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  1. I conjectured some sophisticated fillers, primers or paints. I have just tried the silver drybrush on a filled and sanded seam. Indeed imperfections became visible where before the surface seemed to be perfect. Very simple but effective. Thanks for sharing this!
  2. Great weathering! This Italeri kit would be really nice, but I think even today it still contains that awful generic chassis with wrong rear suspension.
  3. This is one of the most stunning results I have ever seen.This is museum quality! Unbelievable that this model is made from one of those terrible old Revival kits. But those who know your wonderful big rig models won't be surprised.
  4. Execution, colour choice, foiling and photography are top notch. Beautiful model, I wish it was mine.
  5. Looks perfect & fantastic paintwork!
  6. Perfect paintwork and beautiful colour choice - I love it!
  7. Jürgen, would you consider a tutorial about your way of preparing resin surfaces? Your resin cabs look as smooth as glass.
  8. A few months ago I saw the same kit finished by a rather skilled fellow modeler. Built OOB in BRG and with the kit wheels it looked ... well, like a neat build of a very old and obsolete kit. Your achievement here is incredible, both builds are worlds apart. You really turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Fantastic!
  9. I had some trouble to find my topic again because originally I had started it in the car section. Nevertheess thanks again for the response!
  10. Thanks a lot, I am very happy about the response. As some of you supposed the scale is 1/16. Sorry that I forgot to mention. By the way there were two more versions of this kit, namely a sedan and a pick-up.
  11. When an uncle of mine gave up car modeling he gave all his car and truck kits and even his built models to me. Some of them were really old and long out of production. This one was a Gakken kit from the seventies (does anyone remember Gakken?). I found the quality amazing but when I built the kit 10 or 15 years ago the entire decal sheet had become brown and a tire had left a black circle on it. At that time still without the equipment for printing own decals I made the lettering with Letraset letters (does anyone remember Letraset?). I am not sure but I think some years ago this Gakken kit was available under a different label (Minicraft?). If there should be a reissue I would really recommend it.
  12. Another masterpiece! The spectacular dashboard is a model inside the model. What a pity that you left the Wettringer Forum. Any chances that you return one day?
  13. Neat and clean, unusual and attractive colour scheme.
  14. Neat and clean as I like it, Stefan, but the icing on the cake is the fantastic bike.
  15. Nice work, unfortunately the pictures are very small.
  16. Beautiful model! Funny, some years ago I also rebuilt a terribly brush-painted 352 and chose a similar paint scheme.
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