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  1. Very nice, Vince! What are you using as the donor uptop?
  2. Might be average quantity but superb quality! I like ‘em all.
  3. Keep them coming, Steve. Thanks for showing us the process you go through to build those fantastic replicas!
  4. Amazing and eclectic group of builds, Curt. Your class of ‘20 shines!
  5. For what it's worth I have one on preorder and I never preorder kits. I guess this one was a must-have for me.
  6. Nice work, John. Great looking 442!
  7. Very nice! I think Dwight would be proud...
  8. I agree, Matt. Looks like Chris is going to be busy for a while. I ordered one Monday.
  9. They come ready to use, but be careful as they are very thin and must be handled gently being more prone to tearing than kit decals. They look fantastic when applied, though. You probably already know that like other aftermarket decals they have to be trimmed closely to the artwork because the carrier film covers the whole sheet.
  10. Curt

    '60 Dodge Dart

    Beautiful rescue! You should be proud.
  11. Very unique and flawlessly executed build. Nice!!
  12. Very nice work, Randy. I like all the choices on this one.
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