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  1. Nah, everyone will be too busy complaining that the truck's body is not accurate to even notice hers. 🤪
  2. Must be an M1 thing in general. I build the Airfix version a while ago, and it's terrible. I like how yours turned out though. I'd still consider getting one myself.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm trying to track down a set of hubcaps for an AMC Matador. Circa 1974. These ones here. If anyone knows of anything that could work, I'm all ears. Kit parts, resin, files to 3D print, I'm open to all of it. Thanks!
  4. Ask, and ye shall receive. Bug looks great!
  5. On April 1st, our province implemented a 13 cents/litre fuel tax rebate on gas. So our gas is only $1.89/L right now, which is roughly $5.52 US per gallon. They announced yesterday that the instant rebate at the pumps will continue for at least another 3 months. Our roadtrip to Vancouver Island in July is going to be a little more expensive than usual. We last did this trip in 2018, and gas was under $1.20/L.
  6. I don't understand why she's so popular. As for the model Rolls. Meh. I mean, it's pretty cool, but... I don't get it either. Maybe it's just one of those days where I'm underwhelmed with everything.
  7. Stunning build! I think this is probably one of my fav builds that I've seen here.
  8. Black is a bugger to do well. And I think you did an awesome job. Interior is especially good.
  9. Yeah, depending on the vehicle and the province, there are some rebates we can take advantage of. The iZEV program offers up to $5k for vehicles that have over 50km of electric range. Hybrids under than threshold get $2500. If you're leasing, you get $1250 per year. So not as much as you get in the US, but it helps. Stock and inventory are slowly getting back to normal here. F150 stock is just fine right now. We have 8 on ground and about 30 that will be arriving over the next month or so. Escape, Bronco Sport, Explorer, Edge...all easy to get. Super Duties, Transits, Rangers...all sold out for us for 22 model year. Hoping for more allocation for next year. But we have already sold out whatever allocation we get for the 23 Transit. Which is crazy. Bronco we can order, but have no stock yet. We have 4 on order, should be arriving in August. Currently available. F150 Lightning. We got 4 for 2022. Should get at least double that for 2023. All the 22s were pre-sold. We have 2 of the 23s sold so far. If someone were to order, I can get them spring 23 delivery.
  10. 100% not factory. But not the worst colour I've seen on one of these. And at least it was done to something with the Sasquatch package. One of our clients picked up theirs, used to be Area 51, which is a nice non-metallic grey-blue. Now it's been wrapped in a metallic purple. And it has the small tire package. And now a Punisher decal on the back. It's bad.
  11. I think this winter will be the big test, when we can start hearing real world reports about charging and battery life in winter environments. EV won't be good for roadtrips anytime soon, but for daily driving and short trips, it can definitely be a solution for some. I'm like you. Not ready to make the leap just yet, but I've seen the cliff, and I've looked over the edge. Also, in terms of pricing and purchase costs. 2022 Ford F150 Lightning XLT with extended range battery - $84800 CDN 2022 Ford F150 XLT 4X4 - with EcoBoost, and same equipment as the above - $71685 CDN So yes, there is a price jump for the EV. But, if you were to remove the extended range battery at $13k CDN, the pricing is almost identical. Not much different than when people look at say a Dodge Challenger. Do you want the V6, the V8, or the Hellcat? RWD or AWD? There's a price different there too, and different performance levels. Same as the trucks. Different vehicles are priced differently. And depending on what you want, you'll have to pay for it.
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