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  1. That turned out nice. Your paint work is excellent!
  2. I like it! HAve been mulling over grabbing one of these kits. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  3. I've never really liked that kid's cereal. Too sugary for my tastes. And the marketing always confused me. Like when they made Trix cereal. Marketing: let's create a fun and exciting cereal. Executive: okay, let's hear it. Marketing: It's going to have fun colours, and the flavours are fruity Executive: OMG yes, we love it! Marketing: And rabbits can flip right off if they think they can have some. Anyway, I like simple cereals like Cheerios or Corn Flakes. A little skim milk, some banana or blueberries, I'm good.
  4. You definitely have my attention! Most excellent project so far!
  5. No, I couldn't be bothered. lolz. So I just made sure I was careful with it.
  6. Another update. Took a break from this one for a bit, but did a little more yesterday. Got the wheels on, and it's sitting perfectly level. And no axle pin issues either! Still a long way to go on this one.
  7. Nice find! Will be using some of these.
  8. Wow. Really liking your building ideas on this one. Very convincing.
  9. It's funny you had posted this, as I was about to post almost the exact same thing. I have a bunch of my old Porsche memorabilia that I'm going to be selling, including a bunch of the Porsche 1:43 diecast that were sold through the parts departments. Most were Minichamps. For example...
  10. I know that's an early 80s rock band. Not metal. Like Boston or Journey or something. Hmm...
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