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  1. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Swap-N-Build CBP   

    Nice work guys. Keep it coming.
    We're still looking for one more to pair off, so if you'd like to join, its not too late.
    Update on my ASA Camaro. Paint is on, Scale Finishes Bright White. Decals are done. They were a bit of a challenge since the kit is 30 yrs old, they went on good, but were a pain to get off the carrier paper.
    Clear going on now, I'll be using a floor wax, I think a 2K might be too hot for the decals.
    Chassis assembly is on going, more to add on and detail painting to do. More tonight, since its my last night off before an eight day stretch.
    For now...

    More later on tonight.
  2. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic JJ's 2016 Kobalt SS - Las Vegas   

    Small update. Decals started.

    It's a crappy rainy day here, a good day to sit in front of the big screen binge watch The Punisher on Netflix and do some more decals. More this afternoon.
  3. Jhedir6 added a topic in NASCAR   

    JJ's 2016 Kobalt SS - Las Vegas
    Got the first of what will likely be three or four of the new Revell Chevy SS kits in today. Very nice kit, like the Ford's, well done, a few things to complain about, but hey, we do that with just about every kit, dont we? No Goodyear decals, which sucks for those that dont want to buy extra decals sheets from aftermarket suppliers. 

    I wont be doing the Chase car tho, I'll be using Powerslide's Kobalt sheet to to Jimmie Johnson's car from Las Vegas in 2016. 

    So hopefully we'll end up with something like this

    And I got the kit in early enough today, body has been prep'd and primed and painted with Scale Finishes flat black. 

    Time to get a few decals done before heading off to work.
    More tomorrow. Thanks for looking in.
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  4. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got my Chase kit in today too....only one, I would of gotten 12, but someone bought them already...../cough Jonathan /cough

    Also got my decals in from Mike's 

    To build this, 

  5. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    I'm buying one. Normally I dont go for sedans, I like race cars/sports cars but something different is good once in awhile. Should they have done a more common car, maybe, but I'll take it. 
    As far as the 991 goes, if you want a race car you can get a plain white body kit from Scale Auto slot cars and put a chassis under it. I've got a body, just waiting for the 911 GT3 kit from Fujimi to arrive to check the fit. If all goes well I'll be building a 991 GT3 kit for my 24hours of Daytona FB group build in January. But I'd love to see a street version of a newer 911 or Caymen for sure.
  6. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Swap-N-Build CBP   

    Nice progress Tom. Wood grain is looking good too. It's really hard to replicate that, I've never been able to do it. 
    Sorry for not progress from me this week, working a ton of extra hours and just been too tired to get anything done, I sit down with great intentions, which fade about 5 mins into a session. I get a few days off this week before another long week while I flip work days. I hope I'll get some painting done tomorrow.
    Also, I got a PM for another entrant so looks like we need one more. So if you're following along and would like to participate please PM me so I can set you two up for a swap. 
  7. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic BMW M6 GT3 SPa 24 Hours WInner.   

    Looking good Jonathan. Thanks for the heads up on the issues you're running in to. My first one arrived today. I may even get a chance to begin mine later on this evening before heading off to work. 
    Looking forward to more. So far, looks spot on.
  8. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    Ok, so I already know what I'm doing for the inline theme.
    I'm going to start with this Tamiya's Z Tune R34

    I'll be opening up the hood and adding in Hobby Design's RB26 engine kit

    And since it wont be OOB already, the wheels and tires have to go and get some more HD lovin'  with

    And the interior will be stripped out and get some treatment as well, starting with Factory 81's R32 interior kit (hoping I can make it fit)

    New seats and harness' as well

    I'm sure I'll find some other goodies to stuff inside before it's ready to roll. 
    As of now, I'm undecided on colour but accents will be red with some CF decals used too.
    Looking forward to what other people have planned.
    2018 is going to be a busy year for modeling. 
  9. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    Thanks Cale. Now the the pressure's on. I guess I better set everything else aside. They just dumped more work on me too, so now it's going to be really hard to get the Camaro finished.
  10. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Mazda MX5 RF Club SE   

    A Miata Bob? Thought you hated those cars...so surprised to see you build JUST one.
    Love it. Nice work. 
  11. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    Well I'm stoked. I had a project lined up to do and it involved an inliner so this works great for me. I have most of the parts already, just a few more en route. 
    Now to get off my can and get this year's entry done...how much time do I have left?
  12. Jhedir6 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1987 ASA Camaro Swap-n-Build CBP
    This is my entry for the Swap-n-Build CBP. 

    Started by assembling the chassis.

    Chassis and motor primed and painted. Paint is Scale Finishes Chevrolet Regal Red. It looks more red in the pics than it is in person. In person it's more of a maroon colour.

    I'll start detail painting it later tonight.
    More tomorrow I hope.
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  13. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Swap-N-Build CBP   

    Nice work going on guys. Liking the custom work. For me, I'm going pretty much box stock..might add some wiring, but other than that I'll likely just weather it a bit.
    OK, paint is on the chassis and motor. I used Scale Finishes Chevrolet Regal Red, it the pics its much more red than it is in person, in person it looks more maroon. I will likely do some detail painting on the chassis tonight and then start on some assembly as well. For now..

  14. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!   

    If you have the pics on your HD you can just use the choose files at the bottom of your post box before hitting submit reply to add photos.
  15. Jhedir6 added a post in a topic 2017 Ford GT Lemans GTE   

    OMG......Is it wrong to say I HATE YOU????????
    Congrats man, Happy Birthday. I'm hooked. I may save up for one of these. I can not wait to see the progress on this.