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  1. Radwood 2018 - Now taking entries!

    I already have a whole list of accessories for this one!
  2. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'm almost ready to go! Most of the parts are in, still waiting on some bits, will be ready to go Jan 1!!
  3. Radwood 2018 - Now taking entries!

    Tamiya Mercedes-Benz AMG 500SL 6.0-4V, represents an early 90s car.
  4. Chev Astro

    I ordered up another one, going to build it as a custom. Thought about ordering a couple, as turning one into a base cargo van could be interesting.
  5. Chev K5 Blazer

    That grille is definitely mid-80s, so doesn;t match the random Blazer I posted above. I've had trouble nailing down exactly what grilles and body treatments were available on what years. Single headlights, dual healdights, upright indicators, horizontal indicators, wider door frames, thinner frames. When I'm done this one, it won't be 100% accurate, but I should be able to acheive the overall look I'm after.
  6. Davis Brother’s 386 Pete 1/24 scale

    Holy heII. THat is beautiful!
  7. Stretched Revell kw k100 updated nov 23 2017

    Great looking truck. Makes me want to stretch and modify a kit I have here. Also, can't help but notice you have Big Mouth on the TV behind your build there. Is that not the funniest thing on Netflix right now? lolz. The hormone monster deserves and Emmy for best comedy actor!
  8. Fires can make for brilliant sunsets...

    Drove through some southern BC fires last summer. Crazy stuff, and not nearly as photogenic as the sunset above! ROlling road closures, water bombers and helicopters picking up water right next to the road, ash raining down on the truck. And there's no way we could have turned our rig around if the fire shifted.
  9. Still my fav truck design. Ever.
  10. Small World...

    I think it's pretty amazing that your friend didn't just throw it out! I mena, most people don't really get this whole modelling thing, and would just look at a built kit as an old plastic toy. For it to have survived a couple of owners and make it's way back to you is pretty awesome!
  11. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    I remember when I was working with Porsche, I did some training in Birmingham. The Cayenne was being launched, and I came down to Barber Motorsports Park for a few days in January to drive it on road, off road, and on the track. I ngeneral, Alabamans (??) were losing their minds over the weather. It was zero degrees Celcius. Things were chilly and icy. A lot of the other people who were there for the training were in a panic. Saw people from Arizona, Texas, California all trying to go buy gloves, hats, scarves, they had real trouble dealing with it. Even the lcoal news was in a panic abotu orange crops. I kind of chuckled a little. To put it in perspective, when I left the airport here in Edmonton, our flight was delayed for 6 hours because it was too cold to de-ice the plane. It had to warm up to -32 degrees celcius so that the de-icer wouldn't freeze. So zero degrees was nothing to me!
  12. Kenworth W925

    Going slow! Got a little more done last night. Not enjoying this kit very much, as fit and quality isn't quite up to par with some of the modern stuff. Still, I'm focused, and keeping my eyes on the end result! Frame is mostly done. It is quite warped, but the more stuff I attach to it, the straighter it's getting. I'm not concerned about this yet. Still needs a few more details added, then some cleanup, then paint. Weather has been unseasonably warm (20 degrees warmer that usual!), so I'll still be able to get into the garage to do some spraying this weekend.
  13. BMW 2002 turbo

    Looks great, love the colour choice! Washi tape? Neevr heard of it, but I like the result. Might need to try that.
  14. Radwood 2018 - Now taking entries!

    I have my build planned out already for this one. Might go for a couple as well, as this subject speaks to me so much!
  15. Great Traders List

    I've mentioned him before here, but DrKerry continues to be great to deal with.