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  1. I think this thread could be a good resource for both files and printed product. If people can just make note of whether their link is for a file or a print, that would be good. I'll throw it out there. If people are looking for prints, I'd be open to printing files for them. Wheels/tires, engines, whatever, etc. Cover my costs for resin and shipping, plus a couple of bucks for my time. DM me and we can discuss.
  2. From what I can tell, he sources the files and basically provides the printed copies for people. There are a number of engines and other parts on his site that I have purchased files for from the designers. I just haven't found his 5.0L source yet!
  3. Yeah, we delivered two yesterday. Have one more in our showroom for delivery today.
  4. People always seem a little surprised by Broncos on a dealer lot. So here's the three that arrived today. The Cyber Orange 2dr is a Bronco Badlands with the Sasquatch package. The Area 51 2dr is a more basic Outer Banks. The Area 51 4dr is a Wildtrak with the Lux package.
  5. Yeah, I've seen that. Would rather spend $15 on an .stl file and print my own than spend $50 to get that one sent here.
  6. You're doing what I wish I had the computer skills to do! The whole design thing is far beyond my abilities. Anyway, I wish there was a Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 out there.
  7. That looks really good! Are you going to start selling files on Cults or similar?
  8. I like the colour choices. 👍
  9. Yeah, luckily wifey knows the signs of a tire issue and started looking for the exit before it went completely flat. Knew to stop as soon as it was safe to do so. Probably saved the rim a little. A lot of people would just drive it home or directly to a shop, not knowing the damage they were doing.
  10. Had some extremely NSFW words yesterday. Wifey calls be around 3pm, says she has a flat. So I leave work a little early and drive into the city. Had to find the spare tire on her Volvo, which like a GM truck, is located underneath the rear, and you need to lower it on a cable. Fortunately, Volvo designed this well, and the mechanism was not rusted and seized like on every GM truck I've ever had to remove the spare from. Put the spare on and took it to a tire shop for repair. It happened on one of the major freeways, so she drove a minute or so to the nearest off ramp and pulled into a residential area where it was safe to stop. Safest thing to do, and I would have done the same. But of course, it was far enough that the massive nail in the tire was no longer an issue. Sidewall damage, so the shop would not repair the tire. I knew they would need replacement before winter anyway, so ended up buying new tires. Which of course were not in stock in the right size. So we get to go pick it up today. Flat repair turns into $1000 bill.
  11. It has always confused me why the Asian and European brands can include tow hooks or attachment points on their cars, yet the North American brands don't bother.
  12. Had this in our shop yesterday. I know what you're thinking. Whoop dee woo. A 2014 Mustang GT. Big deal. Well, not quite. Has the full drivetrain out of the Mustang as well. 5.0L Coyote V8. Plus suspension and brake upgrades, but I didn't get a good look at what was going on underneath.
  13. Just saw this thread. As Steve mentioned above, it has come up, and as mods, we agree it would be a good idea. However, the forum software currently dos not allow for uploading of .stl files for 3D printing. There's also a potential legality of people posting files that they shouldn't. Maybe they paid for an engine file, but then post it here for example. Kind of like Napster, the creator isn't getting paid for their work. Anyway, long story short, it's in the queue for future discussion and addition.
  14. We're getting quite a few of these here. And they're all pre-sold. We have exactly 1 Maverick left available for 2022 model year, and I predict it will be sold before it ships from the factory. Hugely popular little truck. And from what I've seen, popular with the customizers too. It's reminding people of the early 90s mini-truck scene. And having seen one of these parked next to an early 90s Mazda B2600, the sizing is pretty close.
  15. Still my favourite generation of 5 series. Excellent build!
  16. No pics, but went out on Saturday and stocked up on supplies. Bunch of Tamiya primers. Bunch of Tamiya paint. Some CA glue. More sanding sticks. And a NuNu Audi R8 LMS GT3.
  17. Was excited to see this yesterday. Would have been nice if they could have gotten Roger involved as well, but still. New Floyd music always a good thing!
  18. Wow. Talk about eye candy! So good to see owners that aren't afraid to take their classics out for a roadtrip, and get them dirty.
  19. I'm actually driving a 2020 F150 XLT with the 3.3L right now. Sold my other truck, and using this while waiting for my order to arrive. It's not a bad engine at all. Fuel economy is great, it has decent power. I wouldn't try towing with it, but for 90% of truck owners out there, it will easily take care of their needs. Regular maintenance is really no different than the other gas engines. We definitely see more EcoBoosts in for service here. A few reasons for that. One, it's the most common engine by a wide margin. Two, it is vastly more complex than the V6 ort the 5.0L. Three, people see the commercials and the hype, and then push the engine beyond it's realistic capabilities. Personally, I like the EcoBoost, which is why I went that route.
  20. I love Race Red! We just got our first 2022 F150 in Atlas Blue. Awesome colour.
  21. Currently, just about all of the 2022 models are being built without the auto start/stop feature. Chip shortage. And it saves you $60 CDN!
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