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  1. I was in the store saturday Bell road and 75th ave nothing going on there
  2. and this my friends and those that question, is why we have a stash.😃
  3. Using a 1" brush, i'm thinking about going back and shining up some old builds.
  4. I put some on last night, used a new sable brush, was quite pleased with the results.😊
  5. It seems to me the misconception here is the fact that Future has changed it's name or was bought out by another company. we are still discussing a similar product and it's use in model car building. Looking at the first post it became clear the problem comes from the fact that many here, my friend included have been using a product called Future that they may have purchased long ago hence the obsolete name. It's still the same concept, so let's just except the fact that we all use Kleenex, cresent wrenches, and many other products that have names that have moved into the public domain. Future, Pledge, same , same.😄 There Peter, just one emoji for you.
  6. That looks like a real problem Peter. I count 16 in the whole thread not counting quotes and most of those are single uses. and that's out of thirty post, a little more than half. Yep, a real problem. If YOU feel a need to use all those emojis go right ahead my friend.
  7. Yes it has, and all in good natured modeling and automotive fun.
  8. "Ford" wrench ? and the ever popular "Monkey" wrench? and not to be flip, if you've ever worked on an old rusted up Model A you've no doubt used both of these.
  9. Thank you for clearing that up. Not to be flip, our auto hobby has a few more, Cresent wrench. Channel locks. Duck tape,
  10. Park n' swap medical tweezers great variety, great prices, great quality
  11. Willys gassers, Model A's, any Deuce will have flat glass. Making the job very easy. Any good office supply store will have a multi color pack of paper binders of varing color assortments made of transparent plastic material.
  12. Wonder how far AM got on their 289 Roadster project, if there are any molds?
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