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  1. Nice work this past year, Al. I finished exactly one! You know I like what you did with that Stude convertible.
  2. Quality over quantity - two masterful builds, Steve!
  3. Mark, that steering wheel can be found in the readily available '62 Catalina kit, if you aren't up to fabricating one.
  4. Raoul, super clean restoration with excellent color choices - nice work!
  5. LOL, Bill that is some metallic tape that I just stuck my "GT" letters on for painting. I use the regular BMF. I don't have an in progress post but I may start one, time permitting.
  6. Here's a few, making progress...
  7. Really nice work, Bill. I have one of these on the bench so I know how tricky that was to foil the hood and trunk. I'm building mine as a GT so I've had to make a few modifications. Your Torino has been an inspiration!
  8. Curt

    2019 builds.

    Really nice builds, Gene. You keep raising the bar, buddy!
  9. Steve, I'm impressed that you could stretch that sprue so uniformly. Nice work!
  10. Curt

    '69 Coronet R/T.

    She's a beauty, Geno! Man, that has me drooling...
  11. Lookin’ sweet, buddy!
  12. I agree, these are two beautiful Fords. Nice clean builds and great choices. Congratulations!
  13. Check the Dawn that you’re using to be sure it’s the plain old Dawn and not one of the different “special” versions. Some dishwashing formulas contain silicone for extra shine on dishes. Silicone is guaranteed to give you fisheyes. Test this with some plastic spoons. Also, avoid “rubbing” alcohol which typically contains a fragrance oil. You are better off with 91% isopropyl.
  14. George, it was a real treat to finally meet up in person, and while l’m a friend I am likewise a fan. For those that don't know him George is a car guy through and through and one of the truly good guys in the hobby. i’m looking forward to NNL East in the spring!
  15. Beautiful work there, Bruce. Looking forward to the finished build.
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