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  1. Very cool always wanted to break my build cycle and do a Civic
  2. Working on the same kit did you have to trim the chassis mounting tabs on the nose to get the chassis forward? Mine seems to be pushing it back a little and the front tire don't look centered
  3. Think I am going to call this one done better pictures soon in the under glass section
  4. Got a little more more done on the Buick done last night ready for decals
  5. Started this when the Salvinos kit came out wasn't sure where I was going to go with it decided on doing the Lennie Pond 54 Win Inc. Not sure how 100 percent this is going to be but I feel it will look good on my shelf
  6. I am still learning this but been slowly working on a car that was started 2 yrs ago. I do a little every night even if its just gluing 2 parts together. For me it adds up if I do a little each day. Its not perfect but I seem happier as I build
  7. Always wanted to build that car
  8. Old topic I know but I am trying to do the same thing as well tired of staring at close to 500 kits and either afraid to build them because they won't look as good as so and so's or because something isn't perfect. I too don't build for shows it takes the fun out of the build for me. I do like the NNL events
  9. Back on this after a 7 year hiatus been repainted but still not happy with it figure the decals will hide the flaws. I know this also isn't in the right part of the forum as well but I don't know how to move it. More updates soon currently working on the interior
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