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  1. Haven't traded anything, but we've been back and forth a few times. John's a solid guy, probably just missed your PM.
  2. I like it! Could turn that into a very cool diorama.
  3. I see your point, but that's a little different story though. New Blazer vs old Blazer. Completely different decades, completely different vehicle designed for completely different reasons. Kind of like the Dodge Ramcharger of the 60s and the Dodge Ramchargers of the 70s and 80s. Or the Jeep Cherokee, with four vastly different redesigns over the decades.
  4. lolz. Yes, I have decided on a colour, and I will not be changing my mind. Blue frame, white cab. Ahhh, but what shade of blue? Stay tuned...
  5. I'd just like to point out "rule" #5 from the very first post in this thread. Maybe, everyone should just go back and read the initial post in this thread, then think about their comments.
  6. That's awesome! I love wagons.
  7. I like the outcome. Stuff happens, and the company responds quickly and with a happy solution. I wish more companies were like that.
  8. After building AMT trucks, this one is a beautiful experience! Once the ejector pin things are shaved, the fit and finish is excellent. I'll keep on updating and commenting/critiquing.
  9. Wayne, if you read the threads that have been linked a couple of posts above, all the answers you seek are there. The threads go into great details about the differences and problems with the kit, and what needs to be done to make it accurate.
  10. Getting bits and pieces done. Did some initial paint on the hoist last night. The man doors are installed, still waiting on the overhead door. Shop sign goes up soon. Need to start tackling the office and washroom next.
  11. Ha! Should build a warehouse and actually set up my spare parts like a real auto parts store. Would make it so much easier to assist in the Wanted section! Oh, you need some valve covers for a 426 Hemi? Let me just go check the warehouse. And boom. They're on the shelf.
  12. Yeah, they're extra work for sure, but that's fine. Just one more step to make sure its right. Made a little more progress last night. Rear suspension is almost complete. Little bit of cleanup and seam removal, and a bit of adjustment, and should have paint by the end of the week. The seams on the axles look far more pronounced in the pics than they do in person. And I painted the belts on the engine.
  13. Two times a month every month! i'm in the auto business, and we buy at auction. Sometimes. Every auction is a risk, but the dollar figures are crazy high at BJ, seemingly just for the prestige of owning a BJ car.
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