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  1. George, it was a real treat to finally meet up in person, and while l’m a friend I am likewise a fan. For those that don't know him George is a car guy through and through and one of the truly good guys in the hobby. i’m looking forward to NNL East in the spring!
  2. Beautiful work there, Bruce. Looking forward to the finished build.
  3. Nice work, Randy! You’ll have to post some more pics when you get that back window sorted out...👍
  4. Truly an outstanding model, Steve. You give replica stock builders like me a mark to shoot for. Thanks for documenting this build.
  5. She’s looking great, Geno! I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
  6. Nice build and I like the color choice. I did notice, though, that there are no side mirrors.
  7. Good lookin’ Chebby, Mike. I’d be proud to have that on my shelf.
  8. There is nothing about this build that I don't love. You keep raising the bar, Steve.
  9. You guys were both spot on! I managed to get one cut from the backing but I'm going to have to work on technique. I didn't have a sprayer so I sprinkled some water on. A fine mist would have worked better. it's easy to get some tiny air bubbles under the film.
  10. I looked at some instructive photos on the BS Models site and it looks like they are spraying water on it - more like a decal.
  11. I think I’ll have some time tomorrow night to cut out one of the small ones to try. If it doesn’t work as a transfer I’ll treat it like a decal. I’ll post whatever I find out.
  12. Steve, have you tried these yet? I got a set today but the directions in Japanese don’t give me a clue how to use them! 😬
  13. Yes sir. I’ll be manning the raffle table. Hope you are able to attend.
  14. That makes a sharp convertible! Nice work, Al.
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