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  1. KWT

    Foose Caddy

    Oliver, I've looked at your awesome Caddy several times in the last couple weeks. Glad you popped in here.
  2. Sorry gents... been out of building this year. I don't what it was, I just couldn't get into anything. But I'm knocking out a couple snap kits to get the creative juices flowing. So I opened the Elky up finally... started fiddling here and there, sanding and what not... about ready to spray some primer and rock & roll. Probably not going to go as custom as I had originally planned (was thinking LS swap and so on)... but nonetheless.. I've made up my mind and I'll be at the finish line.
  3. Been staring at this one for a little while, not knowing if I'd ever build it or not. Decided to peel it open and see what it looks like... Gotta say, it's a nice looking pile of parts. Started sanding to address some minor issues, put it in primer to check it out. Not to shabby... now to wet sand the primer and decide on where to go from here.
  4. Little late to the party on this one, but dang it came out sweet. Very nicely done!
  5. Ehh... no worries. It's kinda like not knowing what's under the tree until Christmas morning. Adds to the excitement.
  6. So I recently picked of the Revell ZZ Top Eliminator kit. I'm thinking about starting it soon, kinda a get back into it build. Wondering if anybody that may have built it has any insight on what I need to look out for?
  7. KWT

    67 Coronet

    That looks nice... what duplicolor paint is it?
  8. My dad got me 3 snap kits over a couple months time... after putting them together... taking them apart and putting them back together several times, he got me my first 2 glue kits... It's been down hill ever since lol
  9. Another awesome finish Joe
  10. Appreciate it. Just put them on a sand them back. Take off the color a little at a time til you get where you want it. I really should have took more paint off the door so it would have shown up a little better.
  11. Thanks Joe! Everything is starting to slow down... I think... so ready to build something. It's September, and I've not accomplished one yet. Diggin the Camaros btw.
  12. Picked up these over the last couple days I need another 3100 like I need a hole in my head... Man, who knew 64 Impalas were so hard to get for a decent price?
  13. Saw this the other night at the pizza pub after work...
  14. Mail call Do not need the 3100's at all... but hey, why not...
  15. KWT

    63 Corvette

    Very nicely done, Steve!
  16. Steve! This turned out awesome! Can't wait to see the next
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