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  1. Didn't Kris Morgan (Morgan Auto Design) cast a 5R55 in resin?
  2. If you took the time to read my initial reply, Peter, you would see that mine is ALSO a Police Interceptor (P71, where his is a P7B. The designation changed from P71 to P7B in 2009) and there is NO difference in computer tune, or engine configuration between Civvie and Police P7 cars. The difference lies in the auxiliary oil cooling, clutched High-output alternator, 3/4" raise in the suspension with heavier spring/shocks, larger front sway bar (but smaller bar than the HPP cars), a slightly higher idle speed, and 3.27 or 3.55 rear gears (versus civvie 2.73 or MAYBE 3.27 in the HPP cars). Did you also miss the part about the PCM having a higher speed cut-out (and what those cut-outs are) from the first post? Please, know what you are talking about before replying. Not meant to be cruel, but it makes it less likely you look ignorant. Even a calibrated speedometer doesn't mean 100% accurate, as they have to be re-calibrated every year, 6 months if there is any questionable readings. Post-2005 cars have a digital speed pick-up in the transmission (versus the old worm-gear set-up) and speeds can be adjusted through the PCM using specialized equipment. I am able to load speed signals via my handheld, but that only takes into consideration the gear changes. In order to properly calibrate for tire size, I would have to load the car on the dyno, run the car with the equipment hooked up, look at and interpret the PIPS signal, and make adjustments (then load those adjustments as a file into the cars PCM). Besides modifying these cars, I also worked on them for a living. Not to sound like a know-it-all, but in this instance I just MIGHT know something. Ron, do you know how many miles are on your car?
  3. Do yourself, and the car, two favors. 1) PLEASE get that 4R70 JModded and add extra cooling capacity. 2) Get it tuned. These two things, above all else, will make the car safer and more fun to drive. If you are still on stock suspension, I would highly recommend the METCO Watts bars and either Heinous or METCO rear control arms. Your bushings are likely worn and in need of replacement; these arms help alleviate the loose feeling from the rear of the car. Also, look into the ADDCO rear sway bar kit. It will flatten the car out and make it feel more stable on the onramps.
  4. I mod these cars, and probably know a little bit more about them and their abilities than most folks. I will repeat, without a tune, you WILL NOT see 150mph. It is a common FACT. So, unless you have unequivocal proof, it did not happen as the cars computer WILL NOT let it happen. I have mine tuned, and am still setting it up to go 150+. If time off were abundant, I'd come up your way and run you, with GoPros on both cars. Then, absolute proof would exist. It's folks like you who give credible builders and tuners a bad image.
  5. Then, with no offense, I can tell you with absolute certainty you did not make 150mph with the car. You may have hit 150Kph. 235/55-17 tires, with either the 3.27 or 3.55 gears, coupled with the 4R70E gear set ratios, will NOT support 150mph with the STOCK tune. K&N, TB Spacer (a joke in its own category), and Flows will not add that much horsepower to the 250 the car came with. If you have the 3.27 or 3.55 gears (the only two options available in 2009), the computer limits top speed to 129mph and 124mph respectively. Now before you go bumpin' gums about how I am wrong, I want you to consider this right here: I own a 2008 P71 (same functional car as the 2009 P7B), and before my mods I could only hit 121mph before the car started pulling timing and fuel and stopped pulling at 129mph. Now, after the gears, JMod, long-tube headers, lots of suspension work, and a Martys tune, I am able to eclipse 135mph, where the cars aerodynamics work against it. Even the P71/P7B suspension is downright SCARY when the car starts to float. my next serious mods are to vent the trapped underhood air, add the chin deflector, and dial in the rebound on my coil-overs to see if I can safely break the 140mph mark.
  6. I have 3 questions for ya': 1) What tire size? 2) What rear gear? 3) What mods does the car have done?
  7. No need to be silly. You had 3 here and two down in General, all askin' about tabletop milling (and milking) machines (but they done seemed to 'disappear' in the last 24 hours), tabletop lathe, this here thread, and machinin' engine thread. Now we're at least down to two. Now, I'm not the only one who's been noticing this, and I a'int the only one who said somethin' to ya either. There a'int no hate or evil intent in my post, just statin' what's been noticed. My points still stand; you need to decide what you want to do, what you are willing to spend, and what your real expectations are. As far as you 'machining engines' thread and where to find info; that you get to figure out on your own. There are plenty of books available dealing with milling, lathe-turning, basic shop math, and the like. There are tutorials on YouTube and Facebook, there are seminars and webinars put on my the tooling manufacturers to learn how to use their tools. I'll betcha you a'int machining an engine your first pass out, even with the proper tooling. Again ain't no hate; just statin' the cold hard facts. Now, once you get all set up and cuttin' chips, we'll all be watchin'! 😎
  8. Alright, I done kept quiet until now. You gotta quit askin' the same questions in 5 different places across two different sections. People here gave ya good advice, but it's on YOU to decide exactly whatcha want to do and are willing to spend. Go to Sheline, look at all they have to sell, and figur' out what you NEED. I'd love to jump in whole hog an smoke the better part of $4K on all their 'Mini Machine Shop' goodies. But I decided to start out small and go with what I really saw myself needin' for the time bein'. Research is also your friend, and half the operatin' questions I know you'll be askin' can be found right there on their site, or on a hobbyist machining forum. Again, I ain't hatin' on you, just wantin' you to get yer stuff straight and in order before these good folks run you off for not listenin'.
  9. Espo, these cars didn't have the IRS, that was the MN12 (89-97) Thunderbirds. Block could be either Corporate Gray or Black, depending on which critter it was dropped into. ThunderChicken Turbos got the Corporate Gray block. With that said, my '88 TurboPoop had a Black block..........
  10. For those who curently serve and those who served; Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for puttin' your life on the line to defend our ways of life.
  11. Since the 5.0L cars came with 1.25" diameter front sway bars installed, a good 'ol large paper clip'll pretty much do you right (since they're pretty close to .050" diameter).
  12. Hawk, two questions: 1) Is that Turbo T/A 1:24th-1:25th? 2) Where did the wheels it wears come from? I ask because you contributed awesome modernized F-body to this thread!
  13. That is FANTASTIC. One question for ya'; what type of 3D you using? Ok, two questions; what material?
  14. MANY years ago, my pops and I attended a local contest. I brought along my latest 'build', complete with string for spark plug wire (merely glued blob-style to the distributor and with not-a-care as to right firin' order), a 180-grit paint-job, and wonky wheel work. I thought I was the cats-@55 'cause I was the best of all ma' friends. Turns out I wasn't SQUAT. Didn't even come close to anything resemblin' placin'. So, turnin' to pops, all dejected, he says: "Boy, now you know. The difference between placin' and not placin' is the knowledge and bein' able to have the skill to use that knowledge. It ain't just for model buildin', boy, it's for life." I learned a LOT that day, and because o' some hard life lessons and people willin' to tell me what I done wrong and me bein' willin' to listen, I got better (not just at models). To watch someone get worse before your eyes, and have folks heap praise on rubbish; it ain't doin' them, us, or anyone else any favors.
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