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  1. Lolz My wife got a very concerned look when I mentioned to her that I was going to be building a diorama. "Where is THAT going to go?!"
  2. Thanks guys! Okay, looks like Keith (Bucky) claimed the Ford truck, so you're up! Tom, I'd shoot Charles a PM and see if you can figure something out for the Chevelle.
  3. Charles, I thank you for continuing to try and keep this thing going. Odd that there are no takers. The 57 Chev, and now the Ford truck have always seemed to be popular subject matters around here.
  4. Was my birthday last week, and the family knows what I like; cars from the 80s and stuff for a garage diorama I'm working on this winter.
  5. I have one that is box open, bags sealed that I might consider trading off. If the trade is right of course. PM me what you have.
  6. Exciting times in last night's episode. Jamie said bad things about old trucks. Looks like next week we get the debut of the new Mack.
  7. $7 million to build?! How is that even possible for a custom truck to cost that much?
  8. A friend's bad fortune turns into some good fortune for me. Ended up stealing this thing. Early 90s Kramer Baretta II in the somewhat rare Champagne finish. In fantastic overall condition with no damage whatsover. Just needs a cleanup and a setup, which is on the cards for one evening this week.
  9. In my eyes, the wheels seem a little small, but the build is great. Paintwork is excellent!
  10. I can rattle off a dozen or so that are just in my stash, and it's not a big stash. Monogram Cougar XR7 Monogram Thunderbird Turbo Coupe Monogram Ferrari 512TR Monogram Ferrari Testarossa Monogram Ferrari Testarossa Convertible Italeri Mercedes Actros AMT 2006 Camaro Concept Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 Italeri Porsche 944 Turbo ESCI Ford Transit ESCI VW Rabbit GTI Tamiya Lambo Countach LP500 Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino Can't wait for the "what was molded in white?" thread. 😋
  11. No, the kit only came with the decals for the standard RCAF version; bare aluminum fuselage with white wings.
  12. You sir, are fantastic. Thanks for that link, will be taking care of this shortly. The kit in the pic is even the same number as this image I've saved. Thanks for that! If you have some more pics of this one, that would be great! I have a few, but the more reference, the better! You can PM me, or I can PM you my email if that's easier.
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