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  1. Tamiya: Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans 2018

    Available now in Asian, or at least a few places. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/433adivnnzmc86pfvihm.html RCJAZ has them as well in stock. From what I can see it's missing the Total Le Mans decals and the WEC decals but otherwise looks like it's complete (minus the full engine and hybrid motor) but lots of detail The missing decals can be added if you have some after market sheets for the new Ford GTLM car. The Ford has the WEC decals and Shunko has a nice aftermarket set of the IMSA 2018 Daytona car that also has the 2018 US team numbers with the Total Le Mans decals. But Im sure someone will produce a supplementary sheet with the missing decals soon enough.
  2. Ford to End Ford GT Racing Program

    It is too bad Ford won't be continuing the factory effort beyond 2019. It is a shame that they participate for a couple years then back out. I do think it is possible for Ganassi to run the GT's for a couple more years in the GTLM/GTE Pro categories without full factory support since the cars really are only 4 yrs old, the current Vette's are just wrapping up their 6th season with the car, so the Ford's could last a couple more. Also, Ben Keating is running a GT this year at Le Mans in the GTE AM class, so it's possible he'll run it for a couple years in the GTD/GTE AM classes since it's a pretty pricey purchase for just a one off at Le Mans this year. Ford still has the GT4 Mustangs, but unless they try to develop the 2020 Shelby GT500 into a GT3 racer, it'll be sad to see them back out of top tier sports car racing. Tho it is possible to see them get back into the Prototype class with the twin turbo V6.
  3. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    AWESOME JAY. Just AWESOME. Lights look perfect. Who's PE parts are those SMS? Can't wait to see it completed.
  4. New Body

    Jonathan is right, Mike's will likely have one. Once a Diecast is out of one someone will make a master out of it and then have copies made up. Mike's ends up with some of them to distribute under his brand, Powerslide. I've gotten both the Camaro and Camay that were done already. The Camaro is a little off, but workable, most wouldnt notice the inaccuracies but they can be fixed if desired. The Camry was pretty spot on as far as I could tell, but I'm not a huge NASCAR guy so I don't worry about being 100% accurate, as long as I feel it looks decent. I'm guessing we'll see a Mustang car before July. Price will be around $30-35 if the Camaro and Camry are any indication.
  5. Long Beach Grand Prix

    BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, for that price I would have picked up a couple more had I been able to be there.
  6. Long Beach Grand Prix

    I got my first Ford GT from them. I was lucky enough to pick it online on the day of their contest and they had them listed for $34 US, with shipping to my US address it was $42. Even though I've never been there, they guys were very helpful on the phone and set me up with no hassles. Definitely a hobby store I'll visit when I finally get out to California.
  7. Long Beach Grand Prix

    With Tamiya having a booth there, thought they might of released the TS050 early. Brookhurst hobbies from California had the Ford GT weeks before anyone else in the US at their contest show. Would of been a good time to release that new kit on a race weekend. Not the exact same prototypes but close. Enjoy the race. I'll be watching online later today.
  8. Just started on mine tonight. Has this happened to anyone else, I started in on the engine and I'm missing the oil pan. It looks like fell off the sprue at the factory prior to bagging. Anyone else missing any parts from this kit? I'm not going to bother trying to get a replacement, I dug up something acceptable from the parts box.
  9. resin tires...

    There is. I dont know the name of it, but guys like Joseph from Fireball Modelworks uses it. Maybe if you contact him he can tell you the correct name of the resin he uses. I have many sets of his tires and they are a soft resin. http://www.fireballmodels.info/
  10. Hobby Design McLaren F1 Super Detail-up Set

    I checked the places I could think of online and no one has any in stock. Good luck.
  11. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    Its not just the numbers game, it has to do with licencing. With Ford allowing them to do the new Mustang GT4 car and the Ford GT they may do other items. As far as any other US cars its up to the manufacturer to give the ok to Tamiya or whomever. If Tamiya continues its relationship with Ford I'd really like to see the new Raptor and the Shelby GT500 down the road. Ford has been shipping lots of Raptors to China the last few years, so it's not totally without possibility.
  12. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    This discussion is on the NEXT one, after the Toyota. The TS050 that won Le Mans last year is due out in April or May. The release that started this was for a 1/10 scale Porsche. It snowballed into kind of a wish list after that.
  13. Revell Jaguar XK SS 1:24 Wheel Repair

    Ive got the same kit and had the same issue in the box, the rubber turned the plastic to goo and a bunch of parts are useless now. I troll ebay once in a while for another one at a reasonable price to replace or use to bash with mine in the hopes of building it some day
  14. Looking good Ismael. Yeah, that after market set is a bit off on size, but tbh, most wouldnt notice unless it's pointed out. Waiting for more.
  15. Well I just got one, my mom was in Mrytle Beach on holidays (if you're near there, HL has them) and picked me up one. I'll have it in my hot little hands in a couple hours, but I'm ok with the look of it. I'm not nearly as critical as you "old guys" on older cars. I love Mustangs, but for me, as long as it looks decent I'll take it. I'm way more critical of race cars so I get the want to have things "exact" I just hope it builds up nice. I've seen a couple done now, here and on youtube and it looks good. I'll be happy with it as is for now and dont think I'll mod anything on it, except to fix the indents I see on the C pillars, I assume for some badging not on the 302. Now, to pick a colour. I'm leaning towards Acapulco Blue with a black interior.