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  1. Thanks I was just basing myself off the year tagged on the underside of the car, I'll fix it.
  2. That is epic. Very menacing. I'd LOVE to see that engine though.
  3. Awesome build. Where did you get those slapper bars?
  4. Never built a Lindberg kit until this one. Screwed up the first paint job on it and hid it in a box for months if not years. Then it became a bit of an experimental subject for scratch built engine parts that didn't make it into the final build. Later, I found a 1972-74 Matchbox Challenger that I absolutely love so I went ahead and replicated it pretty accurately, with some creative freedoms that I took due to the lack of detail on a 1/64 scale Matchbox. Lettering is done by hand, stripes are decals from the '68 Charger kit by Revell. The build itself is pretty far from box stock, with a totally modified front suspension and scratch built rear, carbs and side pipes. Anyways here it is alongside its ''mini-me''. Comments are welcome!
  5. Recently finished this '66 Mustang by AMT. The body and interior are actually sitting on a fox body chassis for increased handling and aftermarket upgrades. The 289 V8 is still 1966, but it's been spiced up and bolted to a 5 speed transmission. Nicknamed the Red Fox due to this animal's small size and agility compared to its predators, this mustang could definitely hold its own in a muscle car showdown. The wheels are from the '72 F100 Sport Custom kit by Moebius. Comments and criticism welcome! Enjoy!
  6. Actually being that it is a 4 link suspension, with enough triangulation in the links a panhard bar isn't necessary. But just to make sure the axle wouldn't move side to side (because the amount of angle for the links is restricted at this scale and size), the triangulated top links are fixed to the same joint, making sway impossible.
  7. Couldn't agree more! Thank you very much
  8. Got some cage work started on the back to hold the coilovers. Also made hoops for the front. Most of this will get small screws and glue just to ensure that nothing falls apart once completed. More to come soon. Pointers are appreciated!
  9. Yeah it looks like a lot of cars up here in Canada too
  10. It started off as a Sox and Martin Cuda kit, but I never had the plans to build it that way. At first I wanted a box stock build with a black-on-black type paint job and wanted it as shiny as possible. Let's just say that didn't happen. The black paint, as gorgeous as it was for the first few minutes after spraying, crackled up like the surface of Mars. I had never stripped paint before but looked up techniques and products to use and ended up soaking it in brake fluid for a long time, but it didn't bring the body back to a completely new state, so I was forced to go a different route for the paint. Used the salt technique and my noob weathering skills to create the sleeper that you see here (the engine, chassis, and interior are like "new" on purpose). The car is box stock except for some engine bay detailing which at the time was my most detailed and realistic ever. It's not exactly a subtle sleeper, but it's the look I was going for with plan B. I am aware that there is a bit of salt left on the body from that rusting technique. It's been one or two years since I built it, and I noticed that the leftover salt came through the paint probably due to varying weather conditions. Comments and criticisms very welcome!
  11. Recently started work on this one; the 1972 Ford F100 Sport Custom by Moebius Models. Due to my fascination for the extremely simple Twin I-Beam front suspension on these trucks, I can't help but make it funtional. It won't be my first time building a working suspension like this, the first time being on the 1980 Ford F150 by Revell (posted on this site years ago) where I made a fully working Twin Traction Beam suspension up front. However, it was built as a stock truck, so the rear flex only came from the box stock leaf springs. This one will be MUCH different as it will be a long travel prerunner suspension. All I've done so far is the links to the rear suspension because the front is proving to be a little more difficult; The ball joints are from a small scale rc crawler and the springs will be from the same. As seen in the eighth picture, this setup can achieve extreme flex and travel. Also in that pic is the '80 F150 mentioned above. This last pic is what it should look like when the suspension is fully compressed and with some extra weight all around I hope to get it to flex on dioramas without being pushed down or held. The hood scoop is made to look like those found on some HD dump trucks of the same body style. I have many things planned for this build so stay tuned. Comments welcome! -Jay
  12. Thanks everyone. As mentioned above, the non-SS components are from the COPO kit which included the SS option parts and the plain ones as well. The LS is a parts box engine block with scratch built valve covers, intake manifold, cold air intake and serpentine belt assembly.
  13. Revell 1969 COPO Nova built a few years ago. Built as a track car/pro-tourer. Modifications include a custom 3 link rear suspension, disc brakes all around, 5 point harnesses, full custom exhaust and a naturally aspirated, scratch-built LS7 427.
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