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  1. Winter storm blew in yesterday. In the morning, it was 0 degrees Celcius, and we had freezing rain. Our driveway and the roads on the way to work were like a skating rink. Studded snow tires for the win. By mid-afternoon it was still 0 degrees, but was pouring with rain. By 4pm, it was -7 degrees and snowing and windy. Now it's -22 and windy, but at least the snow stopped. Yesterday, thanks tro road conditions and winter storm warnings, everyone stayed home. Buses were cancelled and schools were closed. My commute home was deserted. This is normally bumper to bumper. Little bit of blowing snow.
  2. Haven't got much done lately, but made a little progress last night. Used Tamiya's Flat Rubber Black and painted the tires, then Tamiya's Titanium Silver and put a first coat on the wheels. Noticed two things right off the bat. First, the wheels need a bit more sanding. I did some sanding and cleanup before paint, but as soon as I got a coat on there, some layer lines appeared. So I'll give those a little more attention and will then add some more paint. Second, tires look pretty good. Again, a little more cleanup in a couple of places, then they should be just fine. They still look better than the original wheel/tires that came with the kit.
  3. We're thinking about this now with my dad's kits. He passed almost three years ago now. I have all of his unbuilt kits, but as I'm not a plane or boat guy, I'm not sure what I'll do with them. All of his built kits are still in their cabinets at my mum's place, but we're not sure what to do with them all.
  4. Whatever issues you had, I can't tell. I think it looks great!
  5. It's not too bad. I just turn on the ceiling fan and crack a window. Can't really smell it unless I'm pouring the resin or moving things from the build plate to the wash tank.
  6. Nice! Just before Christmas I picked up the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, and have been using their water washable resin. Haven't done a ton of printing yet, but no problems so far.
  7. I think this kit has been posted here at least a million times. lolz. Including my own. And I love that every build I've seen has had a completely different take on it. Your weathering is excellent. Nice work!
  8. VERY nicely done! That's a beautiful silver, and your interior colour choices are perfect.
  9. Yeah, we'll see what happens. I'm now 30 years in the auto industry, and working for Ford now. These are the craziest times I've seen in terms of supply and inventory. Getting better, but along way to go.
  10. The only correct noise to add to an EV is of course the sounds of The Jetson's car. I would totally do this. I do have my name on the F150 Lightning reservation list, so in two years or so, this could happen. 😛
  11. I have a Lee model kit. Incredibly obvious, low quality ripoff of a Tamiya Mercedes 560. Also have an HK Miya ripoff of the same kit. These Ben Hobby kits seem like much higher quality. And they seem virtually identical to Tamiya. The packaging, the instructions, even the paint suggestions use Tamiya X and XF paint numbers. I've seen plenty of finished Tamiya kits, but no Ben Hobby kits. And from what you're saying and what I can see, I'm guessing this Ben kit will be exactly like the Tamiya. Anyway, will get one of these on the bench sooner rather than later, just because.
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