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  1. More love for Randy and Model Builders Warehouse. My shipment arrived today safe and sound. Not bad, 9 days from Colorado to San Fran to Burnaby BC, to Ontario, pretty spectacular for USPS and Canada Post. I had a shipment come up from Florida recently that took almost 20 days. Anyways, thanks again to Randy for being a topnotch vendor. If you have not bought from him, check out his site, he aims to please and carries a nice selection of aftermarket goodies.
  2. Looks like I'm sorted. Big thanks to George B for helping me out.
  3. Thanks Snake.....I missed that when I read back through. So my plan will work.
  4. More excellent service from Randy. Placed my order at 6:24am this morning, got an email at 6:49 am that my order was ready to ship....with tracking number and I just checked with USPS and they have my item as of 10am (I assume local time). I wish every vendor would handle things this quickly. Great work Randy. Thanks. David
  5. Ok looks like I may have a line on a kit from a fellow board member. Now my question is, do we have to build it as it was....Im assuming mine was box stock, likely not painted, and pretty much a gluebomb I'm am sure, or can we do something different? I plan on using the same decals the box art has but I'm not a fan of the huge hood scoop this thing comes with or the side exhausts. I'm thinking more of a mild restomod like I saved a really badly done street racer from the crusher.
  6. Hey guys, I am looking for the following kit... I know there are a few versions of the same tool but I'd like this one, with this box art to use in the Replica Community Group Build as this is the first model I remember every building. I'm willing to purchase or trade, so if you have one you'd be willing to part with for a fair price please message me. I'm in Canada and with the border starting to open, I can have items shipped to my sister's house in the US and she'll bring it over the border, or if you're in Canada, even better. Please let know. Thanks
  7. yep they're airjacks. pretty sure the Daytonas were one of the first cars with them, there are some pics of airjacks in some of the Daytonas. I use to have some pics but they're on the HD for my old comp. edit...found one, you can see the black tower behind the alternator with the AN fitting on top of it. This is a pic of CSX2601 the FIA Championship car. More pics on this site https://www.mecum.com/lots/SC0509-79207/1965-shelby-daytona-cobra-coupe/ And they're included in the HRM kit. Pic 10 parts G
  8. Quick update on my GT350R build. Wheels were designed and printed by USCP. I ordered them at the beginning of the year, before I bought my 3D printer or I would have printed them myself. I haven't painted them yet, maybe later tonight. For now I'm working on 3D printing my own accessories for this build. I've collected a bunch of different items and fitted them all onto a single build file so below is a pic of the 3D file. I just fired up the printer now, so it'll be a few more hours before I have some finished parts. So in the pic above we have from left to right, top to bottom, a large suitcase, a satchel (after 25ish hours driving from New York to Redondo Beach my co-pilot and I will need to catch some zzzz's.) I also have a CB radio as well as a internal radio system as the Shelby is still a race car and there is no sound deadening material in this ride. First aid kit is always good to have, anything can happen. A fuel cell for the trunk, I haven't decided if I want to open up the trunk yet, but I want the detail there for the chassis pics before the body goes on. I also have 2 Optima batteries, one for the car and a secondary one for all the electronics. Back to the bottom left, we have another suitcase, followed by some GoPro cameras, not easy to tell what they are in the pic, but it's the eight little boxes. After the cameras are 6 iPhone 12's. Next we have some mounts for the 4 iPad Pros. I don't think I'll have much room left to fit much else in this interior. That's all for now. Great builds everyone. Time to get this badboy done for the Race.
  9. Looking good Brian. Nice big fuel cells in the trunk will make for minimal stops. I'm debating adding some to my 'stang as well. I don't plan on opening up the truck for the final display but I may still add them so I know they're there. I plan on getting back to mine later tonight. Got some new details to add....finally.
  10. Decals are basically done. I have a few more detail decals I want to add off of Powerslide's Goodies sheet. I also need to add some yellow decals to the roof rails, then I'll be ready for clear.
  11. I get model kits from Japan/Hong Kong to Canada for about $15 US. I just ordered a set of decals from the US and it cost me, $15US to Canada....shipping times, faster from the Far East.....go figure.
  12. Update. Got the "patina" decals on. Sponsor decals to follow.
  13. OK change of plans. Recently I found a really interesting livery I like and have decided to swap over this build. I hadn't painted the body yet so it was an easy switch. The new build will be Michael McDowell's 2016 New Hampsire "Rat Rods" livery. This is a livery the team made up as they didn't have a sponsor for the race. Decals are from 3 Amigos and you can find them here. Paint is Tamiya LP's, I took White (Lp-2) and dropped in a few drops of Blue (LP-6) to get the correct colour and then thinned it out with some Mr. Hobby leveling thinner. It's not my best paint job as I had to take a few swings at it to get the colour I wanted, but after the decals are done and a matte clear is added I don't think it'll be that apparent. The colour in the photo is actually darker than the colour on the car. The colour on the car is spot on for the pics I have. Plan is to get started on the decals here at work tonight, so I hope to have a few updates as the night progresses. Comments always welcome.
  14. I like this idea to be honest. I've been wanting for a long time to do a "rebuild" of my first every model kit I remember building. It's long gone, but been thinking for a long time now I should redo it. Now the trick will be to find one at a reasonable price. I've checked a few times on Ebay, but haven't found one at a price I'm willing to pay. Hopefully others might find interest in this too.
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