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  1. Want to lower the front end of this was wondering if anyone has some pics on how they lowered theirs
  2. Just saying hello as I haven't been on here in what seems to be a long time. Some or a lot of you know me from Facebook or the Toledo NNL, got some new stuff going on and I am looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone as well
  3. Finished this about a year ago now but still probably my favorite build so far
  4. Got home from Toledo and my creative juices we flowing so I decided on a 37 Pick Up got the chassis and motor almost finished, using a set of ZMan wheels
  5. Got a few in the works pulled this one out to finish and found your build progress mine is a 64
  6. Slump Buster means I can't seem to start or finish something so I am in a Slump
  7. Finally got something done nothing fancy just Model Haus rear tires. Paint is Duplicolor Metal Specks Green it was fun to do going to put it in a local silent auction to help out a Hot Rodder who was killed in a head on collision two weeks ago. Better pics tomorrow
  8. Thanks guys still trying to plug away at this between work and kids and a divorce and moving this is going slower then expected hope to have more progress tomorrow
  9. yup we are friends on there she is really nice
  10. Seems I can start things or mess them up this year so doing something easy just a simple AMT 32 Ford built almost box stock except for the Model Haus Wide Whites in the back. Something simple no wiring or anything like that just simple and to the point
  11. Needs or be repainted I messed up the clear coat so its back to the drawing board
  12. This topic I have read over a few times was afraid to finish mine but after reading this and with a shot of courage I am going to get mine done. Thanks for the excellent work you guys did. Putting mine up hope it will compare when done it will be the Dragon Lady car with Lucas decals
  13. Been AWOL for a bit dealing with this divorce but as I was moving stuff I cam across this so here goes nothing going to try and finish it
  14. The stance has not been adjusted the hood and sides are out of the 32 five window and the color is House Of Kolors Catch Me Copper. Thanks for the comments guys its been a fun build so far
  15. Got the paint and the clear done on this now to finish it up
  16. Thanks everyone it is done going to take pics tomorrow if I can and post them in the finished section
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