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  1. I find it interesting how terms change, come and go. How old terms are brought back so the user looks hip. How's that for a term ? Hip, from the term "Hipster"'. I've always had a problem with the term "Gow job", and consequently doing a little studying on the subject. I have a Hot Rod Magazine collection going back to the early fifties, a rather extensive hot rod ( if I may use the term) library again going back to the fifties. Two collections come to mind broadening my search, "Throttle, the complete collection" and "Hop Up, the first twelve issues". Nowhere in any of these publications could i find any use of the term "gow job". I did see it used once in a hot rod film aptly named "Hot Rod" from the fifties.
  2. Seeing how these kits were among the first plastic automotive kits that many of us had any interest in it's not hard to see that there is still a great fondness for them. Contrary to Misha's comment "The Victoria and Phaeton versions are the only ones in 1/25th" all of the AMT '32 kits are 1/25th. Interesting trivia, All of their optional engines are interchangeable from kit to kit along with many other early Trophy series kits. Yes, certainly a strong bit of our nostalgia.
  3. Doug, that was great. Thanks for posting. You answered a bunch of questions. I hope we'll get some good feedback and maybe some information you may have missed.
  4. so, five window good, three window bad. thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Second time AMT screwed up on the ubiquitous SBC. the first being the early Trophy series '32 Coupe.
  6. I hear ya Tim. I thought the issues were with the body proportions, especially the stubby grill
  7. Looking at the Scalemates time line on the Monogram '34 Ford Coupe and seeing the end sort of spiraling down with the ZZ Top version, i was wondering if there was any hope in seeing a stock version of this kit again? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-8281-34-ford-coupe--265348
  8. The '32 Deuce roof insert on the Model A Coupe is still something I think should be corrected.
  9. Paint prep is also an issue as there will be bleed through if care isn't taken. Prime, sand, prime, sand etc.
  10. It's supposed to return Q1 2021. There's even boxart floating around
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