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  1. You know, I am an idiot. It is the '79-'81 Z28 sheet I was looking at and THAT is the one I need (1/24th scale). The color combos remain the same: the Light Blue/Dark Blue/Black combo is what I am looking for. Now, if others going full-custom with this same kit would like other color combos, I do have about 8 other color combo/ideas! 1980 Z28, but same colors: 1979 Z28 in the same colors:
  2. NJ, Can you do the '79-'81 Firebird graphics in other colors? I have a Monogram kit that originally came with the Light Blue/Dark Blue/Black stripe combination. All I find replacements of/for is for the colors you offer. Being able to reproduce other color combos would be awesome.
  3. Engine wiring question

    And then there is also the Ford 2.3L............. And then the Folvo.......Ford 2.3L block with the Volvo B234F/R head. Wired just like the Ford 2.3L, as the Volvo has the same firing order/rotation as the Ford.
  4. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    Mine merely run off with the expensive, fiddly bits of my builds (like pre-wired distributors and braided stainless hose material). Never will I ever have a matched set of wheels/tires either, as inevitably one will come up missing as it was 'used' for their exercise requirements!
  5. Engine wiring question

    Or the McGee DOHC conversion for the BBC!
  6. Monogram Mazda RX-7

    The stock intake is correct, the race intake IS NOT. As pointed out, the race intake is missing the center intake feed tube (as ANY rotary feeds from the upper housing ends and discharges through the center of the plates (so, one intake port/siamesed intake ports/one intake port.... in that order)
  7. Do Y'all have Easy-Off Oven Cleaner (Yellow Can) up your way? It's a pretty good paint stripper (depending on which type of paint's on there). Personally, Mopar B-Bodies don't look good with cut-up fender lips (Now, a widebody following the original body lines is a different story) and tacked-on flares. This is, however, just my opinion.
  8. '90 Lincoln Mark VII stock chassis street car build

    The Lincoln MKVII is based on the FOX platform Ford started using in 1978 (under the Grenada and Zephyr), while the MKVIII is based on the MN12 (in Lincoln-speak the FN-10) of 89-97 Cougar/Thunderbird origins. So, to use the MN12 chassis under a FOX car = NOPE to accurate chassis. Through the years, there have been some FOX kits in 1/25th that could be used, or even the later SN95 chassis (since she's just a stretched FOX anyway) for a closr-to-accurate MKVII chassis.
  9. '90 Lincoln Mark VII stock chassis street car build

    This is pretty cool, Jesse. Have Ya' done any more with it? How hard's it gonna be to move the entire rear clip back? Been thinkin' of doing one myself, but these kits are gettin' a bit harder to find for a budget.
  10. 1/32 scale 1980 Mustang snap kits.

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any of the old 'Fundimension' snap-tite 1980 Mustang kits looking for a new home? I found one in an old box of junk out in the garage and it is pretty beat up. Just wondering if anyone has one they don't want/need.
  11. I know one of the guys here used to make the inserts/lenses for the conversion (but I haven't heard back from him), so I will put this out into the general public: For the Revell 2015 Mustang Snap-Tite kit, who makes the decals or drop-in replacements for the headlights?
  12. My first Johan! (ISO Pictures)

    The engine is supposed to represent the 361 or 413 'B'-block engine. The valve covers in the kit are correct for the early 4-bolt covers/heads.
  13. 1979 Ford Mustang Convertible

    Nice looking FOX drop-top you have there! Grill, tail lights, lack of fog lights, and contour of the lower nose say 1983-early 84. The TRX suspension package was also dropped mid-84 for Fords 'Sport' quadra-shock set-up (on the V8 cars). As to the 'not much difference between the 1979 Pace car and the 83+ cars'................not true. They are quite different even though the exterior sheetmetal looks the same. I could list the differences here, but it would end up looking like a book!
  14. need help with wheel sizing

    Those sizes are JUST for the wheels (if the sizes listed by the seller are for just the rims and not overall dimensions).
  15. need help with wheel sizing

    So, in 1:1 scale, an advertised 19" x 10" wheel is ACTUALLY 20" x 11", as they do NOT count the bead lip (either height or width) as a measurement when calculating/advertising wheel size. If 25.4mm = 1" (which it does), then take the guys rim dimensions and divide by 25.4 to convert to inches and then divide that by the scale you want them to go under to get scaled rim dimensions. so, in 1/25th scale, the fronts/rears are: F 26.61" x 9.85" R 29.53" x 12.8" in 1/24th scale, the front/rears are: F24.58" x 9.45" R 28.34" x 12.29"