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  1. What Pleased You Today!

    Pretty stoked. Snagged some pre-sale tickets to see Alice Cooper in August. Lucked out and got great seats too. I've seen Alice numerous times over the years, the first time being 1990 on the Trash tour. THis time, I'm taking my kids. Daughter will be 11, the boy will be 14. My daughter loves Alice! Along with the usual dance pop nonsense the kids are into these days, she also plays the Trash almbum all the time.
  2. I'm looking for a set of good oversized offroad tires. Something like in the most recent Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicon kit. Don't need the rims, just the rubber. Does anyone has a set of four they'd be willing to donate to the cause?
  3. Isuzu Gemini

    Build looks great. I love those monochromatic 80s cars. I'm totally getting one of these kits. I wonder how easy it would be to make it into an early Chevy Spectrum? My dad had one for a few years in the mid-late 80s, until it lost an arguement with a deer.
  4. Buying online or brick and morter stores

    I do both. I'd rather buy in person, but Edmonton has one hobby store, and it's a PITA to get to, as it's on the opposite side of the city from where I work. When there was a hobby store a few minutes from work, I did most of my buying there, with very little online shopping.
  5. Holy Smokes!

    Wow. That is some really cool technique there. Very surreal.
  6. Wild Egg Girls "Claire Frost" figure

    Kubelwagen and an anime girl. Well that's random. Gotta love Japan, where all of the world's weird stuff originates!
  7. So long old friend (ode to a building)

    We'll be undergoing something similar soon here in Edmonton. Our NHL arena was built back in 1976/77. Northlands Coliseum was home to the Edmonton Oilers until 2016. Hosted thousands of concerts over the years, rodeos, car shows, monster trucks, conferences, etc. Had been remodelled a couple of times to improve the facility, including adding luxury boxes. But, we needed something better. More seating, better sound, better everything. Rogers place opened almost two years ago, and it's amazing. I've been to arenas all over North America, and I have yet to be in one that comes close to this place. But alas, Edmonton doesn't need two 15000+ seat arenas, so Northlands Coliseum will be torn down. So many memories in that building. Heck, I got all nostalgic last year when a local bar was torn down. It had sat empty for a couple of years, but throughout the 90s, I spent a lot of time there, watching bands, playing there with my bands, hanging with friends. Was sad to see it go.
  8. THat article still makes me chuckle. And I'd buy a few of those. The Newhart Olds, The Alf Ferrari. And I've been actively hunting for the Magnum PI Vanagon for some time now.
  9. Big snow storm

    Listening to the radio this morning. THey're talking about that eastern US weather. Another massive snow storm, more power knocked out. Crazy stuff. Hope you guys are okay out there!
  10. Big snow storm

  11. '66 Comet Cyclone?

    Not my pic, but this is out there. Again, $$$$. Seeing as Round2 (I think it is) is doing pretty much all reissues now, I'm hoping this gets re-released.
  12. '66 Comet Cyclone?

    I check EBay semi-regularily, but haven't for a while. THanks for the reminder!
  13. Kits to trade - updated March 5th

    Updated the list of kits to trade, and things I'm after!
  14. Round 2 AMT Advertising Suggestions

    I read the thread and maybe I missed it, but here are some of my thoughts regarding advertising. You mentioned advertising. If you mean info on their own website, then by all means, they should have way more info on there. I mean, the space is there, use it. There's really no limit to what a website can have. So get full descriptions, pics, details, etc. Get everything on there. A gallery of builds, copies of instructions, tips, hints, for each model. Pics of the sprues. Dimensions, high res copies of the box art. Whatever, the room is there! If you're talking about other advertising, I wonder where that would be. There's what, two maybe three magazines that would run ads? Maybe a hand ful of websites? But then, even this site doesn't really have a ton of advertising. Also, someone mentioned a description would be bring more excitement and get kids more interested. I think to get kids more interested, the companies should stop reproducing cars that are 50 years old that todays' kids have never heard of, let alone seen. I like some of these older subjects, and there's definitely a market for them, but kids today just don't care about old cars like us old guys do. In North America, the hobby is dying, because the NA kit companies are catering to guys like us, that quite frankly, are also dying! We're old, and the reissues of cars from our youth just aren't bringing in a new generation of builders, and no description in the world will get kits excited about a topic that is of no interest. That would be like the Japanese companies, who have a handle of what Japanese youth want, try to market their most recent Supra or SUbaru kits to the 60+ crowd who love hotrods. Is there any description they could use that would get hot rod guys interested? Probably not, and it goes the other way too. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my bench time tonight, where I'll be working on both an Aoshimi Toyota truck, and an AMT Roadrunner.
  15. Volvo 240 Turbo

    This is looking great!