyway, thereby making any sort of protest pointless, because obviously someone will still buy the ###### so they keep going. I would say the best thing we could do is start buying kits on ebay from private sellers as opposed to ebay stores or hobby shops. At least that way we could continue building kits, but we aren't contributing to the idea that we are particularly satisfied with whats out there.
  11. I just wish people could either say "I would love truck models cause I could do this this and this with them" or not say anything at all. I don't understand why every place has to have naysayers. Anyway. I was wondering, is it possible to mold a plastic kit from a metal body? Cause Revell does have some Metal body monster trucks, not really sure how that process goes but it's an idea.
  12. That suggestion box is brilliant. Way to go Harry! I'm through with trying to explain my end of the business deal. Between Art and Mark's comments I think I may just be done, here, completely. Apparently some people are so full of themselves that when someone doesn't shut up when they offer hard facts that life is based on, then they are living in a fantasy world. If you guys like modern trucks and want to see them just post a little about it. Not that hard. I don't need to hear an economics lecture about why we wont see them or hear "if there was a market for them, there would be". So if that's all you have to offer, just keep it to yourself. Unfortunately the majority of this thread was spent bickering back and fourth about the business ######. I'm not an idiot. I also don't just sit back and let ###### happen. I make things happen for myself. Honestly, what harm does it do to have a thread discussing the want for kits, that seem like a logical successful idea? Your business knowledge is moderately helpful understanding why there aren't a lot of kits but it's moderate at best. You really have no idea if they have suggested truck kits and they didn't score well, just as I don't know they haven't suggested anything like that at all. Part of suggesting an idea is having support for it. Support in the form of "the trucks in real life do super well so logically the model versions would do really well." That is part of the nature of the discussion. It seems though, Mark, as if you expected to share your knowledge with the thread in hopes that it would put an end to anymore discussion.
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