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  1. Are you a part of the FB group doing this build Tom? You build from last year looks stellar. Good luck this weekend.
  2. Probably won't be the fastest thing on the road but it'll be able to carry enough fuel that it'll never have to stop.....ever.
  3. Update on my '71 Javelin...finally.... The body was printed in two pieces and are now "welded" together. Resin welding is a process where you take raw liquid resin and use it as a "glue" to marry two resin halves together. Once you have the liquid resin on the parts you hit it with a UV light source (I have a couple mini pen flashlights) and it bonds the pieces together. It also fills in any gaps, then you just sand the surface. If you look over the rear wheel well you can see a faint line where I put the two halves together. I also went into Meshmixer and removed the rear deck lid and printed it separately so now I have an open trunk as well. Much sanding is going to be required to fit it right. I also printed out an interior pan from a file I have for a Porsche 935. I want a "race inspired" interior so there will be no back seat. I'm still working out what to do for a chassis. Likely this will be a 3D printed item as well with a 4 link rear end and sitting on airbags. I also printed up the Mustang GT500 wheels, and really like the looks of them but I didn't like the tires as much so I'll either reprint them or maybe find some kit ones from a parts box. And lastly.............."Got a Hemi?" I just got this file last night, and just finished setting it up to print...but it's pretty cold here today so I'll wait till a warmer day to print. This pic of the Hemi is from Pixel3D on Cults3D. There's enough space on my build plate for 3 prints at once. I've got a Hellcat for the Javelin, my TRX and another project I have going as well.
  4. Coming up on the last weekend of January is the 16th Annual 24Hrs of Daytona group build on Facebook. For anyone who might be interested in participating please follow the link over to the Facebook group and sign up. Pretty sure we're up over 100 entries again this year. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1932049600326810 Last year, due to Covid, the Canadian race teams that normally travel to the US for the IMSA races couldn't travel with the lock downs so a new Canadian series was created. The Sports Car Championship Canada kicked off its first season with 6 race weekends consisting of 2 sprint races each weekend for a total of 12 races. Multimatic Motorsports entered one of the Ford Mustang GT4's, driven by new-comer Marco Signoretti, and they went on to not only win the Championship, but managed to sweep the series going 12-0. So for 2022's 24 Hr build I'll be doing Marco's championship car. I'll be using Tamiya's stellar Mustang GT4 kit and the just released decals for the Multimatic car from Racing 43 Decals. Paint will be mostly Tamiya LP's since they dry up very quickly when airbrushed. I also ordered Studio 27's CF decals set for the Mustang, so most of my race will be consumed with decals.....I am a glutton for punishment. The winning car: The kit: The decals. First update will be after the start of the race on Saturday January 29th, so about 10 days from now. But for now, a few teaser pics.
  5. Yep. Was a perfect day to stay home and play. Personally I slept.....needed some extra zzzz's. Maybe I'll get to work on something tonight. Wheels looks very nice Bruce.
  6. Yes, basically the same printer. I haven't tried the water washable yet, I've heard its got a pretty funky smell. The ABS is quite mild I find as far as odor goes.
  7. Elgoo Mars 2 Mono (pretty much Elegoo's smallest I think). Very good printer tho. Currently having good success with Elegoo's ABS like resin so been using that for awhile now.
  8. Small update. Everything is printed, I am hoping to get some pics tonight, after I clean off my workbench.....it's a disaster at the moment. Printing was a huge success. I don't think I have had a project so far that worked out so well on the printing process. All the files printed nearly perfectly, I did have a couple minor errors, due to a piece of floating cured resin, that are easily fixable. I'll point those out in the pics later on. I only had one minor misprint, and that was due to me not placing the item on the print bed in the most optimal position but I've since reprinted that part so I have everything to get started this weekend on initial assembly. I ordered some decals for this project from two separate sources so I'm waiting on those to arrive and with the issues in the world right now there's no way to know when they might arrive, but hopefully sooner rather than later. The plan is to start in on print clean up tonight. I purposely left all the supports on the prints to make sure everything cured without any warpage, but the parts are pretty thick and it probably wouldn't have been an issue. Following along on everyone else's projects, and am enjoying what I see. Big Rigs are generally not my forte, but I am looking forward to completing this project.
  9. Yeah, definitely painted. I'm sure the one I saw was in silver so likely one of the test mules then. Either way, still looking forward to the kit. Even though I'm not a NASCAR guy I do like my race cars. So I'll end up building a few I'm sure. I've got the Roll Out car on order already.
  10. Good to hear he's back up and running.....I'm sure there'll be some stuff I'll be after later in the year as well.
  11. Good news about the Fords/Toyotas, diversity is good. For the sprue colours, I'm fine with white black and met grey, tho I still wish everyone would just do all kits in white/light grey, so much easier to paint over, but I get it, they have to make it easy for the "new builder's" to be able to build a nice looking kit without a lot of supplies. I wouldn't be surprised tho if the rollcage/chassis interior bits aren't metallic grey as I think I saw a pic of one of the cars with an aluminum coloured rollcage. I would still love to see love to see some test shots of the kit tho. Just to get a feel for how detailed it is. I am really surprised that they haven't released any shots as of yet other than the renders.
  12. Looks like a 3D render for sure. I've not seen any full on pics of the new tooling, even though, I ordered one of the rollout kits. I'm hoping its a decent kit. I'll probably order up one more as well of the newer preorders. Hopefully they'll get with Ford and Toyota and get some of them out soon as well. They appear to have the GM's covered.
  13. I saw that too. I printed one in 1/24 scale from a 1/10 RC truck, but unfortunately I did that early one after getting my printer and didn't do it very well. I do plan on redoing it later this year after I learn some more about altering STL files for 3D printing.
  14. Kurt, you're 959 was that one of the Modeling Master kits? Fantastic build btw. Looks stellar.
  15. Great project Erik. I love the Dakar. I've been wanting to do a Dakar truck for sometime now. I maybe do a fantasy one later in the year. I have some 3D files for a truck that would be great for this type of themed build. Looking forward to seeing yours develop further.
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