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  1. A really superb job on the Nomad. Bravo!
  2. Tom, I've been using my Pace booth for years and I am very happy with it. I have the smaller one and it uses readily available 12 x 24" furnace filters. It draws the air real well and I have a well-lit work area so have never felt the need to add additional lighting. I do use spray cans when possible because I'm lazy and hate cleaning my airbrush, and have never had an issue. PM me if you need further details.
  3. You outdid yourself with this one, Steve. A friend had one of these in high school so I know your replica is totally spot on! Congratulations on a superb effort.
  4. Nice rescue, love the canyon racer look.
  5. Curt

    66 buick wildcat

    Nice clean build, looks great!
  6. Very nice model in a period color. Good work!
  7. Beautiful work on both of those, Thomas. Nice choice of colors, too!
  8. It’s coming together nicely. All the extra work you put into the details will make this a stunning model when it’s finished.
  9. I was told about this primer by some IPMS model airplane guys a few years ago. It really is excellent and was very inexpensive. I’m glad I picked up a six pack a while back when it was still available, thanks to your heads up, Rich.
  10. Another winner, Tommy! Very clean work here.
  11. Wow! There’s another “must have”. Nice work, Paul!
  12. I would try Resin Model Ranch, his website doesn’t show inventory but if you contact him at rmrmodels@gmail.com he may have one.
  13. Nice job on this, Matt! Very convincing as a junker.
  14. Very good work, and a cleanly built replica! Nice!
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