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  1. What are you doing during the upgrade?

    I mowed my lawn, took the pupper for a walk, and took my daughter to two car shows. Edmonton Vintage VW Association had their yearly show, and a local performance shop had their show n shine.
  2. Mini trucks

    you can get the Ranger in extended cab with a 6ft box too. The crewcab will outsell it by at least 4 to 1 though. Minimum. The thing is, for most people who want a truck, they don't need a big box. Throw a coupe bikes back there. Maybe hockey bags, the kids' toboggans. Maybe a trip to Home Depot on occasion. You're right, most people ultimately want an SUV with a tiny bed. That's why even on the half tons, the crewcab with the short box is the most common configuration we see.
  3. Stuff To Trade - UPDATED May 22!

    Deal pending on '90 Mustang and Infiniti.
  4. Mini trucks

    I hear this one a lot here at work. Why would I pay $50k for a Ranger, when I can get an F150 with the same equipment for the same price? Well, because you're getting all of the same equipment, just in a smaller package. Everyone assumes smaller equals cheaper. And it shouldn't. Chevrolet Avalanche Honda Ridgeline Subaru Baja It's been tried, and despite the sales success of the Avalanche and the Ridgeline, the models were changed. Avalanche cancelled, Ridgeline turned into something more closely approximating a truck. Generally, the market wants SUVs and trucks, not a combo of the two.
  5. 3D Printed wheel from HRE

    Wow that is cool looking. HRE are a premier builder. If they are selling it, the engineering has been done. THey are not one of those wheels companies that are all look, no substance.
  6. Mini trucks

    I know what you're saying. Everything has gotten bigger over the years. Compare a new VW Golf to the original. Have a look a t a new BMW 3 series compared to the late 70s version. It's massive now! The problem is, vehicles now simply have to have more stuff, and it just won't fit in a small package. The gov't mandates airbags, crash tubes, crush zones, and all manner of safety equipment. Consumers demand everything too; heated seat, vented seats, massaging seats, bigger stereos, touch screens, less noise, more room, etc. You just could not fit everything mandated and wanted into a small truck. As an aside, my son has sort of inherited my dad's old truck. 1997 Mazda B4000. Dad bought it new. It's worth nothing, but we're going to restore it together. WIll make a nice tribute.
  7. The Longest VOLVO ( F-12 )

    Wow. Your skills are amazing!
  8. Stuff To Trade - UPDATED May 22!

    Updated and added a couple of kits to the offerings pile!
  9. Hitop Coe pete

    Does anyone know why the manufacturers in NA stopped offering COE trucks? THey used to be popular, I think because of length restrictions. But when those restrictions were lifted, why were they abandoned? Honestly, I always thought the Euro trucks were better looking than their modern NA counterparts. Kind of surprised brands like Volvo have never really tried to market their COE here.
  10. Seven months. Won a couple of kits on eBay, and they appear to have been lost in shipping. They made it to the Global Delivery Center, then...poof. I've resigned myself to the fact that they aren't coming, and eBay have been no help. Because they were shown as delivered to the Global Delivery Center, they say it was delivered. And credit card sided with ebay. Ah well. At least wasn't a ton of $$$.
  11. Help! I experimented and ended up completely destroying the cab for a Peterbilt 359 as pictured. Would anyone have an extra cab they would be wiling to donate to the cause? Don't need any trim or interior or anything, just the actual cab/sleeper portion. I'd be willing to PayPal $10 to cover shipping if that helps. Thanks!
  12. After losing my dad earlier this year, and seeing what my mum and I will have to deal with when we organize his hobby room this summer, it really puts things in to perspective. He has a room full of his hobbies. And besides the piles of camera equipment and CDs and DVDs, and diecast...he has stash of airplane and ship models, unstarted and started, supplies, etc. And now when we go through that room, we'll be digging up memories and feelings too. It's going to be such a challenge to go through that room. Pretty sure my mum will leave it up to me, and it's going to be tough. Definitely makes me think about my stash and my hobbies, and what my wife and kids would have to do with these when I go. Been giving serious thought to streamlining the stash.
  13. I like that Revell thought to include interior panels that cover the pillars. I don't know that I've seen B, C, and D pillars on a kit before. Colour me impressed!
  14. Resin grille conversion? Love it! So much nicer than the kit version.