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  1. You're right, its not wax but a finish or top coat. I just used the wrong word, what I get for posting at 1am in the morning from work. Thanks for the replies tho, I picked up some to try out....now if I could just get some time to sit and actually get some build time in. I've got some clear parts I want to dip and see how they turn out. I'll also find something to airbrush too as as test. Hopefully this week, but my truck is going in for body work at the end of the week and I have some prep work to get done on it before Friday.....probably won't have time to build models this week either. But I appreciate the replies.
  2. Looking good Tim. I really need to get back to mine and get it finished off. So many stalled projects......I'm such a bad modeler. I agree about the lack of full engine, but what's there is pretty nicely detailed and, it's all you can really see, even on the real race car through the back deck. Sad thing is the 1/12 is exactly the same. But for $300 it really should have a full engine. Also, I'm not a fan of the white metal. I gotta think that making the cockpit bulkhead and the motor top and the rollcage out of the same resin as the body and chassis has got to be cheaper. The wheels and brakes, ok I guess, but still think that resin is easier to work with. Getting that cage together and stay together was not fun.
  3. Yep. PM me your details and it'll go out next week when I'm over to the US.
  4. Maybe we'll see a new JGTC car out of this.
  5. What's the current look of the Future Clear everyone is using? They seem to change the label a couple times a year. The only version I can find so far in Canada is this. https://www.amazon.ca/Johnson-11182-27Oz-Pledge-Futureshine/dp/B000ARPH4C/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_121_t_0/140-5950643-9420803?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7RAFB58DMFDD7A2X8063 Now, its not $22 bucks like Amazon has it listed for, my local grocery store has it for like $7 right now. My question is, is this the right version for clearing? I've got another brand of floor wax I'm using but wanted to try this stuff out. Any pics or links to the current labeled correct product would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Ok, so I'm up, again. Same kits, minus the Bronco. I have another of the Chase NASCAR kit I don't need so, Chase NASCAR kit, Shelby GT350 or the Hurst Olds.
  7. LOL Steve.... I'll take the Porsche. I was looking for one of those.
  8. Ok, so this has stalled, let's see if we can jump start it. Remember the two kits above are still up for grabs and to them I'll add the following.... All 4 are factory sealed. For shipping. If you live in Canada, the kit will go out this week. If you live in the US , I will post it next week sometime, likely Wednesday next week, when I'm over to the US to do some shopping. The rates from Canada to the US are awful, and with customs times you'd likely get it roughly the same time anyways. If you're international, I'll ship it the cheapest way I can find...again Canada Post rates suck.
  9. This is one of those subjects you can never win on. I've seen post of builds that were quite frankly, not very good, but the person receives a ton of praise. But as stated by others, you dont know that particular builders situation. Maybe they have a disability or are recovering from an injury or a stroke, and at the moment of posting that was the best they could do. Others seem to think that what they are posting is "fantastic", when it's not, and have no interest in improving their skills. And should you try to point something out, they lash out. These people I avoid. And it doesn't take long to figure out who they are. I remember several years back and young modeler posting here, and we knew he was young cause he stated it. His builds weren't very good, but you could see he was trying and each build got better. Some people would post huge praise (and rightfully so) and others would post constructive criticisms and tips on how to improve. This young builder seemed to understand that he wasn't being attacked but help and listened and absorbed those tips and encouragements and continued to improve....improve more than me and many others. Now, when I see his posts, I am amazed at how good he's become in not that many years. I wish the internet and forums like this and others were around when I was young as I had no teacher, just the few magazines I picked up now and then. Now, I've learned a lot from this forum myself, and know I'm much better than I use to be. As for me, I have not problem with criticisms, I actually ask for it in most if not all of my builds. If someone trashes me, I'm thick skinned enough to take. As a point in case, I did a 24hr build back in January. I posted pics here and everyone that replied was great. I posted the same pics on FB and again everyone was great, except one guy, who was a total jacka$$. Now I laughed it off. I knew my build wasn't perfect, as anyone who's done a 24hr build knows, there just isn't enough time, unless you're one of those .1% that just seem to make no mistakes. I was pretty happy with my results. But over all, I rarely see anyone "trash" someone else's builds just for the sake of doing it. In the end, it comes down to what your mother taught you " if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".
  10. Hah......I have to travel to another country to get to my Hobby Lobby....
  11. Cool but no thanks. I'll wait for a plastic kit. I'm sure Revell will do this if they can get the licencing from GM. IF they can, please, please, please, someone tackle them and get them to start doing their kits in 1/24 like everyone else. I'd also like to see them do the new GT500 as well, but would rather see Tamiya do it. They've got an in with Ford it seems, the GT and the GT4 Mustang in 1/10 (still thing they should of put that out in 1/24) so maybe they can get the GT500 into production. Regardless of who does the C8, and I'm sure someone will, 300 Euros is insane.
  12. Try these guys on Shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mininature Very realistic animals in various scales, and the prices aren't too bad. High, but if it's a match for what you want.... But other than Shapeways I've never seen a poodle in 1/25 1/24 scale. I know there are some dogs out there, but never seen a poodle.
  13. I've not shipped a kit to the US for awhile now, but the last round of PIF when I did ship to the US the average cost was about $16-18 CDN. The last kit I had shipped up from the US to Canada cost me from a vendor about $15US (roughly the same price as down to the US with exchange.) So expect to pay that, of course that will depend completely on the kit, the ones above were the standard Revell box size kits. I'm in for another round. Fortunately for me, Im pretty close to the US border and hop over several times a month for shopping and picking up packages so anything anyone might have to ship to me I'll give my US shipping address to, and anything I may have to send to the US will get shipped from the US.
  14. Nice start Peter. Good job on the masking. I'm following on long for your progress.
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