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  1. Turned out killer Mike. Very nicely done!
  2. Nice paint there Mike. Looks good in that green.
  3. Wow Joe... never cease to amaze bud. Model on!
  4. Coming together quite nicely Mike
  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More For From The Road
  6. Coming together nicely there, Mike
  7. Even with the issues you faced at the end, it came out pretty dang spiffy. Very nicely done
  8. Very true... always been one of my favorites
  9. Nice pair. Body work looks good. Very nicely done
  10. Well that's different! Very nicely done.
  11. KWT

    The wife's car

    Pretty snazzy. Hang around, you definitely learn all the info you're looking for... and a whole lot more.
  12. I missed this one during my hiatus... nice job Mike!
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