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  1. looks like a road runner with the hood or either a gtx does the vent pop open ? and man this is one sweet build!!!
  2. i saw this on the workbench i was wondering how it was going to turn out and i tell you what it turned out great thanks for showing it !!!
  3. amayzing i love the looks of it wheels look cool to you know some one in the 70's tried to make this car a hot rod !!!
  4. the amount of detail on the inside of this car is very impresive i like it
  5. looks great i always like seeing rally cars i love the build the only thing that i can see that needs work is the mud flaps on the rear but other than that i love the bild great everything !!!!!
  6. cool its nice to see a non hemi in a challenger for a change !!!!!!
  7. i like the paint and decals looked like it turned out great !!!!
  8. looks great one of my favorite mustangs ever built
  9. RiskiestLion

    90 LX

    thats all that matters !!!!
  10. welcome to the forums its a pleasure to meet you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. very cool i was hoping to see more from you and you delivered thank you for showing this beautiy off !!!!!!!!
  12. hell yeah can i say rear wheel cougar for the win this is the nice build to see im glad ive seen this build in my life hope to see more from you !!!!!
  13. RiskiestLion

    67 GTO

    great for what it was did the wheels come stock ? its actually one of my favorite models of the gto
  14. i have to say its one of my favorite porches mad im glad to see you do this model
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