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  1. FORD GT ( Tamiya ). 2/7/19

    Nice progress Tim. The CF work is looking great. The interior looks good as well, nice little details but not over the top. Only thing I see is that the blue on the interior looks too shiny, maybe a matte varnish over the top to knock the reflectivity down some as the glare gives it a plastic look, otherwise spot on.
  2. Factory Colors

    Here's a '67 GT500 restored by Legendary Motor Car here in Canada. These guys do nice work and work on a lot of 60's and older cars. Use the arrows to scroll through the pics, if you go backwards (left, you can get to the finished engine bay quickly.) It has an Autolite battery with red caps. Rear shocks on this one are black (pic 66 of 104) https://www.legendarymotorcar.com/inventory/1967-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-1300.aspx
  3. 2017 Ford GT (Tamiya)

    Stripes going down. Slowly, fighting a cold today, so I've been picking away at them in between Dristan induced naps.
  4. 2017 Ford GT (Tamiya)

    Thanks Jonathan. Ok, Gravity Colors Magnetic Grey is on, time for some decals.
  5. 2017 Ford GT (Tamiya)

    My second Ford GT from Tamiya arrived today and since I'm off till Tuesday I plan on working on this for the next few days. Colour on this one will be Gravity Colors Ford Magnetic Grey .The Grey isn't a GT colour but rather a Mustang colour but I'm going to go with it none the less ( I've got too many paints, I need to start using up some of the partial bottles I have). Following pics are of the kit sprues but I'm too lazing to take my own so I'm "borrowing" Jonathan Stephens pics from his "What's in the Box" thread ( hope you don't mind Jonathan) Body Brakes and interior bits Suspension and engine (top half only, no lower block or exhausts) Chassis pan Interior and ground effects and other exterior parts Wheels Round rubbery things (too bad they don't have the Michelin Sport logos on them, one of the very few details not in the kit) Beautiful crystal clear glass. Very nice stripes ( the white ones I used on my 24hr build covered the Liquid Red with no problems at all) and window masks. Some more detail decals, lights, grills, interior and marker lights. Some proper wip photos to come later tonight, first time for some poutine.
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Hopped the border this afternoon to pick up my second Ford GT that arrived to my US PO Box. I also hit up Section 8 Hobbies in Buffalo for a new bottle of Mark Fit and also found another Mustang for the herd.
  7. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    I agree with the statements above how much HL's can vary from store to store. I live in Canada but hop the border now and then to do some shopping and the HL in Niagara Falls NYis petty good. Staff seems well informed, there's an older gentleman that works in the model area that knows what he's doing, and the store is clean and organized. Even the SALE section is need and tidy. However the store in Buffalo, like 20 mins away from NF, is the polar opposite. Staff that I've talked to have little to no clue, store is usually a mess, and the attitude of the employees is pretty sketchy as well. I rarely go to Buffalo for that reason, but always hit up the NF store when I'm over. No idea what stocks like on anything new as I havent been over since before Christmas but I should be going over tomorrow to so some shopping so I'll check out HL. I just wish they'd start opening on Sunday's as I cant always make it on Saturdays, one of the few stores that I know of that still close on Sundays.
  8. FORD GT ( Tamiya ). 2/7/19

    Nice work so far Tim. Love the CF work. I'll be doing the same on my second one, which is on its way, and I think I'll have to get some of that Tamiya CF, looks great. Watching for further progress.
  9. 2019 12 Hrs of Bathurst

    Race is live now on NISMO TV on Youtube
  10. Tamiya: Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans 2018


    My workbench Saturday was my 24 hr of Daytona FB group build. Tamiya's new Ford GT done in Gravity Colors Liquid Red.
  12. Here are some shots of my completed 2019 Daytona build (13th annual build, my fourth in a row). Total time was around 19hrs. I finished with about 2hrs to go and had a 3hr nap in the wee hours of the morning when the rain brought out the extended yellow followed by the first red flag. Tamiya Ford GT ( wonderful curbside kit, I'd call it a curbside plus kit as the engine is just the top of the block and some other parts you can see through the back window but has wonderful suspension parts.) Paint is from Gravity Colors, I got the 2018 Ford Liquid Blue/Red and Frozen white for one of my Revell GTLM builds but they're the same colours used on the production cars from last year. For this build I went with Liquid Red. It's a tri coat colour. The body was shot with Gravity's 2K white primer, the Liquid Red gold base, then the Red toppped off with ProForm's 2K automotive clear. And I darkened the panel lines with a bit of Tamiya's black panel line accent. I have a few imperfections to clean up. The kit went together well, no real issues other than I was rushing to get it done it time so I have some imperfections. I did not rub out the clear or wax it as it was not 100% hardened. Another guy melted his body trying to speed up the drying process so I got scared off of using my dehydrator....probably would have been fine but I got the paint done early so letting it dry over night was ok. Again, sorry for the crappy pics, I really need to teach myself how to use my digital camera one of these days. Thanks for looking in on my first finished build for 2019.
  13. Tom's right, I find the 24hr builds can be completely acceptable, are they gonna win shows, not likely but most people wouldn't be able to tell if you finished it in 24hrs or 24days unless you told them. Anyways, on to the update....apologies for not updating through the night like I said I would, I forgot.....anyways, I made it. WiP pics to follow with some finished shots in the Under Glass section shortly. Body was assembled and sprayed as one unit. Because of the buttress' on the Ford I normally would have sprayed those separately then added after paint but I was worried about marring the paint so I took my chances I'd get decent coverage under the buttress', and I did, mostly. TBH the Revell Ford GT 2 piece body is a much better way to go for painting than Tamiya's. Anyways primer'd with Gravity's 2K white primer then shot with Ford Liquid Red gold base coat ( all the other parts were done too, but I didn't photograph them) then the Liquid Red on top, this is a very thin colour and required a lot of paint to build up to the red, which I liked cause you can pic how deep you want the colour to look. Sorry the pics are not the best, I was using my cell phone and pretty much taking one pic or two then moving on with the build. After the Liquid Red I jumped to the decals, very simple on the Ford so it took no time at all. Three white stripe decals a Ford badge on the front and a GT badge on the rear then back into the booth for some ProForm Automotive 2K clear. While the body was drying I started in on the chassis. Very simple yet lots of suspension detail on the corners and that's about all. You get a suspension block for the front, rear and then the interior tub. The small engine top and pieces connect the back of the interior to the rear suspension block ( sorry no real pic of that) but it doesn't matter as none of it is visible once built. I had some issues with my blacks on the interior but once built you cant see in anyways so I didn't stress over it too much. I added some red to the dash to break up the black. This is extremely easy to do because the dash is made up of 5 pieces. Two top sections, a bottom and the two cosmetic inserts (red in mine). You can do the seat inserts too, but I didn't cause I was going to add some 4 point harness' but was running low on time so I left them out. You can also see the top of the engine spanning the gap between the interior and the rear suspension. The brake discs look amazing. The replicate Brembo's Carbon Ceramic set beautifully. I did my calipers body colour then did the discs in Vallejo liquid chrome then used Tamiya's panel line accent to darken them up. Not perfect but they work for this build. I forgot the center cap decals on the rims ( they were added before the end tho). One of the few lacking things on the Tamiya kit is the tire wall detail, or lack there of, no one wants to pay the royalty fees.... Even though there is a lack of engine detail Tamiya made up for it with the head light buckets. Each head light consists of 12 parts, 3 black housing pieces, three grey center pieces, three clear parts including the outer lenses and three decals. Fiddley little buggers but look amazing once done. And that's it for the WiP pics. Over all a relatively simple but nicely detailed kit. This kit is all about the body. The Ford has great lines and looks ultra fast sitting still. Tamiya did a wonderful job on this kit. I'll definitely be building a couple more, just to use some of the different colours available for this car. Thanks for looking in on my first competed build for 2019. Comments and criticisms welcome and appreciated as always.
  14. Ford GT From Tamiya, Whats In The Box

    I'm doing mine for the Daytona 24 hr build starting tomorrow. I too went to Ford.ca and played with the configure tool. I'll be keeping mine simple since I'm under a strict time constraint. Liquid Red with Frozen White stripes. Gloss black ground effects ( I may do some CF if I think I have time ) and red calipers. I'm doing black on black interior with red Sparco 4 point harness' for some added detail.
  15. Ford GT From Tamiya, Whats In The Box

    Orange calipers...but otherwise, yes.