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  1. Always. Open. The Box.

    It actually looks like a decent kit, just not something I'm interested in. I don't know, maybe I'll build this, try my hand at something I have never built before.
  2. Always. Open. The Box.

    There's a new version?
  3. Always. Open. The Box.

    Somewhere around here, I think in the rare kit thread, there's a discussion about opening your boxes. When you get a kit, do you immediatelty unseal it, open it, and inspect it? I always do, some don't, it's all preference. Now when a kit becomes vintage or old, and it is still sealed, that can increase the kit's value. However, it also makes it just about impossible to go back to the manufacturer to get a fix. So recently, I did a trade and received a mint, unopened Monogram kit of the ZZ Top Eliminator. Super stoked, as I've been after this one for a while. I remove the shrink wrap, open the box, and start checking it out. First thing I notice is the chrome tree. Hmm...maybe it's the wrong tree, as the wheels are off. Then I look more closely. Definitely the wrong tree. And there's something not quite ZZ Top-ish about this decal sheet. Wait a sec... Yup. Monogram put the Beach Boys kit in the ZZ Top box. *le sigh* Ah well. Anyone want to trade an Beach Boys Li'l Deuce Coupe for an Eliminator?
  4. Great Traders List

    Had a great trade with Bill Eh? Quite possibly the single best trade experience I've had around here. No one else has gone through the measures Bill did to make sure I was happy with his side of the trade. THanks Bill!
  5. How Many Do You Work On At Once?

    Too many! I never have less than 6 on the go at any given time. I'd like to get that number down and focus on one or two, but I find that I need to have multiple projects on the go, so that as paint is drying on one I can be working on another. On Sunday I managed to get four kits into the"paint booth."
  6. Twenty five bucks to cut a cake.😡

    I was going to say. I wish I could find a good restaurant that can feed 8 for $200! Especially if there was wine involved. I guess it all depends on the restaurant. I've heard of restaurants charging a fee for this kind of thing before, so I'm not surprised at all. As someone above said, it's like a corkage fee. However, if you called ahead of time and asked specificially about a charge for the service and were told no, and then you got a charge for it? Entirely unacceptable. Unfortunately, google reviews are about your only recourse here.
  7. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    "dangerously small?" Methinks you exaggerate a little there. Yes, it looks like it needs tweaking, but i hardly think it's a catastrophic problem.
  8. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Okay, so I think we all get the picture here. The kit has a plethora of shortcomings and isn't an accurate representation of the real thing. Have I got that right? So how many times does that need to be said? I have a few thoughts. 1. the people who buy this kit are not idiots 2. is there a better option out there? 3. when built and displayed on a shelf, will this keep most NASCAR fans happy? 4. any more disparaging remarks about Rick Salvino and this thread gets shuttered. Did he get the kit right? Apparently not. But he is the only one I'm seeing stepping up, committing his own time and money in trying to get something to market that no one else is getting to market. If someone thinks they can do a better job, it sounds like everyone in this thread would love to see it. Someone above said they know a bad product when they seen one, and had all kinds of analogies about it. True enough, and that's the difference between being an armchair critic and being entreprenuerial. Having the gumption and drive to invest your time and money into something you're passionate about. If we're going to use analogies, it took the makers of WD40 forty tries to get it right. It took The ROlling Stones a few albums to get their sound right. Bill Gates' first computer was garbage. And I'm willing to bet that the first Revell or Tamiya kits were less than perfect too. Heck, nobody skewers Moebius like this for the shortcomings in their kits, which have been discussed here, but not with this kind of vitriol. Criticize the kit, not the person. 5. Maybe someone should build this kit, and document the fixes needed to make it accurate. Do a service for others. Or maybe just buy it, build it, display it, and enjoy it for what it is...the only option out there for this subject.
  9. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    I think I'm naming my entry "Project Glacier," as that's the speed I'm working at right now!
  10. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Man, I need to get cracking on mine.
  11. I guess I should think about starting my build! Clearing the bench of some other builds, then will get going.
  12. I like it! Reminds me of this truck. Saw this at a car show a couple of weeks ago!
  13. What Pleased You Today!

    Great weekend. Kicked off Friday with the private concert by The Cult. What an amazing show. Played for 90 minutes, solid mix of old and new songs. Followed that up with some drag racing. Rocky Mountain Nationals. And got some bench time in. Today, I plan on doing absolutely nothing.
  14. Took in some drag racing over the weekend. My company is a major sponsor at Castrol Raceway here in Edmonton. We're a lane sponsor, and we have one of the suites. So I took advantage over the weekend to see what is billed as one of the largest drag meets in North America. I have to think there are plenty bigger, but I'll just go by what they say. Here are some random shots, didn't take too many pics.
  15. COPO Heartbeat

    So I was attending the Rocky Mountain Nationals this weekend. Stumbled across this while hanging out in the pits.