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  1. Thanks, I ended up getting a revell formula firebird hood and modified it to be more realistic...it's in primer now and I'll post more pics later
  2. Quick update, I ended up having to do my own graphics so progress slowed considerably while I figured out how to do all that. They are tedious on Testors paper out of an ink jet, but manageable. Almost time for clear...
  3. Quick check in, body is taking shape nicely but will be waiting on the graphics for a little bit yet. Also trying to figure out how I'm going to do the three color pin striping as nobody does them...I might end up painting them VERY carefully. The hood is also proving to be a major pain in the butt to find!!! Anyways, let me know what you think or what I'm overlooking.
  4. Thanks guys. The 1:1 has the Olds 403 in it, my father in law bought it brand new and we just bought it from him this spring for a steal. The carpet was done with watered down elmers glue and white embossing powder from Hobby Lobby. I saw that other forum members had done it and it turned out good for them as well. The floor mats were just printed on printer paper and done the same way...surprisingly happy with those too.
  5. First timer here, haven't built a model since I was about ten but my 1:1 is in the garage for the winter and I'm the type that goes stir crazy Since all the models generally available are TA's I decided to mix and match to get what I needed. Currently I've got portions of a Revell 85-4027 1/25 77 Pontiac Firebird Smokey and the Bandit as well as portions of an MPC #6323 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird 10th Anniversary...likely adding the hood from a Revell 7207 as well for the Formula look. Taking my sweet time so I don't get bored again...
  6. Well, I emailed him twice with no response in exactly 4 weeks (his site asks for a 4-6 week delivery window) and so I contacted him through a 'dispute' in Paypal. He did respond (angrily) to that immediately and frequently in the last 48 hours. Ultimately I told him I just needed the hood to finish my project and wanted to ensure his website wasn't a dead end, and after some fuss he is refunding my money even though I asked for the hood and not a refund. Appears he can't deliver the product and due to Paypal he had no other out than to refund me... Unfortunately I didn't see anything about the company until after I made the order Live and learn, but if anyone has any ideas on the 79 Firebird Formula hood I'm all ears!!
  7. I ordered a Firebird Formula hood a few weeks ago from Reliable Resin and have not heard anything back and gotten no reply to emails. Of course, I ordered prior to seeing other's comments here in the Forums...a lot of negative. Question: has anyone RECENTLY gotten anything from them? I'm trying to decide if I report to PayPal in hopes of a refund now. Bummer is I need that hood...
  8. Any chance you got resolution? I ordered the same a few weeks ago and have heard nothing, got nothing, and had no responses to follow-up emails...
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