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  1. I hope all you Dads have a good day. Sorry for an off topic post but its Dads special day
  2. Cool pics thanks Lyle. Who did the Yellow Mustang pic 8? And where did he get that Blower set up? Thanks
  3. Here is more eye candy from last nighthttp://public.fotki.com/scamp/down_river_model/june_2006/
  4. Yah I am gonna have to get a better pic of it thats for sure. Maybe later on today after work it the weather is nice
  5. Took my 5 year old daughter the other night and she liked it so much she wants to go again
  6. Thanks for fixing it. Not sure I want to go flat black but I found some real neat metallic Grey nail polish that I wouldn't mind trying out. Seeing this is my first top chop it might be cool to make it my first car that I have used nail polish on
  7. Well here is another I recently finished. I hope that I can post the pic right. :oops: :evil:
  8. I am still trying to get a grip on posting here, I did it last night but can't today and I am doing it the same as Last night. What am I doing wrong? :oops:
  9. Nice work John. Looks like Jackson is getting good with Tunerz
  10. No problem Bobby just tell me Where in Wayne you will be and I will get you there.
  11. I went to the last one and there was a good turn out of vendors. There was also a lot of models on that tables. Pleanty of room for roaming and everyone seemed happy with the first Motor City NNL. I live pretty close so I will be there. Hope to see some of you there also
  12. Thats looking great. I have to start my parts chaser soon or else my Garage will close :shock:
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