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  1. Quick unboxing photos of the new McLaren Senna from Tamiya. In a word.....A-maz-ing..... the kit looks stunning and not your normal car kit. Just a quick flip through the instructions shows that this will be a challenging kit. This will be one of those kits where following the instructions is going to be fairly important. I highly recommend spending a lot of time reading the instructions ( I didn't photo the "book" but there are 50 steps on this one) as nothing goes together like a normal car kit. This is going to be fun. In no particular order, Chassis components and some external trim parts. Interior tub and some more chassis bits. Suspension, exhaust, engine, brakes, wheels and more. Body panels. Some more body panels and interior parts. Monocoque chassis Clear parts.....as usually with Tamiya, probably the nicest, clearest "glass" out there. I didn't take any pics of the the decals (there's very few) or the tires as I left them at home by mistake. I also did not take any pics of the instruction booklet as its way too long, but it's typical Tamiya, beautifully drawn and very detailed. Now to get to work and see what is what in this thing. More later tonight I hope.
  2. Drove to Toronto this morning to pick this bad boy up. Time for bed but later tonight at work I'll tear it open and post up some pics....and maybe a wip.
  3. I have issues with Zero Paints doing this sometimes as well. Either you're putting it on way too thick and heavy, causing it to "burn" the primer and creating crazing under the paint and also I'd guess you're getting the grainy texture from the air pressure being too high causing some of the paint to dry in mid air before landing on the body. Turn the pressure down and spray light mist coats and let them dry for 5-10 mins before putting on the next coat. Once you have 5+ light coats on that are dry and no crazing or grittiness then you might try a "wet" coat, but dont go too wet, if there's too much wet paint on the body it will burn through what you have down already.
  4. If you aren't already using, I highly recommend this for straight up plastic to plastic. Best stuff there is.
  5. Lots of great progress guys. Keep the updates coming. I put some primer on tonight to see what fixes I need on the hood still. I still havent filed down the hood over the headlights yet. I also drilled out some holes on the roof for the antennas I'll be running. I also added a "I dont know what it is" box to the roof from a Subaru rally car, it looks like it might be a camera pod, I honestly dont know. For the purpose of my build its going to be a FLIR radar pod..cause I said so. The wheels on it atm are the kit wheels and tires but will not be what I'm going to use, they're just on there for the time being.
  6. Looks fantastic. I have the 5.2L Ford engine. Been debating putting it in my Mustang. I wasn't going to originally, but I may now since I have it. Really impressed with the level of detail coming from these 3D printed engines.
  7. Couple more pics of the Mustang for tonight. Not getting a lot done here at work, but still moving forward. Chassis is almost complete. I still want to weather the exhaust some more but I forgot my weathering pastels at home, so will work on that on the weekend. I stained up the underside and may add some more. I did not paint the chassis (what will be) body colour, as I want it to look like a race car was quickly 'disguised" as a road car. Originally I wanted to have the windows be clear to show off the interior but now I think I'll "tint" them to help hide what lies underneath. I've also added in both the upper front grill and rear tail light valence from the diecast GT350R. The lower front grill insert is from the kit since it's stock looking already and fits better than the piece from the diecast. I still need to file the front edge of the hood over the headlights. As you can see in the pic it's not a perfect match, but very close. I may swap out the rear valence lights for the kit ones but I'm not sure yet. The kit valence has the fuel fillers in it which would make refueling for the long trip faster but then the car would look more race car. I will likely detail the trunk with fuel cells and just have the fillers be mounted in the trunk and just open the trunk for refueling, helping to keep the "stock" outside appearance.
  8. Quick update for me. Tamiya Ford Mustang GT4 being converted to (or back to) a Shelby GT350R (all the GT4's come off the line are Shelby GT350s). So far I've- -remove the GT4 hood and replaced it with a Shelby GT350 hood (robbed from a 1/24 RC car). -rear wing is from a diecast GT350R (I have some other parts that will be used from that same diecast) -chassis is 100% kit so far, all I've done is cut out a space for the passenger seat to fit into the tub. -the internal compressor for the airjack system will be kept and relocated. -I have other additional interior details to add (will take interior pics then) -I have wheels and tires being made (the factory GT350R wheels are carbon fiber, I'm having some forged clones made as CF might not be very durable over 3000 miles of hard driving.) -hoping to get some primer on the body later this week ( I have to rebuild my paint booth, I think my exhaust fan has given up the ghost) For now, a teaser shot.
  9. Nice job. I'm doing this one at the end of January for the 24hr Daytona Facebook group build. If I can make it look as nice as yours I'll be happy.
  10. I've got the same issue with the GT4 Mustang interior. I may cut down some of the inner supports as well. I was originally just going to tint the windows but, that will make seeing interior details a lot harder. Looking good so far.
  11. Love the Subaru WRC cars, looking forward to this one.
  12. Me too. I'm loving the seats. Going to be so easy to make them CF then paint the pads whatever colour you want, and they have the holes for the seatbelt harness' so some nice PE seatbelts will be a must.
  13. More pics of the Senna released on Tamiya's Blog
  14. I'm in. Going to focus on this build this time around and not work on anything else till it's done (aside from the Daytona 24hr build weekend). Tamiya Mustang GT4 (starting point) And the plan is to convert it back to a street car (the GT4's start out as Shelby GT350's) Full race interior will be kept (along with a co-pilot seat added) and the plan is to add in some more details as well. Looking forward to January 1, I even have a couple days off over New Year's so the plan is to jump on this right away. See you in the New Year.
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