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  1. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    I like the looks of the kit and will likely get a couple. I hope they do the Supra both a road car as well as the GT3 version too. I had also expected Tamiya to release a GT3 version of the NSX or a GT500 version of it by now. With the rising of GT3 racing globally I would have expected Tamiya to be releasing more of those style of kits. NSX, Lexus, Nissan GTR, more variants of the AMG, but they seem to be ignoring it, or at least being very quiet about it. Oh well, it's almost 2019, maybe next year. Tho I can't complain, its been a really good year for GT racers so far.
  2. Wip ARCA 2018 Ford

    Thought I remember seeing somewhere that the Snappers are based on the '13-14 cars and the glues are based on the '16-17 cars. Just some slight differences to the grills mostly.and some of the chassis bracing on the interiors.
  3. Wip ARCA 2018 Ford

    Mark, looking forward to another cool NASCAR wip from you. Check Ollie's. I was there today and picked up some Chase kits for $9.99. They also had some snappers too.
  4. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Got a bit of time today. Started on polishing the body. Wet sanded and rubbed out ( still some spots to work on) but getting there. I wanted get a look at the stance. Front suspension is in place and unmodified and at the moment I like how it sits. The rear suspension is not there the wheel is just tucked up in there for looks, so it sits low right now. Next up is getting the engine bay prep'd for the HD RB 26 engine kit. I'm also hoping to get the rear suspension set up tomorrow and the wheels painted.
  5. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Proof that I've been trying to get some work done on my Cannonball Run entry. Primed with Gravity Colors 2K white primer and topped off with Gravity's Skyline Midnight Purple followed by automotive 2K clear. Hoping to get some real work done later in the week. Needs to be wet sanded and buffed, just fresh from the booth, for now....proof....
  6. 2018 1/24 Chevrolet NASCAR kit

    Thanks Chris, I've posted some up here in the NASCAR section. I'm not really a NASCAR guy as far as races go, but I've enjoyed building these new generation of kits. I've got serveral cars that need to be finished, but I'm awful, I start a project get to a certain stage then leave it for something else....I've got so many unfinished projects I could probably finish one a month for the next two years and still have more left over that I can't even recall off the top of my head. Some of my NASCAR wip's awaiting completion: Jimmie's 2016 Kobalt SS Fantasy JJ's Kobalt Chevy Super Truck (rebuild of an old truck with Powerslide decals--same sheet as the SS) Fantasy Hot Wheels Ford Fusion (old set of JWTBM decals) JR's Last Ride SS (this is stalled cause I'm waiting on decals to be printed...supplier had a bad batch of paper and is trying to catch up on orders) All have threads here somewhere....I promise....one day I'll finish one of these.
  7. 2018 1/24 Chevrolet NASCAR kit

    True, but as long as NASCAR doesnt update the chassis' the current generation of kit will be usable as donors for the Camaro and Mustang next year. I'm sure someone will copy and cast a diecast, they might need some work but at least they'll be there for those that want to build one. But I agree, with Revell USA gone, I don't see the German side doing any "new" kits. Hopefully they'll at least do a run or two of the current kits even if they release them as blanks for those that want to use them as donors.
  8. 2018 1/24 Chevrolet NASCAR kit

    As of now, no kit from Revell and I wouldnt expect one with the death of Revell USA. There is a resin one around, not bad, not perfect but not bad. Mike's decals carries it, if it's in stock. Brandon Miller is working on a 3D rendered body that should fit the SS kit, but he hasnt printed it yet as far as I am aware of. Once it's printed he'll decide whether or not to have it mastered and cast in resin or just make it available from his Shapeways store. He's got a lot of other nice parts for NASCAR stuff in his store, search Millersports on Shapeways. Couple mock ups of the the resin Camaro body I got from Mike's. I still haven't done anything with it yet, another one of the things on the long list to do.
  9. 2017 Weather Tech Ferrari 488 GTE

    No real progress today but I did put the wheels up underneath for a look. Right now I think that the front sits a bit too high so I'll have to address that during final assembly.
  10. 246 & 458

    Nice start Ian. I love them both. Looking forward to more.
  11. 2017 Weather Tech Ferrari 488 GTE

    Yep, absolutely, podium car deserves to shown in it's glory. Thanks for the replies guys, unfortunately no progress today. My computers went down last night and spent all night and most of today rebuilding one and redoing the network with some upgrades. Now that I'm worn out from that I will try to get the body finished off tomorrow.
  12. 2017 Weather Tech Ferrari 488 GTE

    Most of the decals are done for now, just a couple more to go and a few gaps to fill in. Should have them done tomorrow and will be able to clear as well. The MFH decals are really nice to work with and lay down very well with little or no solution needed. Thanks for looking in.
  13. 2017 Weather Tech Ferrari 488 GTE

    Thanks for the reply guys. I got the paint done last night. Gravity Colors 2K white primer topped off with Gravity's Porsche Carrera White. This morning I started in on the decals. I'll get the big ones on first then go back around and add in the smaller detail decals before some clear. More later on today.
  14. This is my first Model Factory Hiro kit, it's their 1/24 kit of the 2017 Ferrari 488 GTE from Scuderia Corsica that finished 3rd in the GTE AM class at Le Mans. It's a "curbside" with limited chassis detail but does show the engine top through the rear engine hatch. It does have a nicely detailed interior tho so I plan to add in some extra detailing there. You can see detail shots of the mock up on the MFH website HERE . For now, wheels and tires are pretty much done, I might add a few more details in, not sure yet. Extra tire markings are from Powerslide's tire goodies set. The tire decals were covered with some Vallejo matte varnish to seal them in and I did the same on the wheel decals with some Tamiya acrylic clear and darkened up the centers with some panel line accent to give them a bit of depth. It's nice and cool here this morning so going to try to get some paint on the chassis today now that the heat wave is over.
  15. If you're still waiting for an order I'd contact paypal or your CC and put a claim in for a refund. I like Mate's product a lot , but his CC is not good right now. If he's not getting messages a refund request will get to him for sure then.