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  1. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    I remember the first episode of Hill Street Blues. WOW! Both protagonist get shot.
  2. 2018 Indy 500

    Thanks for the spoiler alert. I had this recorded.
  3. Sport car thing

    But it's those pipes !
  4. Some Olde things

  5. Pet peeve of mine!

    You are correct Steve, This is certainly a mystery. Why indeed ? Take the shot that shows the most. Old time Hot Rod photographers often brought a ladder or sought out a higher advantage to get a good shot.
  6. Two Iconic ( and all we have ) kits with terrible chassis

    "We can't expect that every "iconic" car, (and there are a boat load of them) is going to be revisited with brand new tooling just because some of us would like it, especially with the condition that the kit companies are in today. Personally, I have very little interest in either one of these cars & would likely not buy them even with new chassis. As a matter of fact, I was not even aware of what type of chassis these kits had! So you see, not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic about your choices, or mine, or anyone elses, and the kit producers will not plow headlong into a new tooling until they are assured that they will sell. As far as those "horrible chassis" go, as far as I'm concerned, they are not the be all, end all of a model." Pretty much the stock answer one gets with most of these threads, except you missed the part about the experienced modeler could fashion his own detailed chassis from scratch or purchase a donner kit and use just the chassis. And those two MOPARS are very worthy .
  7. Sport car thing

    along those same lines the Original Viper
  8. Two Iconic ( and all we have ) kits with terrible chassis

    Just had to bring that up didn't you Snake ? Love those 1/24th Monogram Mustangs, Fastback, GT, Shelby GT350, GT350 race version, Convertible, Notchback (Coupe) . . . NOT ! Why'd they stop ? Where's the Coupe ?
  9. Sport car thing

    Ah, yes. Thanks Darin, just enough wild.
  10. Two Iconic ( and all we have ) kits with terrible chassis

    So what I'm seeing here is the acceptance of a sub par "Promo" style chassis , and yet on so many other threads, members bemoan the fact that one thing or another is wrong and the ki should be reengineered. And this on two very iconic cars, yet we continually get remakes of so many other popular cars with more modern kits with multiple part chassis. I get the feeling that in our old age so many of us are getting lazy in our build styles. Good enough at ten feet, no one will see the bottom. And yet on another thread members are bemoaning the fact that pictures are so often being taking at an "Unrealistic" view from above. Oh, and let's not forget, " A good modeler can throw down the price of another kit" to remedy the situation, with kit prices already hovering at $30 !
  11. Sport car thing

    I remember seeing this years ago. I'm sorry i don't remember what it is. All I can say at this point is I really like it.
  12. You NEED this book!

    This one's going to take some time to digest with all the pictures, little side bars, list, and just so much history. I highly recommend this to everyone on the board.
  13. Pet peeve of mine!

    Hmmmm ? I always look at models from high up. Not that being 6'5" has anything to do with it though. Am I doing it wrong ? Am I supposed to get down to table height to look at them ?