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  1. AMT, MPC, Revell kits are typically about $39.99...Canadian. So at today's rate, that's just over $32 US. Going up a couple of bucks isn't the end of the world. But for some, those on a fixed budget, I can see this being an issue.
  2. Wow. It's a phrase that gets tossed around a lot here. "I thought I was looking at the real thing!" In this case though, 100% warranted. Especially your last picture. Excellent job.
  3. Oh believe me, this is on the radar. lolz Keep discussing space, keep discussing exploration, keep discussing Star Trek, keep government and funding out of this thread and we'll all be just fine. I am reminded... One of my fav bands put this song out a few years ago.
  4. Sounds like a scam of some kind to me. I have a modelling account and post stuff with logos all the time. And then I have my main account and a work account, and fairly regularly get notices about partnerships and money. Delete and block.
  5. Build looks great! I like the idea of using the photos on the garage doors.
  6. I think almost everything has changed from how I built in my youth to how I build now. The biggest change is that I'm far more patient. I can take the time to sand and smooth everything, and wait for paint & glue to dry properly. I spend a lot more time on paint. Back in the day, I often wouldn't bother with paint. Red body? I guess the car is red. Good enough for me. On occasion, I'd hit it with a spray can of Testor's, but never primer, never clear, never sanding or polishing. These days it's sanding with multiple grits, priming, painting, clearcoating, curing, more sanding, more polishing. I'm also more into detailing. Adding carpets, seatbelts, underhood details, etc. One thing that hasn't changed is the enjoyment I get from doing this. I'm closing in on 50, and I still get excited to get a new kit, to open the box and check it out. The build still excites me, finishing a kit is still a great feeling.
  7. Looks great! I think painting instead of decaling was definitely the right decision.
  8. Well, no building so far today, but with some fresh snow overnight, it was time to pack up the workbench and move it indoors for the winter. Garage isn't heated, so for the colder months I have a temporary bench layout that I can easily set u[p and take down in our kitchen. And my mum's garage is heated and has my dad's paint booth, so I can do all my spraying there. Not optimal, but it's what I have for now.
  9. You seem to have a very closed mind about this whole situation. In your other thread, you were adamant that airbrush was best and rattle cans suck. Even when presented with evidence and anecdotes and suggestionsto the contrary. In your other thread, you were adamant that a Paasche H airbrush was the only solution for you. Despite other ideas and suggestions. You seem adamant that Testors paints are the only option, despite what others have suggested or shared. You don't seem too thrilled about putting in the time, effort, and yes...money towards practicing. Despite what literally everyone else is suggesting. In fact, the only person you seem to be listening to or taking any advice from is Andy X; some YouTube guy that posted an airbrush video 9 years ago. I think you should ask him what he thinks.
  10. I like it! I vaguely remember the race, but I definitely remember this paint scheme. Nice job!
  11. Re-releasing the US Mail truck & trailer again? Interesting that they refer to it as the C600. I've also seen it called a C900. I actually have an original 70s vintage one that I've been very slowly working on. Have the truck almost finished, need to start the trailer. Typical vague vintage AMT instructions and random part numbering, but I like the kit. Will probably pick up another.
  12. I'll bet your local auto parts store or industrial supply place would have bulk o-rings that would fit. Buy a dozen of those for way cheaper than Paasche o-rings, and no shipping charges.
  13. I think you ordered the wrong thing in the first place. Paasche shouldn't have to pay because you forgot to order gaskets. They must have them listed separately on their site for a reason, and they would have no reason to assume that you were looking for lids with gaskets. I think this is one of those live and learn sort of moments.
  14. Yup, that's how I read it too. Looks like you ordered the wrong cap. Should have ordered an H-191G.
  15. The 2-soors may be more desirable, but I still thank that's pretty cool. Looks like a solid car from those pics. Doesn't look like too much work to make it a fun driver. Well, other than the non-running engine of course.
  16. Well. Ditched the hybrid F150. Market for these is too strong to ignore right now. Plus, it's time to drive something fun again. So I'm back in a Jeep. 2021 Gladiator Rubicon with the 3.6L gas engine. All the bells and whistles. The one concession I made was to get the auto and not the manual, as wifey needs to be able to drive it. Brought it home Friday night, gave it a proper detail on Saturday, including ceramic coating. It's not hype, that stuff really does work well. Look at that reflection.
  17. Some really nice stuff there! That black mid-80s Cougar is SWEET. Want.
  18. Exactly. This is a fantasy build racecar kit. It's entirely possible that whatever car they scanned to create the 3D files that the molds were based on had a chop. BuT ThE ROof Is WrONg.. Anyway... I have a number of other comments that I tried typing here. Comments regarding the shape. Comments regarding angles and lighting. Comments regarding the guy who seems to be dead set on blaming the Chinese for every issue in the model car industry. But I deleted those and doubt I'll comment any further. I'd probably have to ban myself. Or put myself on moderation. Tim, keep up the good work. Thanks for trying to give everyone a sneak peek of an upcoming kit. Hopefully the comments directed at you in this thread don't dissuade you from doing this in the future. And the easiest solution is for Moebius to just rename the kit. 1965 Chevy II Chopped-Roof Gasser Boom. Change the printing on the box and everything is accurate now. The negative Nancy's can't complain about the roof anymore. But they still will. 😛
  19. Hello from 3 hours north of you! Welcome!
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