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  1. That body has been on my bucket list for years, how do you like it?
  2. This was supposed to be The Dragon Lady Dart but old decals put an end to that so it is just a Hemi Dart box stock
  3. This started out as a lets try a Krylon color that I thought looked good, paint didn't go well for me at all. Bed is darker then the cab things like that so I put it away. Fast forward to the other day as I was driving I passed a spot where at 16 I saw a Flareside for sale asking price was 300 dollars. The truck was beat rusted lots of bondo paint was flat black, rusty wagon wheels. I really wanted it but my Dad said no and the truck soon was eventually gone. So I got an idea to make the truck as if I bought it and started fixing it up as a kid. Plans are to use a salting method it weather it and fix things on it like I would have done to it with my earnings from my summer job
  4. Looks great thats a kit I have always wanted to build
  5. Nice job just started mine the other night hope it turns out as good as yours
  6. looking good, question did you use the 1K over the decals? Been wanting to experiment with that
  7. Fantastic build! Are the wheels and hub caps from the 62 Pontiac?
  8. Been following this on facebook very nice makes me want to get back on the one I started
  9. What a thread I have been thinking of the 29 pickup using the roadster kit for the frame a running gear. Thank you everyone for your posts, it saves me a lot of questions on how to do things
  10. I have those pics saved as well to do that car someday. Yours is looking amazing can't wait to see it finished
  11. Been working on this lately close to being finished
  12. Cool project I read that magazine when I was in High School loved that article
  13. I have had those for a while not sure if he even still makes them. I thought the same thing when I saw them
  14. Trying to build something that would come out of Roy Brizio's shop. Here is my mock up so far wheels and tires are from ZMan
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