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  1. Methinks you missed the joke here. There was a band called the Zombies...Keith is like the living dead....
  2. Yup. So since posting this...Valerie Harper, Eddie Money, Ric Ocasek.
  3. Except he was only 70. Born in 49. Been a Cars fan for ages.
  4. Kept this one simple and out of box. I find these Italeri truck kits far more enjoyable to build that the AMT kits. And the detailing is better.
  5. Should be a community build. The Random Coke Build. Pick something, Cokify it. 😝
  6. Chris Cornell did an amazing version of Led Zeppelin's Thank You.
  7. The 57 CHev pickup is for sure. The van is on hold right now.
  8. As a wagon fan, that Chevelle wagon is definitely on my list. I always chuckle when I see yet another Coke themed kit. The Coke themed Klingon Bird of Prey can't be too far away.
  9. That's the out-of-box ride height? Awesome. What colour did you go with for the interior? Compliments the silver really well. And the dark finish on the wheels is a great choice too.
  10. I love the enthusiasm. But could we keep it to one person offering at a time? it can get confusing.
  11. Wasn't there another company that gave away a fighter jet?
  12. A buddy and I have discussed this for years. https://theweek.com/articles/861750/coming-death-just-about-every-rock-legend It's a bummer, but it's reality. The same goes for all of those classic actors/actresses from the 60s and 70s.
  13. The footage from the Bahamas was crazy. Cannot imagine having that thing stalled out and parked over the city for hours on end. Also enjoying the news footage. News reporters who have nothing new to report are amusing. They small talk they try to fill time with is great.
  14. On a related topic, I have a cross reference app on my phone that has been helpful. It doesn't translate manufacturer codes to hobby codes, but it does cross reference the hobby brands. Hobby Color Converter 16 different brands cross referenced, including Tamiya, Testor's, Humbrol, Vallejo, and a bunch I've never heard of. Enter your brand, then the type of paint, then the colour, and it spits out all of the matches in other brands. it also has a scale distance converter in it.
  15. I do everything on my bench. Flocking, fine finishing, whatever. Just never at the same time. And I always clean up; wipe things down, put things away. It's a very neat workspace, I'm borderline OCD about that stuff. i did some practice last night on some sheet styrene. Tried white glue, watered down white glue, paint, and some spray adhesive. Is used my normal flocking method, and some three times sifted flocking to make sure it was as powdery as could be. Again, in all cases, the black turned out perfect. They grey and tan were blotchy. All from the same brand, all done at the same time. What the flock. I'll be ramping up my search for embossing powder over the weekend. Definitely need a solution. The Boxster on my bench needs grey carpet!
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