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  1. Larry, I'm betting you can pull this off!
  2. I'm interested to see what Meng comes up with.
  3. I was on vacation last week and missed this. Congratulations Steve on the well-deserved recognition!
  4. Beautiful model! I keep looking at it...
  5. Nice, clean build. Good job, John.
  6. Brilliant job not only with the car but the backdrop as well!
  7. Very nice work, Kurt, per usual!
  8. I'm in for a set! That's beautiful work, Steve!
  9. Hi Tommy, I just looked on eBay and he has a lot of stuff out there. You might want to check bestmodelcarparts again.
  10. Sounds to me like they are considering other acquisitions within the collectibles space if they are talking about Round 2 building on their brand.
  11. Wow, that looks nice, Geno! I knew you could pull it off...
  12. How about Tamiya? Correct pronunciation is "Tah me yah", not "Tuh my yah".
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