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  1. If you guys like that, then you'll be enjoying an upcoming issue of MCM. Anyway, Martyn's work is amazing. I've been following him on IG for quite some time, and have chatted a few times. Not only an amazing builder/artist, but a good guy too. I mean, he IS Canadian after all!
  2. Article by NASA says it's "less than 1 metre" tall. So under 3ft.
  3. Spare parts and decals I keep. They all end up in a box for future use. Or to help people out here. As for instructions, I have no idea why I keep them, but I do. I also cut the end off of the box and keep that with the instructions. Then the rest goes into the recycle bin. I can't imagine any scenario where I might need the complete box. Same for the instructions for that matter. But I keep them anyway.
  4. Like Tom above me here, I think this 7-Day Build idea. I get frustrated when building sometimes because things just seem to drag on as I add one more detail or tweak one more part. If I just calmed down and built it, I might actually make a dent in the stash! I think I'm going to try this. And the Torino is looking good!
  5. Was manning the booth at a tradeshow all weekend, and yesterday included a carshow. Not as big of a turnout as I was expecting, but some nice stuff there. I didn't take pics of everything, as I recognized a lot of the cars from other shows. Good use of a frunk on a new Mustang MachE I don't know what this is. But I like it. Hudson of some sort. 1985 Mustang SVO. Love this one. Charger. Didn't really look around back, so not sure the year. I think it's a 1970, because of the front grille? Dead mint 1988 Ford Wagon. Want. Chev truck. Something I noticed on this. So when I built my version of the kit, I tried to smooth out what I felt were mold lines and seams. Turns out, there are seams on the front that are supposed to be there. Another super nice CHarger. Factory sunroof. GTO Firebird El Camino Old Jag. 1971 Chevelle 1975 Ford The dealership I work for sold this one new in 1975. Family owned ever since.
  6. This '68 passed me yesterday. Super clean. Sounded really badass too.
  7. www.grassrootsmotorsports.com Hey, so I might have what you're after. Here's a crappy pic I took the other day. Will snap a couple of good pics tonight. Wheels & tires from...something. Should fit a Viper just fine.
  8. This made me chuckle. For some reason, I remember the controversy Car & Driver mag created using that same tag line and similar pic back in the mid-80s. I think it was imploring people to subscribe or something. I have no idea why I remember this. I would have been like 13 years old or something and had a C&D subscription, probably just for the pictures. Anyway, glad you're on the mend Snake.
  9. Great looking build! I too hope that AMT re-releases some of these trucks. This has always been my fav truck body style.
  10. Yup. Before buying and printing parts, I try to find actual images of what I'm buying. Not the render, but an actual image. When printing, you could also try reducing your layer height. Even drop it down to .01mm. It won't clean up a file, but it should print it somewhat smoother. Although it will take longer to actually print. Might lessen your issue.
  11. Well, now that issue 213 of MCM is in the mailboxes, I can post this one up. Italeri's Volvo FH16 520. I really like building Italeri truck kits, and this one turned out really nice. Yes, the 5th wheel in the pics is flipped up. Ahh well. lolz. I went with Tamiya's Gloss Aluminum for paint, with a Duplicolour metallic grey on the chassis. Engine is a Tamiya green of some kind. I really need to hurry up and build one of my Euro trailers to go with this.
  12. Some very cool stuff there! And an indoor show too! Don't see that very often.
  13. I merged these threads together. Please keep the build in one thread. Makes it much easier for everyone to follow along from start to finish!
  14. I'm totally jealous. I love this era on Thunderbird. A little TLC and that car will be awesome.
  15. I don't really have guilty pleasure music. I like all types of music, and I'm not embarrassed to discuss any of them. Back in high school though, different story! I hid every musical pleasure that wasn't metal. It just wasn't cool to admit you liked pop or dance music. Admit that I loved Depeche Mode or The Police or New Order or Duran Duran? While wearing ripped jeans, high tops, and an Exodus t-shirt? No way!
  16. Ugh. No luck so far. I checked through the big stack, and they're all from 2015 and 2016. I have older ones, but they're in a box. Will need to do some digging. If I have it, it yours.
  17. I picked this one up recently. Haven't decided which livery I'll go with; the silver or the red. I like how yours turned out!
  18. Dang. That looks fantastic!
  19. I said in the mag and I'll say it again here. This is an excellent kit. The new molds are super crisp, well detailed, well numbered, and are basically the opposite of what we've come to expect from AMT's truck reissues. I still like the subject matter, but some of these recent AMT truck re-pops are frustrating to build. This International is like building a Tamiya kit. Everything fits, there is no vagueness to the instructions or numbering system. It just falls together. For anyone considering trying a truck kit, this is the one to start with. I'll end up building another for sure.
  20. Hmm...I guess it would all depend on how I describe "best." If it's best, as in most reliable and trouble-free, then that would have to be my old 93 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It had the high out put inline 4.0L, High Country package, and the ultra-rare rear mounted spare tire carrier. Over the years, it got a 3" lift and larger tires, big stereo, and lots of lighting upgrades. IPF headlights, Hella fog lights, euro-tail lights and side markers. Did a built-in radar detector and laser jammer as well. Did it work? I don't know, but I never got a ticket when driving this thing. Bought it in 98 with 40,000km on it. Drove it until 2012 when I sold it with 480,000km on it. It was a daily driver back and forth to university and work. It went camping every other weekend for years. It did two Jeep Jamborees. Had a tree fall on it with zero damage. At around 400k, I had to replace a few wear items, but it never left me stranded. Ever. The only quirk was the windshield. It ate windshields worse than any Wrangler I owned. I did a windshield a year for pretty much every year I owned it. It's it's best, as in most fun...hmmm....you know what? Cherokee wins again. So many good times and experiences in that thing. As for the vehicle I liked the best, the one I regret ever selling, that would be my 2018 Ram Power Wagon.
  21. Lightning is Crewcab with the stubby 5.5ft box only. For now. I think in the higher (Lariat & Platinum) trim levels, that will remain the only configuration. In the more basic Pro and XLT trim levels though, it wouldn't surprise me to see the 6.5ft box or maybe the Supercab added to the available specs. I'd welcome that addition for sure. And really, although crew/short configuration isn't a "real" truck, it makes up something like 80% of F150 sales. So sticking with that configuration makes total sense from a business point of view.
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