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  1. Help! I require a single sleeper unit for a project. Specifically, the style featured in this kit. It can be started, although an unstarted one might be easier to ship. I can trade a brand new unstarted sleeper unit from this kit. I am in Canada, so if an extra $5-10 in shipping turns you off, keep that in mind. Thanks! Dan
  2. Well, I've created a thread, so already I'm further ahead than I got last year! This is going to be AMT's White Western Star, which I believe represents a White Western Star 4800. Trailer is AMT's Fruehauf 40ft Exterior Post Van. The truck is the reissue, the trailer appears to be the original issue. These will be built pretty much box stock, although I may add a couple of accessories if all goes according to plan. So here's what I'll be starting with. Boxes open, bags sealed.
  3. B. R. B. O. Pete 359

    Hey! Are some of those parts the ones I sent you? Looking forward to seeing what becomes of those!
  4. 53 foot smooth side trailer

    Beauty trailers, but mine doesn't fit in my display cabinet! So the Prostar stays in there, the trailer is unfortunately on top of a shelf. So if one trailer doesn't fit, why do I keep buying more trucks and trailers?! lolz. I really need to get out to Ikea or something and grab a larger cabinet.
  5. Prostar , last years TAT build, lol

    Great build! I need that financial burden mug for my daughter! lolz
  6. "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

    I am a firm believer in the adage of "don't crush 'em, restore 'em." But wow. Some of those are so far gone, I think it's better to salvage what can be salvaged and scrap the rest. That Porsche 356 just makes me sad.
  7. Tesla Emission Testing Mode

    Regardless of what you might think about electric cars or Tesla, you have to give props to a company that still has fun. Cars with fart modes and Spaceballs references from the factory. I love it.
  8. Aston Martin DBS (Rastar 1/10)

    I was about halfway through the photos, thinking to myself "okay, enough with the reference pics, let's see the model." And then it dawned on me waht I was looking at. Incredibly impressive. I mean...wow.
  9. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    Oh man, that would be just about every model I built. Almost all are permanently gone. The only ones I've repurchased are the Tamiya Audi Coupe and the ESCI Ford Transit.
  10. Sad News - George Toteff passed away

    Well that's weird. Must have been a temp thing. Works fine this morning. Your most recent link, the toy train revue one.
  11. My own Blues mobile

    Should slap a Setina grille guard on there. People will move out of your way on the highway!
  12. Sad News - George Toteff passed away

    Dead link. I get this message "This site does not exist within the LDAP database."
  13. Paint recommendation

    British Crimson by Model Master is a really nice Oxblood. There are some pics in this thread. Ignore the terrible build. lolz
  14. Bugatti T 50 resurrection: Thread deleted mistakenly

    Just checked out that thread. Stunning work. I am envious of your skills and patience. As for the deleted thread, it looks like once a thread is deleted it is gone forever. That's why, as moderators, we don't delete threads, we lock and hide them. That way we can get them back if needed. i can't speak for the moderating team back in 2017, as I'm new at this, but I can tell you that we would respond quickly now if you reached out. Looking forward to seeing you healthy and back at the bench getting this Bug closer to completion!