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  1. Looks good. Nice idea with the headlights.
  2. I came close at first. I've owned a 2018 Power Wagon and absolutely love them. Should have kept that truck. So I was so smitten with the subject matter that I almost jumped in!
  3. I know! That surprised me when I saw him in there! All these metal guys...and a man without a hat.
  4. This was released today. A bunch of artists got together to record a version of Faith No More's We Care A Lot. This is to raise funds for www.roadierelief.com. Great cover of a great song from one of my fav bands of all time. And of course, the original...
  5. Unfortunate. This is the only reason I'm not ordering one. I can't justify that much for a kit.
  6. Because one can never have too many Porsche 964s. It's labelled 911 RSR, but the contents are more like a Carrera 3.8 RS, which is how I'll be building it. It's funny, the image on the front is the only image used. All sides of the box just a repeat that same picture. Ordered this on the evening of the 15th from HLJ, so that would be mid-morning Friday in Japan. Arrived here yesterday morning. That is some dang fast processing and shipping. Japan to Canada, 3 days.
  7. Wow. That is amazing work. Now it 's time to build the rest of the field!
  8. I don't work for a billion dollar company (yet) but if I go through the effort to get someone down to our offices for an interview, and I go with someone else, I always give the courtesy of a phone call. It's just the right thing to do.
  9. I think the colour turned out great! Really nice build.
  10. Nice build! I have this one, as well as the Aoshima kit. Not sure which came first, but I'm confident they are the same kit. Pretty simplistic kit, as you mentioned, but builds up nicely for the shelf. I suspect it's bigger than 1/24, maybe 1/20. The classic London Cab just isn't that big in real life.
  11. I really like this one. All the weathering is great, but that engine bay looks fantastic.
  12. A friend of mine just bought this. 1990 Ford Tempo GL. Only has 52,000km, which is around 32,000 miles. AC, factory cassette, crank windows. One owner, no damage of any kind, all maintenance records since new. When was the last time you saw one of these, let alone saw one with no rust or damage. Not bad for a car that felt like a used car...when they were new! And I dig it.
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