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  1. 2 of the 3 builds I've completed this year... Man I need to get busy... Neither were as pleasant to build as I hoped... ofcourse I lost interest in them, so that probably has something to do with it. I rushed them in the end. As always, thanks for looking... and on to the next...
  2. These are turning out fantastic... Bill, yours is dead sexy. I've been very vacant lately because of work... but thanks to an upcoming surgery, I'm going to be on a month long vacation. I'm coming up with the rest of what I need... in my mind anyway... and working on it while I'm off, when I'm feeling up to it.
  3. Thanks Larry and Bob... I'm adding a couple outdoor pics to go along with it.
  4. Built for a Memorial Buildoff on IG, using the Revell/Monogram 1955 Ford F100 street rod and decals from the AMT Union 76 3100... Kinda unintentionally continued my Farm Truck line from last year... As always, thanks for looking... and on to the next...
  5. KWT

    1966 Nova SS

    Very nicely done
  6. Looking good. I dig that color scheme you got going. Was thinking about something close to that, for a restomod build of that kit. You may have helped me make up my mind.
  7. Just wondering if some one out in the resin world makes a 54 Chevy Truck?
  8. Definitely getting good results. What are you thinning you paint with?
  9. Nice job on the paint there. I've been thinking about trying some of those out myself.
  10. Alright..if you're gonna start gluing, I need to get started... The box is now open...lol. I've been looking it over, trimming up the flash and cutting off a few things here and there. I've determined that my idea is not going to be as easy as I had initially thought... but it has actually intrigued me a little more.
  11. Wow you guys are killin it.. I'm still looking at mine.
  12. Enjoying this so far buddy.. Also, NCIS is one of my favorite shows.
  13. That sucks... I really like his stuff. And have always like looking thru his inventory.
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