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  1. I'm not sure if they still do it this way, but back in the early 2000s, all of the factory Porsche racecars came painted white, inside and out. Porsche said it was because white has fewer pigments compared to dark or metallic colours, and when painting a car, white cars were on average about 8lb lighter than any other colour. Apparently. I wonder if the GT4 program is the same.
  2. Excellent work on this one. Weathering is fantastic. Obviously not built to represent a truck that has lived in Canada its entire life!
  3. I have no idea how some of you do things so quickly. lolz. I've barley opened the box to look at parts on my entry.
  4. Agreed. Finding good interior shots has been challenging. I rarely use the kit suggestions for colour choices. I mainly find reference pics and go by those. I do like it in plain old Grabber Blue though.
  5. I like the Ford kit, and have seen some nice builds of it. I think my single complaint about it, is that there don't seem to be many choices for 1/24 American-style trailers for it. I normally don't care about scale, but a 1/25 trailer on a 1/24 cab is a noticeable difference in scale.
  6. I have the Rescue Van decals. Wouldn't happen to have a set of the front spindles for an AMT C1500 truck kit would you? PM me and we can figure it out.
  7. You're not wrong. I think I've seen some variation of this theme a number of times here. Anyway... Really though, to make it more than just a wish list, this thread should be about kits that have never been released and would make financial sense for a kit company to release them. I mean, let's get real here. There are some awesome ideas here, but the reality is that many wouldn't sell in quantities big enough to justify the cost of tooling and production. Through that feasibility requirement into the mix, and the list just got a lot smaller.
  8. Hi Jim, welcome! Don't be intimidated by what you see! Yes, we have some highly skilled builders who can create things virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. But we also have beginners, and plenty of intermediate builders. I think the common theme is that we all enjoy what we do, and how we do it. There is a ridiculous amount of knowledge and support here, so don't be afraid to ask questions or post your work!
  9. Thanks! Super quick slump buster. I have quite a few more of these to work my way through!
  10. Love the colour! Very similar to my BRBO 2020 Aerodyne build! But yours is looking much better than mine.
  11. Yup, inkjet printing. But I ran out of glossy photo paper, so had to make do with the matte finish photo paper. I know these technically are not GMT400 gauges, but they look good, so I used them. Yeah, kind of a different colour scheme. I was inspired by a truck at this year's Barrett Jackson.
  12. I'm not really a plane guy. especially with models. That was always my dad's building domain. But there are a few that just grab me for whatever reason. CF-104 Starfighter - I have a few kits of these in the stash. Will build them...one day. lolz. Avro Arrow - such and iconic plane, such a wild story. The Spitfire - 'nuff said. Ed Force One - 747-400 - Just such a cool plane. I have this in the stash too, with the decals.
  13. At the risk of sounding like an AMT hater, for me it has to be the AMT Superstones Ford truck. That is the one kit that I got so fed up with, I stuffed it in a box and haven't finished it. Nothing fit right, vague instructions. Just overall...ugh. I suppose at one point I'll finish it. Close second is the Airfix BMW M1. When finished, it vaguely resembles an M1. Body proportions just don't look right, the wheels are terrible - both in design and fitment, and the interior is severely lacking in detail. Other than those, I really haven't run into any others I dislike. Many that needed some work to get them looking good, but those were still fun too.
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