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  1. That brown Plymouth Fury is awesome.
  2. I appear to have obtained a project vehicle. 1995 Chev K1500 with the 6.5L diesel. Needs some work and a ton of TLC, but it was free, so I can't complain.
  3. I think I have these if you need them. Can confirm tonight for you.
  4. No doubt. Lewis is arguably the greatest driver F1 has seen. He just dominates everything,and does it so smoothly and so well. And he does so without being a prima dona about it. I like that he actually admits to his mistakes, and never takes credit for his successes. Unlike Verstappen, who is an excellent driver, but always has excuses and blame when things don't go his way.
  5. I see your 770 ton load, and raise you 800. 😋 https://www.mammoet.com/news/mammoet-transports-vessel-over-alberta-highways/ What's interesting, is this one took three days for the trip from Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan. In normal conditions, that's a 20 minute drive. Can you imagine building this? There's at least 6 tractors. How many of those Moebius wheel kits would you need? lolz.
  6. DARK - is an awesome creepy series. Like Stranger Things but for grownups. Bright - Will Smith movie about humans co-existing with Orcs and Elves, set in modern times. I really liked it. Spenser Confidential - loosely based on the old Spenser For Hire TV show. Mark Wahlburg stars, it's amusing. Uppity - documentary about Willy T Ribbs, the Indy driver. Drive To Survive - a behind the scenes documentary about F1 racing. Two seasons so far. Really, really good. The IT Crowd - simply the funniest show available. British show about the IT department in an office building. I could rewatch this again and again. And I do. Santa Clarita Diet - Dark comedy about dead people in sunny California. Three seasons, and it's great. That's should get you started.
  7. Yeah, dad essentially bought him a team to race for, but to even get to this level, you have to be good. Great to see Lance getting some success now. And actually, I've really enjoyed this season so far. Despite the fact that Mercedes will walk away with both the manufacturer's title and the driver's championship this season, most of the rest of the field is close. Racing Point are both performing well. McLaren have been up there. Renault are getting their groove on. And I was really happy to see Williams get both drivers out of Q1, and not just because others broke down or crashed! They actually qualified on their own merit. And even with Mercedes' dominance, they're still exciting. Will it be Hamilton on top or Bottas? At this point, it's pretty close. Although team orders will no doubt come in to play.
  8. Can confirm, the model kit has a solid rear axle and no leaf springs. Not sure if it truly represents the Corvette rear end, but it is definitely not the standard C/K truck rear end. Can post up more pics this evening.
  9. Hmm...everything I've read says that the truck is a 1993 that Ed had done with Boyd back when it was new. Then after a few years of neglect, Ed took it back for a rebuild and upgrade, which included larger wheels and a full repaint to something less dated. I believe two trucks were built. One went directly to Ed, and the second was for a magazine contest. Whatever the case, I think it's awesome.
  10. True enough, but manufacturers have always adding "styling" to cars to make them more visually appealing to whatever people were looking for at the time. In the 50s, Buick added those useless fender portholes. Also in the 50s, rear fins on Cadillacs, Chevs, Buicks, Plymouths. All for show with zero enhancement to the car's abilities. From the 60s through to today, countless brands have added larger or addition exhaust tips in the rear bumpers; from Honda and Chrysler to Mercedes. Lots of modern cars with flappy paddle shifters behind the steering wheel...which do exactly the same thing as the plus and minus signs on the gear shift lever. And let's not even start with colour choices, chrome, fabric choices, body kits, wheel choices, etc. Styling will always be overdone to suit wheatever trends may be out there. Good or bad.
  11. Mountains aren't just funny... They're hill areas.
  12. Best pic I have of the kit wheels. Can try and get a better one for you. I think they're more representative of the wheels on the original iteration of the truck, when it had full EVH stripes. Maybe a 17" wheel? The rebuild was definitely more subtle, and I would say the real thing has wheels closer to 20"
  13. Thinking about it, I remember back in junior high science classes, we did the experiment where you clean rusty nails or dirty pennies. I'm pretty sure we dumped a Hot Wheels in there too, but I can;t remember what happened. Will have to give it a try.
  14. Kit is definitely 1/24 scale, and is not at all like the AMT kits. I have just started building this one, so can let you know how good or bad it is. So far, the quality appears to be far superior. Detail on the interior panels and engine parts is really good. No flash whatsoever on the parts trees.
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