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  1. H

    1930 FORD A Monogram

    I did a ton of these years ago wish I could fine another one to do
  2. H

    49 mrec

    Had to use another hand built distributor
  3. H

    49 mrec

    cool what are u working on
  4. H

    49 mrec

    We're u at
  5. H

    49 mrec

    The tire and wheels I'm going to use
  6. H

    49 mrec

    Removed the chrome from the bumpers going to color key them silver to match the bottom of the car
  7. H

    49 mrec

    This stuff is a pain in the u no what. First time ever doing it
  8. Way cool is that an old kit or do they still make them
  9. H

    49 mrec

    Going to try my luck at put some Crome foil on tonight any suggestions
  10. Were did you get your distributor from
  11. I have a few more I will take some pics of
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