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  1. It's not really "discovered" per se, but this week Roger Waters released his new version of Comfortably Numb. And it's amazing. Yes, he's an ass. And yes, he removed what could be one of the greatest guitar solos that has ever existed, but dang this reworking is awesome.
  2. A significant chunk of the music I listen to these days is instrumental. I listen to a couple of genres called post-metal and post-rock. I don't know what that means, but I know I like it. Some bands: Vy Pole There's a Light Baulta 417.3 Leech Planetariat Oceans Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster Russian Circles Here's an example:
  3. Not yet, but I did put one of these on the bench, so will be measuring things up and doing some printing shortly. I checked though, and everything works. Will keep you posted!!
  4. I thought the car chase in Ronin was just as good as the one in Bullitt. Possibly more exciting. The Bourne movies had some great chases too. Italian Job...original Gone In 60 Seconds...6 Underground...Blues Brothers...
  5. How many do you want? https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/1-25-2-hole-wheels-for-semi-truck Shoot me a DM if you wish and we can figure something out.
  6. The Porsche is most certainly a Fujimi kit, but the wheels aren't. Most likely a version of this... I'll take it off your hands if you wish. Trade or whatever.
  7. Is this it? I don't have the instructions I'm not sure if this is all of it.
  8. What's the inside diameter of the tire? Once you know that, pick a wheel design you like and re-size it to fit. Can literally take any wheel file out there and re-size it to fit. Shoot me a message, would be happy to print a set for you.
  9. I'll check tonight. I have most of that kit in a box. If the rollbar is still there, it's all yours.
  10. This could almost be an entirely new thread for us musicians! What songs did/do your bands cover?
  11. TWD was one of the only comics I ever really got into, so when the show was announced, I got really excited. Watched it religiously, up until about season 8 or so. I found it was getting to repetitive, and the storylines just weren't interesting anymore. I stopped watching around the time Negan got locked up. I've thought about re-watching it, but then I just don't.
  12. What's interesting is that this is not a remake per se. It's a new story featuring the character of Frank Bullitt. Again, this seems weird to me. Was he really that interesting a character? Does Frank really need another movie?
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