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  1. 2017 Riley Weathertech Mercedes AMG

    Great work Jay, but you knew I thought that already. We have a FB group that started out as a tribute to this new model from Tamiya and to help kick it off we had a build contest. People entered a pic and the members of the group voted. Well, this car won. Congrats again Jay. Bill, the car is German but the car is run by Riley Motorsports out of the US in the IMSA Weather Tech Sports Car series. At Watkins Glen last year this car ran with the US flag on the roof and the sister car ran with a full Stars and Stripes livery for July 4th weekend. See Wayne's build here in the completed section for the sister car. Again, nice job Jay.
  2. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Very nice Ash. Looking forward to seeing the artwork on this. I love the green. I dont know why, but I forgot to post my "finished" pics before the end of the race. Technically I didnt get it 100% done. I had a few small details to paint up but the clear ended up being a bit softer than I'd like for handling so I left if alone to harden up. I figured it was better to come away with something I was happy with, then have it be ruined just to "finish on time". I still need to mask and paint the window frames and detail the center nuts on the wheels. I also plan on "dirtying it up" some to hide my few overspray spots from a rushed masking job. Even though I was rushed the paint came out great.No sanding, buffing or polishing. Primer, paint, masking, decals then clear and no wet sanding on the clear either and it looks great. I got no orange peel what so ever. All in all I'm really happy with the results. I'm off tomorrow, so the plan is to get this finished off.
  3. 2018 Le Mans 24 hours build (Porsche 962C)

    I dont know why you're disappointed, looks great to me. I love the weathering. If mine looks that good when I finish the final bits I'll be ecstatic.
  4. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Mine is gonna be close. I'm in the process of detailing the body now. Clear cured up enough, so I have just over an hour to wrap things up. Back to the bench.....tick tock......
  5. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Very nice Ash. I like it. Cant wait to see it with some stickers on it.
  6. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Nice Ash. I'll have an update soon. Chassis is almost done, just some detail painting and final assembly. Body is decaled and cleared, just waiting for it to cure up so I can detail paint and assemble there....it's gonna be close.
  7. 2018 Le Mans 24 hours build (Porsche 962C)

    WOW. Erik that looks amazing. Nicely done mate.
  8. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Go Ash Go! I've got the decals done on the driver side, the front and the roof. I have the passenger side and rear left as well as the wheels. Still plugging away. Going to be close to getting finished before the race finishes I think, but I'm going to try. More in another hour or so I hope. Keep at it guys.
  9. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Car is painted. I've got a bit of overspray in some spots cause I didnt get the tape down perfectly. I'm not sure how to handle it at this stage, I may just leave it and "weather" the car to hide the few spots. The colour in the pic doesnt do the brightness of the Florescent Red justice, its VERY dayglow in person. More to come. Time for a dinner break.
  10. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    So I'm way behind on updates, I had planned on doing them every hour but with the ACO killing streams on youtube I've had to spend a lot of time looking for a stream to watch. For now, this is where I'm at. Body is painted. I now need to mask it and paint the Florescent Red. Chassis and suspension parts are painted and I can start assembly and detail painting shortly. Tires are sanded out but I had to strip and paint the wheels so they're a bit behind, just be reprimed now. I have a bunch of small parts not pictured that are ready to be hand painted and assembled. More in an hour or so, I hope. Looking forward to seeing some updates guys.
  11. 2018 Le Mans 24 hours build (Porsche 962C)

    Nice start. There's another thread for the 24 hr race, feel free to post there too. I love these Porsche's.
  12. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Nice progress Ash. I've got just about everything painted in their base colours. Just need to let it dry then I can mask. Pics soon. I can start on the chassis shortly so I'll post up a pic then. It's a white care with a white chassis so there is literally nothing to see yet. Update soon.
  13. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Hour 1 and 2 update for me ...no pics got off to a slow start due to crappy streams, took awhile to get one stabilized and watchable Everything is off the trees and cleaned up and in primer. Paint will start soon. I'll get some pics up after I get the paint going. Keep us updated on your progress with pics when you can. Enjoy the race.
  14. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    First stream died. Second attempt. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMf0WecGxsLSetpR3PYkn7g/live
  15. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Live stream here.....if I find a better one I'll post a link Start building when the race starts...whatever your timezone is. 9 am EST