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  1. Then why all the fuss from Casey (NOT an administrator) about looking for past threads ?
  2. Rear view mirrors ? Ponder the last, or for that mater any movie / TV show with the camera looking in through the windshield. No rear view mirror. For me, this is just something i forget if it isn't a kit part. Also consider Gerald Wingrove's coment on "Eye scale" building so it looks right to the eye. Sometimes less is more.
  3. Not a "Highrise" just typical to the Buick cylinder head lay out
  4. Go to the bar often ? Swizzle sticks used to stir drinks
  5. Picked up another one of these $18 couldn't pass it up.
  6. Small block Chevy from original AMY Trophy Series '32 Ford Coupe.
  7. So where does the unlucky few without subscriptions obtain a copy ?
  8. Just came in from the garage where i glanced at this Big boy. Got to thinking what a nice nostalgic build it would be. Then the modeler of old kicks in thinking about possible modifications. First off in my mind at least the quintessential '32 Ford hot rod roadster has a small block Chevy, and of course three twos. I ran that in my 1:1 '60 El Camino, most fun you can have . . . Ok, you get it. Now lets not get to flamin' this post about Chevys in a Ford. That's not what this thread is about. I really think the Pontiac engine in the kit is great but not what I want. My question to you, have any of you done this engine swap in this kit ? Another question, Fenders or not ? I'm thinking of using an old Monogram Customizing Auto Engine as the Chevy source since Atlantis is working on a reissue.
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