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  1. theflame

    Chat Room Is Pau

    Cant wait to get chat back Gregg, it'll be awesome! I loved it for those few days it was there
  2. visit automodelling.com! We need the members! Help!

  3. This is a HELLA old post, but one I'd not seen before...way cool Jairus! Absolutely amazing work!
  4. many thanks to Gregg for letting me continue to post about this here! Anyway, all the builds have been submitted, and the entries are here: http://public.fotki.com/theflame/car-stuff/2009-worlds-most-be/ Check 'em out! Then, vote for your favourite here! http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/2429256/ Thanks fellas!!!
  5. Here you go Bob: http://www.automodelling.com/forum.php?id=2&tid=55919 And regarding the Ridler-type contest....... http://www.automodelling.com/forum.php?id=2&tid=55921
  6. Curt, this is absolutely amazing - what a wonderful build, and a great display of your amazing talents. I hope you dont mind, but I posted a link to this thread on my AutoModelling forum Cant wait to see more...best of luck with this beautiful build!
  7. theflame

    300+MPH Mosler

    All those horses and all it can run is a 9 second quarter?
  8. A lot of the cars I've looked at for research seem to collect it on the front too. Not sure how - surely it doesnt get moved until they roll over it with the front wheels, but it's there!
  9. That's kinda of what I thought Harry - maybe a little on the underside like you say, but there's absolutely no detail under there whatsoever so that's going to be as dark and hidden away as possible. Good to see that some agrees with my assumptions anyway
  10. I'm building this ting at the minute, and I wanna give it a bit of weathering, like it's been on the salt: Thing is, I cant work out where this thing would actually get 'salty'. I'm guessing behind the wheels makes sense, but they're all covered over, so that wont add a lot to it. Would it get salt up the sides too? Anyone got any pics of a salt-weathered streamliner, fresh from Bonneville? Need some ideas. Once I've got those ideas, I need to work out what to use - Tamiya flat white acrylic, unthinned, through an airbrush, to give a fine mist perhaps? Help! Also, I'm trying to work out what class this would run in. Any ideas anyone? Gonna post this on a coupla forums to get some ideas...
  11. This is an awesome thread, enjoyed reading this. I oughta share all mine up, shame myself into finishing something....
  12. He Terry, is that a little lathe on your bench there? What make is it, if so? Looks cute!
  13. Any way of getting a copy of this mag out to the UK, do you know Tim? I always love reading your articles...
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