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  1. This seems like a head in the sand response to a serious situation that ultimately effects us all.
  2. Hmmm ? maybe there is a continuing interest there.
  3. Most scale model car kits have motors in them now. Unless you are referring to being powered by an electric motor.๐Ÿคจ
  4. Listed as Offenhauser Scoop on Summit site
  5. Maybe it's time for who ever owns that old war horse '59 El Camino kit to modify the mold to a '60 ?
  6. Why would one want to Put a rather rare Revell coupe with the wrong roof insert on a Monogram fender set when Monogram already has a great coupe body , also the disparity in scale 1/25 to 1/24th ?
  7. My '56 day 2 came in stock form when i was in high school 1964. Fist thing was black wheels and baby moons. next up, chrome exhaust tips. It was a belair power pac, 265, 4bbl, dual exhaust , powerglide, not much else mostly due to budget.
  8. The ubiquitous Monogram 1/24th scale coupe is always available. Check on line.
  9. How do the parts pac engines fit in the Revell '29 PU ? since they only come with four bangers
  10. Yes. The display stands often say "Liberty" on them, Hawk as well
  11. I saw somewhere that Atlantis was going to reissue this kit.
  12. "Dog Leg" in front of door is also a '28-'29 give away.
  13. Resin, or test your modeling skills and slice the front off the ubiquitous Monogram '30 Coupe and attach the front portion from any of their '29 pick ups,
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