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  1. Can't believe this was started five years ago. There are so many photos here.
  2. When they redid the Ala Kart there was some controversy over the size of the new engine, many saying it was too small. This was sorted out some what by looking at the variations of the early Hemi. When the Slingster kit came out, noted on the box as 1/25th scale this looked very small to me, if not tiny. I'm sure in part to my love of the original Slizzer kit from which it was derived. The later kit being of questionable scale, something to do with early Monogram offerings or maybe the "Box Scale" syndrome. My question is, has anyone measured out the newer Slingster kit?
  3. I've seen a few of these recently on FB mounted backwards.
  4. Ah, casey, my shadow.😎 You seem as confused as Gregg on this "Crate" thing
  5. So it goes without saying, if it will fit on one of these stands you're in business.Well, the back row, anyway.😉
  6. Just for your consideration, The original AMT trophy kits had a sort of "Crate" engines thing going if you consider the fact that all of these kits had motor mounts that would except any of the different engines from kit to kit. '23 Tee kits, Lincoln FE '32 Roadster, SBC (rather crude) '32 Coupe, HEMI (too wide to fit the '40 Fords) '34 Pick Up, Chrome Ford FE '36 Ford, Pontiac V-8 "39-'40 Sedan, Olds V-8 '40 Ford Coupe / Sedan delivery, Buick Nail Head All of these engines/Motors will interchange Kit to Kit
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