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  1. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    For rattle cans, Tamiya TS-23 Light Blue is probably the closest you'll get in Tamiya's line, and that might even be a bit too dark. Or....take the box or a pic of the colour you want to Walmart or Napa or something similar and do a match by eye. Since you dont have an airbrush I would use Tamiya's paints. Out of the can you can get really nice finishes without a lot of effort. Good luck.
  2. any good model stores within 2 or so hours of nj

    Happy Bday. I know of nothing that way, but if you're ever in or near Buffalo there's at least one brick and mortar left standing. Section 8 Hobbies. They have a website of course but Justin has a very full shop. Lots of kits from cars/planes/armour and sci-fi as well. Well stocked with a lot of different paint brands. Not sure how far away it is for you, but Im sure it's farther than 2hrs. He does ship and usually had a 15% code for online and a lot of the time has a 25% off for walk ins. I try to stop there whenever I'm over the border.
  3. Gurney Tribute Build

    Gurney Tribute complete. Tamiya AMG GT3 base kit with VRM decals over Scale Finishes Paint. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Comment and criticisms welcome.
  4. Dan Gurney Tribute

    Finished. Hosted on Fotki More in a min in the Under Glass section.
  5. ‘70 AAR Cuda T/A

    WOW JC..WOW. Man, that came out nice. I just got the last bits for mine yesterday. This is inspiring to move my 'Cuda up the build priority list. What's next JC?
  6. 2018 Arca Toyota W.I.P.

    Nice start Mark. I'm watching.
  7. WoW. Awesome. I like the discs man, I think they look like ceramic discs. The detail sets are looking good. Looking forward to more.
  8. '70 Cuda T/A

    Fantastic article, Thanks JC. I picked up a Cuda from Michaels a couple weeks ago with a 50% off coupon, decals from Mike's are in, just need the hood/spoiler. I could make my own too, but for $7 I'll pick up the resin one. But that pic of the rollcage and your WiP pics are gonna make it easier to build this.
  9. '70 Cuda T/A

    Got mine ordered too. Looks fantastic. Just waiting for the hood/spoiler to come back in stock. Did they use yours as a master JC?
  10. # 18

    He drives a Toyota now, unless Toyota changes their minds on letting Revell do a kit you'll have to go the resin route. There are decals out there for resin kits. Mike's has done the Denny Hamlin Camry, not sure if he has and Kyle decals. Quick search at Mike's https://www.mikesdecals.com/skittles-kyle-busch-brickyard-2015-toyota-powerslide-231-p-4595.html
  11. Toyota in NASCAR. Toyota NASCAR in plastic ?

    That might be why I was confusing the two then.
  12. Toyota in NASCAR. Toyota NASCAR in plastic ?

    My mistake, it was the AMT Supra I was thinking of, the orange one from FnF series. For some reason I thought Revell had done it.
  13. Toyota in NASCAR. Toyota NASCAR in plastic ?

    I dont understand Toyota's philosophy on this subject either. I get wanting their products produced by a Japanese company, however the Camry is built in the US to target sales in the US (Canada too) not in Japan. Since NASCAR is also an American product, targeted at the American economy it makes no sense to me from blocking Revell from producing the Camry NASCAR kit. Also, they've given Revell the rights to produce the FnF Supra already, so why the hold up with the NASCAR kit. TBH they're just cutting their noses off in spite of their own face. If it was a Le Mans prototype or a JGTC car I'd completely understand wanting Tamiya to do the kit, but outside of NA, NASCAR is nowhere near as popular as other forms of racing. Please someone have an in with someone at Toyota that can let them know its time to let this go and give people what they want.
  14. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    Looking good Matt. That's a lot of CF.
  15. Foose Cadillac

    Maybe the F1 blues? http://www.gravitycolors.com/product/red-bull-f1-pearl-blue/ The matte blue might work too, its darker, then just use a gloss clear over it? I just picked this kit up today while in the US at Hobby Lobby and I think I'm going with the Red Bull F1 matte blue on mine with a gloss clear.