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  1. Gravity Paints USA are great paints. In fact my favourite to use, but unfortunately Mate always takes for ever to ship...and has an excuse why he's taking so long. I've ordered from him and got my order in days, even in Canada, and other times it takes him months and tons of messages to get him to ship. Scale Finishes are great, Splash as well, but I still think Gravity's USA's paints are better than anybody else's product. As far as Elm City goes, Scott use to order from Scale Finishes and ship to a US address, since the Covid lockdowns he's no longer crossing the border, he might start up again now that the border is opening back up again. Message him.
  2. Still................waiting...................for............................mine..................Mine's been on an epic journey of 2+weeks now from California to Ontario. I'm hoping to get it this week. But I am a bit surprised that no one has put up a wip for one of these yet.
  3. Nice work Bill. I've only printed the chassis, which came out nice, and the body....not so much, the print failed over the front fender so I have to reprint. I'm still working on the other files for printing but the kit is amazing. William's files are amazing.
  4. With Covid opening the eyes of a lot of business, not just the medical field, I think, over the next decade we might see a lot of manufacturing coming back to NA. The superconductor chips is just one sector that they're already trying to bring back so the automotive industry doesn't take the huge delays like they have the last year or so again in the future. It's possible we'll see model manufactures come back too.
  5. Got notice from Salvinos that my Chase kit is shipped as of today. Now to see how long it takes to go from California to Ontario Canada. I'm guessing 14 days....
  6. I know this is late but anyways... The number plate in front of the rear arch was only run on the 2016 version of the car at Le Mans. The number plates behind the front wheel arch were run the rest of the years. Also the first two years, '16 & '17 the colours were the solid blue/red where as afterwards they were metallics.
  7. Well time to get started on this project. Finally got my kit in (Tamiya Skyline 2000 GT-R Hard Top). This is the second one I ordered. My first one seems to have disappeared into the ether coming from Asia. It may still show up, someday, but after 3 months it's probably lost. Construction will start on the weekend, but before that, I'll start 3D printing my accessories and modifications. Files are sliced and ready to go now. First up, I'll be stripping back some of the interior (rear seat delete and package shelf). The files are for an R33 drift interior but I'll try to make them work for this. I couldnt find any reference shots of this car without a complete interior so I'll be taking some visual liberties for sure. I'm printing up 2 sets cause the first set I did for my R33 aren't as nice as I'd like so hoping this set turns out better, and I can have a set for this project as well. Next up is the roll cage. For safety, I'm adding in a full roll cage (again same files as the R33). I'll modify them as needed to fit and I printed up some extra pieces just incase I needed some spare tubing. Then I'll be printing up some wheels and tires ( I really wanted the Watanabe wheels and this version of the kit does not have them). Tires aren't period correct, but I haven't found a set I like yet or that looks perfect so these ones might just be temporary. And lastly, the accessories. Roof rack, trunk rack, a service tarp, some rally style lights, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, some duffle bags and a fuel cell. I'll see how this all looks once mocked up and figure out what else I might add for detail. Colour will likely be silver like the box art. Most of these cars were silver or white. I've seen pics of blue and orange ones as well but I'm pretty sure those were restorations done with new colours. One change I will make is most of the chrome will be done in black, since I'm not a huge chrome fan, and I've seen some versions of the car with blacked out chrome and it looks miles better. Hoping to have my first update on the weekend of something actually built.
  8. The Rollout Kit was suppose to have been shipped back in early March. Then for March they made the Chase kit the "Kit of the Month" for their club members. But with the changes NASCAR had Salvino's make everything got pushed back. So they decided to do just enough Chase kits for the Club members and anyone that ordered direct from their site. Once those two lots are filled they're going back to the Rollout Kits then back to Chase's then the others etc....they're probably well into it, on Saturday they were saying they figured they could run around 1000 kits a day.
  9. Salvino's posted a live update on FB during the day yesterday. Production of the Chase kits was in full swing with them producing enough of the Chase kits to fulfill their Builder's Club and webstore sales first, before flipping to production of the Rollout kits. I asked when shipping would start and the plan was to start that afternoon or at the latest today (Tuesday). So if you are a Club member or bought a Chase kit of their site you should be getting the kit very soon. They showed some of the parts trees, silver and black plastic and, in my opinion unfortunately, the Chase body was molded in a Napa Blue colour. I assume the decals will have the white? no idea, didn't see a shot of them. Personally I would have preferred to see them do the kits in all white or a light grey. They did show some of the Rollout hoods and those were in a offwhite colour similar to the colour on the Rollout car. Should you get your kit this week please post up some shots of the contents.
  10. Production is set to start up on Monday. The Chase kits will be sent out to their Club members first then the Roll Out cars will we done then back to the others, they figure they can do about 1000 kits a day so won't take them long to get all their allotments done. They had set backs due to NASCAR changing something and they had to rework the molds a bit. I think they said on their FB chat on Saturday they expect shipments to start flowing out by the 15th, so pending on timing stores might see them by the end of the month, direct from Salvino you might see yours in your hands by the end of the month. Iv'e go a couple on pre-order as well so looking forward to getting my hands on one.
  11. For those looking for the new Next Gen NASCAR kits from JR looks like production will start on Monday with stuff shipping by the 15th. Just watching their Cars and Coffee on FB now. They're doing the Chase cars for their club first then the rollout cars so shouldn't be long for them to start hitting stores.
  12. Files vary from creator to creator but generally you're looking at $15-30 range (take that with a HUGE grain of salt...cause sometimes you can find cool stuff for free), but "full" kits are near the top end price wise. As far as resin goes, again, it will vary based on where you live, what you buy and the quantity you buy. I live in Canada so prices for me are higher than the US and I live in the country, about and hour from a major city, so I order all my resin from Amazon. A 1L bottle runs about $50 CDN. Now, the next question, how long will that last...depends on what I print. For car parts, wheels/tires/seats, detail parts it will go a LONG way. Small parts use very little resin and have very small supports which wastes very little resin in the printing process. The larger, more complex and intricate a part is, the more supports you have thus the more resin you use. A full rollcage for example will have a lot of resin used up for supports which is garbage after the print but its not like a vast amount of wasted resin, but it does add up. So for example, I have a full curbside kit of a TRX ( no engine, no drive shafts, other than those items the kit is complete and the cost for that would probably be in the neighborhood of $65-70 for the files, and the resin which for basically amounts of a Hobby Design kit (minus decals and any PE it might have) is much cheaper. Hobby Design's new venture, Alpha Models is making high end resin kits of super cars and modern sports cars and those generally run around $200 CDN (with shipping). Also with 3D printing you're able to get files to print of vehicles that no one else has. For example, my TRX, I know of no one that is making the TRX. I also got, From the same designer, a 2020 Ram 3500 Dually, again no engine or drive shafts but the rest is there and to print that will be pretty close to the TRX, and that kit is not on the market either. More than a plastic model kit, sure, but worthwhile to me to get things no readily available.
  13. @CabDriver you're definitely going to get longer printing times with .03mm layer heights cause you're increasing the number of layers. Pending on what your cure times are set at, that determines the time each layer "cures" before lifting to the next. Lift speed will also affect the time but layer height will be the biggest change in time as with that higher level of resolution ( lower number of height in mm) the layer count goes up, but by a guess I'd say we're talking mins overall, again pending on how "tall" your z axis is for each print. A print that uses the full z axis might take 30-40mins longer. For me, I just put my long prints on at night before bed or before I go out to work and let it go while I'm gone. For your parts on your print bed, if the part has a flat surface, like your interior pan, make sure to angle it about 30 degrees or so, that way resin wont pool on the bottom side (build plate side) and will drain as the print rises, saving your resin when you clean the parts. So far the prints look good, and like I said, super addictive knowing that you organized and set up the prints to print and ended up with workable parts you made...I'm sure designing and printing will be even better, but it's still a bit of a rush seeing those prints clean up and looking pretty much perfect. I got like 8 printed projects to finish up but I'm constantly looking for the next one to print. The one guy I link, Andrey, who's Ukrainian, is hopefully working on a newer Ford F450 dually I've been bugging him for. He's safe where he is, last I heard, but with what's going on there I can understand him having other things to worry about aside from posting new 3D print files.
  14. Nice start, and welcome to the world or 3D printing your own stuff at home! I've been going for just about a year now and I can warn you, it's addictive. I find myself loving the editing and printing of the files, more than the building of the kits....at least right now anyways. Some things I've learned along the way...Temp....resin does not like cold temps, you need to print around 20C or higher. Pending on the resin you use, some of them are pretty smelly so make sure to have ventilation. I use Elegoo's ABS like resin and I find it doesn't have too much of an odor, but other brands I tried definitely do. Supports....I tend to over support probably but once you have a 12-14hr print fail on you cause you didn't use enough supports you'll add in more, the cost is a few $$ in wasted resin but alternatively you're not throwing out a huge print file cause part of it failed and is now stuck to your print bed. If you do have a failed print, make sure to drain your tank, clean it and filter the resin to make sure you dont have any floaters in there, I cracked my LCD screen when the plate came down and pushed a failed support threw the FEP......an $80 mistake. For your body with the layer lines, what layer height are you printing at? I do all my prints at 0.03mm layer height, and yes I get those lines too but they clean up, like you said, very easily, but at 0.03mm look a lot less defined than yours ( I originally started at 0.05mm and they were much more noticable.) For your window frames, add in a line of supports along any large opening to keep the edges from fading, like you have on that little truck, and if it's a bigger truck/car add some rows in the middle as well or the roof can "sag" I've got a couple truck bodies where I hadn't figured that out yet. Looks like you've got the bug.....enjoy the ride. If you like BlackBox's files, check out Pixil3D on Cults too, he's got some interesting files as well. And this guy here has a lot of newer cars/trucks with nearly full kits (no engines and not always full suspension) that make into nice kits that are not on the market but are very much OEM looking vehicles. I've got several of his files and all of them are very nice (Ram TRX is baller)
  15. Found the kit, here's the link https://modernpaintbynumbers.com/products/vintage-street-car-british-american-engines-paint-by-numbers/
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