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  1. "Riley" Cylinder head conversion from AMT and Revell. The Revell '31 Model A kits all had these parts.
  2. Model T "Fronty", overhead cam cylinder head, AMT XR-6, '27 T - Ford
  3. Columbia Two speed rear end, Monogram '40 Ford Convertible.
  4. Looks good Mr Moto, where might one get some of this ?
  5. and with multiple engine options there were a few left over in each kit
  6. My first introduction and an all time favorite because it was simple enough to do from the AMT Double Dragster kit
  7. Not to worry. Fact as you say. Wonder if the Blueprinter thing or Model King would be the answer.
  8. WOW ! Quite a collection, impressive. thanks for sharing.
  9. So why does RC2 keep producing parts packs if they don't sell ?
  10. Some great information here Parts Packs listing most of the parts packs made by many different companies. Enjoy.☺️
  11. Yes DukeE it doesn't take a brain surgeon
  12. Aircraft ? Trains ? Armor ? Monster kits ? Ships ?
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