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  1. Scott. I just mounted the T37s to the Supra tires today and the fit is a bit tight but doable if you press them in slowly and carefully on the lip and not by the center insert (2 piece wheels). They are female fitment tho (Aoshima/Fujimi) so I took the chrome wheels from the Supra kit, cut the center hub down so I had the male pin left then sanded the top face flat. Then on the HD centers I sawed off the female end (theres a lip at the base of the female pin and you can cut it flush to that lip) then sanded that flat then glued the male Tamiya pin to the back of the HD wheel center then glued that to the outer ring. The HD wheels fit the Supra perfect now ( I'll take some pics when I get home from work in the am). The HD wheels actually stretch the Supra tires a bit giving them a bigger appearance and filling up the wheel wells completely making the car look a squatter than stock. Pretty happy with them all in all. I'll see if I can find a set of the GTR tires when I get home in the morning and see how they TE37s fit them. They should as I think the GTR's tires are a bit bigger than the Supras.
  2. Nice project. Love the TE37's. I just got a set in the mail today to use on my 2020 Supra. How do they fit in the GTR kit tires? Watching for updates. And I love that orange.
  3. I'm in again this year. This will be my fifth year. So far I'm 3 for 4 on completing during the 24hr window. It's totally doable. And it's a lot of fun and surprising how much you can get done in the 24hr if you focus and set yourself goals. My build from last year. Tamiya's Ford GT done in Gravity Colors 2K white primer and Ford Liquid Red and then topped off with 2K automotive clear. All in, 19hrs. And I slept for a few hours during the red flag time. And my entry for this year. Tamiya GTR-R34 with Falken livery, paint by Gravity again, same process as last year. I might have a bit more of a challenge this year with all the decals, but that's the fun for me. Join up and give it a shot. It's not contest, just a personal challenge. With everyone that builds posting through the night, it helps with the motivation.
  4. I'll be honest, I didn't like the looks of the car at first, but it has since grown on me a lot. I too don't car about the "it's a BMW"...blah blah blah.....this is not the first time, nor will it be the last that car manufacturers share ideas. It's a cool looking car with a BMW motor...so what? I think it will look great in Gun Metal Ben. Personally I'm not a fan of this car in red. Black is ok, white isn't bad but grey or metallics look much better on this car for some reason to me. My first one should be delivered tomorrow, I'm going with Downshift Blue on mine I think. I have that blue colour and Turbulence Grey from Splash Paints for my builds. And maybe a few aftermarket parts here and there too. Looking forward to an update.
  5. I got a set as well and yes, he had issues with the molds. He got a bad batch of resin from his supplier and it basically welded itself to his molds (I'm going of memory of our conversation on this) so he had to remake a few molds. This all happened right around the time his health was truly going south. Hopefully he can make a recovery and get back to making his products, he has some great stuff that no one else is doing. Get well soon Jeremy.
  6. A really close match on your wheels Brian. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aoshima-1-24-Rim-Tire-Set-82-AVS-Model-F7-20-05516/223139884953?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Agree, love the colour, who's is it? Cream or parchment would look good imo.
  8. Well I live in Ontario and I can say that likely this was a farmer moving the trailer from one farm to another (just a guess) cause this is total Farmer Style.
  9. Small update Body mods under way. Roof is off, I still need to figure out the corners and what I'm going to use for a rear window. For wheels and tires I'm going with a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A's I got off Shapeways. They're suppose to be 1/24 scale but they're small but they seem to look ok on this. I may use some different ones once I get the chassis rolling and see what the stance looks like. For now a couple pics. Comments and criticisms always welcome.
  10. Got my Revell Land Rover in the mail today.....finally But as cool as it is, I just can't do it as is, it's too Plain Jane looking for me, so I'm doing a custom version. Won't be exactly like this, but definitely my inspiration for what I'm trying for. Going to try to get some done over night tonight, but first, time for a nap, need to stay on my work schedule. Let me know what you think on colour choices, I am liking the grey/black combo.
  11. Just to clarify the "twist" rule.... we can update the car engine/interior/tires/suspension as long as the car looks like the movie car?
  12. Well I'm in. I've got this sitting at home and I've been putting off building it for a couple years now. I have enough parts to do 2 kits ( one Scale Production and one other resin body) and several of the AMT donor kits. So I'll do an "Eleanor" car but modified for the Cannonball race (bigger fuel cell and better seat etc), as well as an actual movie car) I'll post pics of my goodies once home, but for now,
  13. Too bad about the clear Jonathan....it happens to all of us. Nice progress looks good and looks like a good kit. Still waiting for mine to arrive. Likely hiding out in Toronto in a warehouse.......Canada Customs is just brutal...have I mentioned that before? Nice not on the tires too. Good to have those little nuggets shared. Thanks.
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