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  1. What Did You Get Today?

    So I ended up preselling the 2019 Ram 1500 Limited I had coming. Existing client was just too persistant, and gave me an offer I couldn't refuse! So here are my new wheels. 2018 Chev Tahoe LT Z71 Midnight, Black on black, full load inc rear dvd for the kiddies. Added the clear stoneguard on the front end, ceramic paint protection, and some tint on the front windows. Comes from factory with alittle extra clearance, revised front bumper for better approach angles, and Goodyear Duratrac tires. Should work out great for the summer vacation, which will involve some unserviced roads and lot of outdoors.
  2. Currently: AMT Kenworth W923 AMT Fruehauf flat deck trailer Tamiya Mercedes AMG 500SL Revell Chev square body Revell 1968 Dodge Charger RT Italeri Porsche 951 Dragon BMW M3 e36 I'm trying really hard not to start anything new until these are done.
  3. Think this has ever been offroad?

    You nailed it. Give the police a reason to pull you over, and then have an attitude. That's when the tickets for mudflaps or window tint or bumper height or whatever start happening. Drive sensibly, and in most cases, the police won;t bother you. I've never had a problem/ticket with any of my Jeeps (all lifted) or my lifted trucks, or my window tint, or my loud exhausts. Because I don't drive like a fool.
  4. Think this has ever been offroad?

    It's technically illegal here too, but it's rarely enforced. We also have laws regarding bumper height, headlight height, window tint, mudflaps, noise, etc. None of it strictly enforced at all.
  5. Race Ferraris

    Very cool!
  6. Wild Thing 2

    I wasn't a fan of the Veyron, and I'm not a fan of the Chiron. How is a smushed jelly bean considered groundbreaking and stylish?
  7. 2019 Silverado

    I get it, and mostly agree. But then I look at Ford. Now...I don't like Ford. In my line of work, I do everything I can to switch clients into something other than Ford. I personally have never had a Ford that hasn't had issues. However...in our fleet of 14000 vehicles, roughly 3500 of which are Fords, and the majority of those are EcoBoost, we've had exactly one engine issue. And I suspect that one came down to user incompetance. I'll hand it to Ford, those turbo 6 engines have been solid. And yes, there are reports about turbo failure and this failure and that failure, but really no moreso than any other brand. This new GM turbo 4 has better power and torque than the Vortec boat anchors found in the trucks until 2014. And as long as consumers are honest about what they need a vehicle to do, I think the 4 will be fine. it's not designed for people who need a truck. It's designed for the city people who think they need a truck. Trucks that will never tow, never haul heavy weight, never have any real demands put on it. Like so many truck owners out there now. Of course, we're going to see those that just don't get it. They're the same people who saw the EcoBoost ads: most power! most towing! Best fuel economy! Well yeah, but not at the same time. They get the EcoBooost, love the capability, then are confuised about why it uses so much fuel when towing their 30 foot travel trailer. If GM gets too many dummies buying this truck, then overstressing it, that will signal the end of it. Because in this day and age, too many bad internet stories are accepted as gospel without knowing the backstory. People will read one or two "junk 4 clinder" stories and accept that it's junk. Not bothering to dig into it. Ah well. I'll be ordering one to throw in my demo fleet, so what it's like. In the meantime, I'll stick to a V8 in my own trucks.
  8. Have a palatte cleanser.

    I think if we want attractive hypercars, we can look no further than this. The new McLaren Senna. Not nearly as garish and over the top as that Apollo, yet still bonkers.
  9. 2019 Silverado

    So I'm bringing this back, not from the dead, but from it's coma. Interesting info just came out on the new 2019 SIlverado half ton. Turbo 4-cylinder anyone? http://autoweek.com/article/technology/can-chevys-turbo-four-silverado-win-buyers-over I think it's interesting, and having driven the 2.7L EcoBoost in the F150, and seeing the reasoning behind this engine choice, and I totally get it. i'd stil lwant the V8 because I do tow, but I totally support this option. Thoughts?
  10. Have a palatte cleanser.

    Looks like the one off SP12EC that Ferrari built for Eric Clapton. Which is a good thing!
  11. Old GMC 9100

    And after playing with some photo editing.
  12. Threw some primer on it. Looks like the roof is successfully filled in. Yes, I need to touchup, then sand, then clean up, but overall I'm happy with the roof. Time to start engineering the frame and making things fit. I haven't done a lot of scratchbuilding before, if any. So this will be an interesting project.
  13. I have this one, but it hasn't come close to the bench yet. Watching, with great interest!
  14. Old GMC 9100

    I guess this is where we share pics. Went out on the weekend. Found this old GMC 9100. Tried my hand at artsy fartsy photos! Played with filters, will see if I can upload those here. I think this other truck is an International of some kind. And they wouldn't let me go take pics of these ones. These were all taken at the Atlas Coal Mines in East Coulee, Alberta. Pretty cool place.
  15. Fugimi garage kit

    Hobbylink Japan has them! I ordered up the Tools Remix kit earlier this year. Currently in stock. And they ship from Japan to Canada in less than two weeks! https://hlj.com/product/FUJ11439 Looks like everything is in stock right now. I searched their site for "Fujimi Tools" and here's the results: https://hlj.com/search/go?w=fujimi tools&af=category%3aaut