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  1. C8 Mid engine Vette.Hmmmm🤔

    Not bad. Front end seems odd. WIll look better in person.
  2. C8 Mid engine Vette.Hmmmm🤔

    The launch is live right now. https://media.chevrolet.com/nextgencorvette
  3. According to the bopx, it comes with soft drink cans? No Billy Beer? Booo... Build is looking great so far. Love the extra details.
  4. Testors 288 Ferrari GTO

    I'm in awe of your paint. So smooth and glossy.
  5. 2020 Corvette

    Watching it live right now. More curious about it than excited.
  6. some corny jokes

    “Doc, I think I have ADHD. I keep forgetting where I parked my Ford.” Doctor: That’s not how ADHD works. “But I keep losing my Focus!”
  7. Kenworth W925 Tribute

    Great looking build, and very cool tribute to your friend!
  8. Local Show N Shine

    I couldn't believe how clean and almost perfect that car is. Here's what's funny. I posted some pics on instagram. The Eagle has received more likes and comments than any other car I posted from that show. Including the totally built green Fairlane above. Either my followers are as weird as me, or people just love a mundane 80s station wagon!
  9. Anyone watch Ripley's Believe It or Not? tonight 7/14/2019

    The same could be said for anyone that builds things that serve no real purpose. Such as plastic models. Or Lego. Or hot rods. Why put the effort in to that?
  10. Electric Hot Rod

    People think this is all new. But the very first Porsche was an all wheel drive electric car.
  11. Tamiya Alfa Romeo #7 Nannini

    Awesome! I built the Jagermeister and Bosch versions many, many years ago and they have not survived. I have this one and the Martini in the stash, looking for the other two. I love these 90s touring cars.
  12. Testors 288 Ferrari GTO

    Your paintwork is fantastic. I had always heard/thought that these didn't build up well. Stance, wheel fitment, overall details...just didn't work. I think you're proving that wrong. Awesome work on my fav Ferrari.
  13. Anyone watch Ripley's Believe It or Not? tonight 7/14/2019

    Ripley's still has a show?! Now THAT should be a believe it or not story! And it is pretty impressive!
  14. C8 Mid engine Vette.Hmmmm🤔

    Thursday is just the launch event. Production hasn't started yet, and deliveries aren't scheduled to happen for several months. Having said that, your proximity to the factory tells me you 're probably going to see some press cars and pre-production cars bombing around.
  15. C8 Mid engine Vette.Hmmmm🤔

    I will be truly shocked if base price is anything close to that.