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  1. 2020 Corvette

    Well if I built one it would be this..... the more I look at it the more I'm starting to like it.
  2. 2020 Corvette

    Personally I like the looks of it, for the most part. The front end looks great, I like the roof line, the rear end, yes, the rear quarters, meh... not so much. But over all, not bad. However, I definitely do not like the wheels on the one above. I'd like to see some options but those aluminum wheels just look too early '90's on a car with definite European design queues. As far as a model goes, lets really hope Tamiya does this, or at least makes an effort to get the licencing from GM to make this kit. I think it would be a fantastic companion piece to the Ford GT. I am looking forward to seeing how the new mid engine design run in racing trim.
  3. There are minimal differences between the 2017 and 2018 cars (the metallic colours being the big one) so it really wont matter too much. You can buy a set of decals from either Indycals or Shunko to do the 2018 cars from either Le Mans or Daytona with the correct sponsorship decals. But unless someone looks really close, the kit decals will do. Good luck.
  4. Which year are you doing? If it's 2016 or 2017 then I'd go with TS15 for the blue and TS49 for the red. I have done both years with Gravity's blue and red and they're a bit darker than the Tamiya sprays. I'd test the colours on parts with a white primer and a grey. I think you'll need to use the grey primer to get them a bit darker. If you want to do 2018/19 cars you'll need metallics as they switch up the colours for the last two years of the program.
  5. Reselling Your Hobby Lobby Clearance Kits On eBay

    I'll bite on this..... Yeah, it blows that someone scooped up all the cheap kits and is relisting them where ever they can for a profit. I went to the HL in NF NY and got zip cause someone had got all the good stuff already. Oh well. When Ollie's had the NASCAR kits on for $10 I scored like 9 of them in total....for the stash of course..... Now those that are upset I have to ask.... 1...If you went to work and your boss handed you a pair of court side seats for game 6 of the NBA final this year and you knew you weren't able to go, he shrugs and says "take em anyways" wouldn't you try to sell them ( just to put that in perspective.....a court side pair of game 5 tickets sold in Toronto for $78,000) sure you would, score for you 2..if you went to the car dealer ship with $50,000 in your pocket to buy one car but when you get there, the car you want is on sale for $10,000, would you just buy one and leave the other 4 for the next person to come along, or would you buy all 5 and sell the other 4 for a huge mark up? Of course this could work with anything The reason it's maddening is that we love the hobby and are territorial about certain aspects of it, especially if it's someone else coming out on top. These guys reselling likely aren't builders or collectors, just businessmen. My opinion is just that, my own, I'm not looking to offend anyone, just stating what I think.
  6. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Decals are done, clear is on. A bit of trash to wet sand out but I'll leave that a few days. I'll then wait another week before masking and painting the matte black. The green came out really nice. I'm really liking the metallic in it. And the colour is very close to the Dodge Ivy Green. Onto the interior and chassis while the clear cures.
  7. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Thanks Curtis, I have central air, so it wasnt too bad. Also I have a dedicated room for painting with a homemade paintbooth that vents outside so the humidity was not really an issue in there. I was cold tho since its a small bedroom with its own air vent pumping in cold AC air. Thanks Snake, I thought it turned out to be a pretty nice match. You can see the metallic a bit more in person. I snapped and uploaded the pics quick before I headed out to work. After the clear is on tomorrow and cured up I think the colour will come more into its own, but still look a lot like the Dodge green. But there'll be no driving......I ordered some aftermarket wheels and tires so I'll have to wait a week or two for the caster to get my order done and shipped. Which is fine since I want to leave the clear to cure for a week or so anyways before masking for the matte. The last time I masked over a clear I didn't leave it long enough to set up and I pulled it up along with some decals. Hopefully a week will be a long enough cure time.
  8. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Paint is on. Everything was primed with Gravity's 2K white primer. I've got most of the parts painted and will be able to start assembly tomorrow. For now, a couple crappy pics of the body. I'll do decals and clear coat tomorrow, then let it set up for a week or so before masking and painting the matte black. The colour is a bit lighter than the Dodge Ivy green but still looks nice (pics aren't very good). I did knock down the fender flares some so they are no where near as big as they were. More tomorrow.
  9. Eleanor Mustang

    Well done Paul. Looks great. Keep checking back with his site or message him. He tends to reissue them now and again. I got one from the last round of reissues back in '17. Not sure if he's done another round since then. If not, he may be due to put another batch out.
  10. 1970 AAR Cuda

    Found a pic of the Tamiya kit the Metallic Green paint I'm going to use was original made for. Kit is from 1994, I think I even have a built one in a box somewhere still, and I think I've had the paint since I bought the kit. Hopefully it's ok. But as you can see from the pic, it's pretty similar to the Dodge green. Fingers crossed, I might actually get to paint late this afternoon.
  11. 1970 AAR Cuda

    David, The grill insert is a separate piece so you can paint it black or matte black (which I plan on to match the hood) and then using a Motolo chrome pen you can trim the outside edge before pushing the grill into the body (again exactly what I'm planning to do) I'm behind on my build up for this, had some issues at the house that needed fixing, hoping to get some bench time today with rain in the forecast.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Ray, please let your wife know she missed my birthday at the beginning of the month and the Boss 302 will do just fine, thanks.
  13. Most beautiful cars of all time

    I love topics like this, cause there is no wrong answer, and everyone gets to share their own personal tastes. For me, I've been in love with this car since the first time I saw a picture of one in a book at the public library when I was a kid Still, to this day, my favourite car of all time... 1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe
  14. Eleanor Trans Kit

    Yes, you need one of the Revell 1/24 scale kits, The '65 Shelby GT350R kit or the '66 Hertz kit will do. The 1/25 AMT kits are donors for the Scale Production Eleanor.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Pics or it didn't happen :-) J/K, for the flaws that are in the kit it really is a nice kit from Revell. The further I get into mine the more nice details I'm finding.