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  1. Yes sir. I’ll be manning the raffle table. Hope you are able to attend.
  2. That makes a sharp convertible! Nice work, Al.
  3. I use Bleche-Wite exclusively for resin. Found out the hard way that anything else is either insufficient to remove the mold release residue or strong enough to turn the resin into a soft mess.
  4. Sharp looking model, Steve. I have an AMT '67 Camaro that I was thinking of doing in that turquoise. After seeing how nice yours looks I think that confirms it. Beautiful!
  5. Beautiful little "Rotary Rocket", Alex! The working lights look like the real thing. Now to add the fender mounted mirrors...
  6. I don’t see what the big deal is. Auction selling has gone on for hundreds of years. Some people like them, some don’t but if that is how someone chooses to sell their property you either bid or don’t. There is no game.
  7. Outstanding work, Steve! I like the choice of the painted top.
  8. Thanks, Steve. I had forgotten about Randy’s board.
  9. Does anyone have contact info for Wade Brooks? He built this beautiful NASCAR GTO a while back and I had some questions about it. Thanks for any help!
  10. Curt

    Aston Martin DB4

    Nice work, Mike! You did this one proud!
  11. Congratulations, Phil! Masterful job on a difficult subject.
  12. Mike, I recently experienced this with Model Master Panther Pink lacquer. I painted a ‘70 Super Bee back In April and while it isn’t tacky the paint is not hard. When I tried to clamp two parts recently the clamps left impressions in the paint. I have used these lacquers for years and never experienced a problem. Like you I used the dehydrator but it didn’t cure the paint. I will say that even though I paint indoors the humidity in Ohio has been higher than normal this year.
  13. Excellent work! I agree this is something special.
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