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  1. Not defending the last Mustang R from Tamiya but keep in mind, that kit was done what almost 25yrs ago now? There was no 3D scanning like we have now. The new GT4 Mustang should be 100% spot on, why? Cause Tamiya came to Canada to Multimatic's shop with their 3D scanning equipment and scanned that car, as well as the Ford GT. Eventhough the GT doesn't have a full engine either, I dont really think anyone can find many other faults with the detail and accuracy of the kit other than the tires...which no one seems to get right nowadays outside of actual race tires, 3D scanning takes out the guess work on proportions. Now I've not had one in my hands yet, not for lack of trying to get an early copy, but from the pics/videos and instructions I'd say they got it right....minus the full engine. And without anyone being able to get someone from Tamiya to "on the record" state why they skipped the full detailed motor, its all speculation on all our parts. I'm excited for this kit, why, cause its not a reissue of a 40yr old tooled kit that I have 15 of in my stash already with new box art, Coke decals and a higher price tag. I'll happily pay $60 a piece for each of these kits (cause that's what a good price in Canadian will be) cause Tamiya kits are just plain worth it.
  2. Yes its based off the Shelby GT350 but it does infact have a Roush-Yates engine in it. https://performanceparts.ford.com/gt4/ But, it doesn't really matter, there's no engine in it. This is not the first kit ever produced without an engine and it will undoubtedly not be the last. As far as everyone being upset that a specific kit is not 100% to your liking.....start your own company and produce kits exactly how you like them to be produced. Then sit back and watch the criticisms roll in on all the stuff you didnt do that other people would have.
  3. It does. When I was discussing it with the Multimatic guy I asked which Grey they used at a different race ( I forget which) cause I had two pics, one of the car looking very light and another looking quite dark and he assured me that the car is and had always been the Stealth Grey. It just absorbs the light very differently. Darker inside and under indirect light and very much a light grey in direct sun. Hopefully the paint I got will do the same. I love both ways the colour presents itself.
  4. Yep, that's correct, though I got E9, but yes, Stealth Grey from the 2017 Ford Focus RS. Gravity is working on having that this week hopefully.
  5. Me too. I actually like those liveries. They call them Goodwood and Promotion, but that's how Multimatic runs them normally. I'll just add in the Continental decals for the 2017 season and then the Michelin decals for the 2019 season if I can find enough of each. Which paint colour you getting Jon?
  6. A couple things to keep in mind about the kit not having a full engine...First, Tamiya has to get the ok from Ford to do it. Ford may not have wanted the full engine shown or since the engines are prepared for Ford by Roush Yates maybe Tamiya could not get the licencing from them? Second, as James said, maybe Tamiya is looking at the fact that there will be many aftermarket decals sets for the car and felt that leaving the top of the engine out wouldnt matter since most people build and display race cars as a whole unit to showcase the livery. To be honest, no matter what, it's all speculation on our part as none of us work for Tamiya or Ford so we cant know for sure without a concrete statement from one of those two entities. As for the car itself, Tamiya has the files on the whole car. I was in contact with Multimatic here in Canada and I was told that Tamiya came to Canada and 3D scanned the entire car, inside and out so they have the files for the details of engine bay and the trunk for the fuel system but neither are replicated for whatever reason. I'm leaning towards licencing. The car ran in 2017 in NA on Continental tires and in Europe on Pirelli's (if I remember right) and neither of those companies have decals in the kit. Licencing again possibly? Regardless it's a modern Mustang and we haven't had one of this gen from anyone as of yet other than diecast. I plan on converting one of them to a GT350 with the help of a diecast since it does not look like anyone is going to make a GT350 in plastic at this point. With the 2020 GT500 here, maybe someone will do that? For the engine. I put a bug in Misha's ear (Ukrainian Scale Car Production) about maybe doing a full engine TK. He did one recently for the reissue of the Ford Escort Rally car and it looked fantastic. I'm pretty happy for this kit. I plan on building at least 5, just based off the liveries I like, as well as another for the street GT350(R) and possible more, I'll have to wait and see what decals come out for this one.
  7. Good start. It's a great kit you'll really enjoy it, even without a full engine. Be advised that the two brake ducts above the rear wheels need to be added before paint as there are no seams on the rear car The parts fit well but without some putty and sanding they will show up under paint. Looking forward to more.
  8. An update.....been busy and lagging behind on this build, but some more decals done none the less.... Please excuse the background, I've been picking away at this at work when I can so the background is my laptop. I still have all the small decals to go but it's starting to take shape. Hoping to have some more done this week....life has been hectic this past couple weeks. Thanks for looking in.
  9. Small update. Everything is painted. Body is TS30 decanted and airbrushed, the rest of the components are mainly black (TS14 again decanted and airbrushed). The cockpit and rollcage are also TS30 (no pics, nothing to see yet. Decals started on the body. Many many many more to go, there's something like 100+ on the whole kit, if using the detail up set, the chassis has 13 CF decals. Decal quality is very good and they lay down quite nicely with little to no solvents needed. I only really used any on the edges to help them fold over where needed. This is pretty much where I am at now. More later today I hope.
  10. Jhedir6

    Ford GT

    ME TOO! I didn't get a phone call Mr DeAgostini. Please update.
  11. Yeah, no thinner needed. Tamiya paints are already very thin, so thin that some pippettes have trouble holding them when trying to transfer to the airbrush so watch that closely. With that smaller scale I would thin it a bit and test it first. Also spray very thin coats, especially with metallics. I just shot my Audi R8 today with decanted TS30, and did not thin at all. Good luck,
  12. On the back of the instruction sheet there is some contact info for NuNu, not in English, but you can read the email address. Try emailing them and see if you can get a clear plastic tree from one of the other kits? Can't hurt to ask. I got some painting done tonight before work, so I'll have an update in on the wip tomorrow once I'm home.
  13. I started on the kit. No update yet, tomorrow. But I have most of the pre assemblies done and so far the fit and finish is really quite good. No flash, no real gnarly mold lines or sink marks. There are a few injector pin marks in some odd spots but they're easily clipped out and cleaned up. As far as engineering goes, definitely not Tamiya, easily on par with Fujimi/Aoshima but the plastic is a bit softer. Still a definite improvement over the M6. On the first release of the M6, they molded in the place number on the windscreen right into the clear plastic thus making it hard or impossible to do anything other than a Blancpain car as they're one of the few series that has those number windows on the windscreen. On this car, another Blancpain GT car, they did not mold that window in, it's a decal like it should have been the first time around, so NuNu definitely listened to the complaints on that, and in subsequent releases of the M6 they re did the windscreen to delete that box. I should have a wip update posted tomorrow. Everything is ready for primer and paint and I'll post up some wip pics after that.
  14. I did a quick review and contents pics which can be seen here so I won't flood this wip with a lot of pics of the raw parts. Kit looks very good, a better offering than the first BMW M6 that they released a couple years ago now. This kit was due to be out last June? but kept getting pushed back, my guess is due to Audi's final approval as there have been build ups of the box stock builds floating around since late last summer. No flash, no gnarly mold lines, only two injector pins on the underside of the body to remove, a big improvement from their first GT3 car. Paint will likely just be Tamiya paints that I have on hand. I have some TS silver I'll decant for the body and the rest will be blacks from Tamiya's LP line. Since I have the detail up set, I wont be adding any aftermarket items other than some extra detail decals on the tires. Progress in a few hours I hope.
  15. Newest release from NuNu (Platz). Audi R8 LMS GT3 from the 24hrs of Spa. This car qualified on the pole and finished in 2nd place over all and the sister car (Red car #1) finishing down in 21st place. This is a quick overview of the parts in the kit (including the Detail UP set, sold separately). Body : Looks very crisp and clean no huge or noticeable mold lines. A bunch of support bars to be clipped of to give the body rigidity for shipping. I do see two huge injector pin marks underneath the rear wheel arches that will be needed to clipped (these were present on many parts on their BMW as well, mostly on the chassis pan), otherwise body looks great. Chassis: Very nice, no flash, no injector pin marks, looks to be minimal clean up on all parts to prime and paint. Brake rotors look very good even without the extra PE in the Detail Up set. Interior tub: Again very clean. Tub has lots of pre drilled holes for locating detailing parts. Roll cage looks well detailed. Now the kit does not have a full engine but has an engine bay that has a lower block molded into it with other parts to attach to the top. Through the rear deck, there will be lots of detail visible. Interior/Engine: More interior and engine bay detail parts. And NuNu's molds are very nice ( I got this kit right after it released so this is a first run so they haven't had time to damage the molds .....yet) Wheels, light buckets, glass, and chrome and tires. I did not open all the bags as not to damage the glass or lose the polycaps, but nothing looks bad and the glass is very clear, at least as good as Tamiya. The chrome looks good and is very even in the plating. Instruction sheet. Very good, nicely detailed, not as good a Tamiya sheet, but detailed and straight forward. (Just a sample, didn't photograph the whole thing) Decals: Three sheets of decals just in the kit itself. Diecut, crisp, on register. Colours look good and if they're the same quality as their BMW kits the decals should lay down with no issues. Transfers: They also included a nice little metal transfer sheet. Everything here looks perfect and will look 100x's better than a decal would for the badges. Detail Up Set: This is NOT INCLUDED in the kit. Like the BMW kits, it was separate. There are 3 sheets of carbon fiber decals, a PE sheet, some cloth for the seat belts a metal antenna and a 2 sided instruction sheet. Apologies for the couple of blurry pics. I was rushing to get this done before getting started. There will be a build thread up later today ( I hope).
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