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  1. AMT Chevy II Funny Car Body

    That is a part of the mold, Casey. Mine has it too (along with a few other AMT kits of that era).
  2. My guess, Scott, is it came from Missing Link (since it is part of the name of the thread?).
  3. Revell web site back on

    https://www.currency-calc.com/ That way, those who MAY whine about 'half-way' doing something can also convert their Dollar to Euro............
  4. 2019 Matchbox

    If that Sweptline comes out in 2019, it will be an expensive year in Die-Cast for me! I grew up in Sweptline Dodges and I will have to get as many of those as I can! Any word on release dates?
  5. anyone know what this kit is?

    Everything else is Nancy kit fare, I have several of the kits in various states of pirated/half-built. I pirated the roadster body and chassis bits as a starting point for a replica of my dads old 150" car. What are you planning for the parts? It is a pretty good kit (for its time) and can be kitbashed to make some really nice period rails.
  6. anyone know what this kit is?

    It is what's left of the Tony Nancy 22JR two-car dragster set.
  7. Is this a 79 or 80 Mercury Capri?

    As was stated, it is at best a very poor mix of Mustang/Capri. 1979-82 Capris are pretty much externally identical. Interior-wise, 1979 will have the door handle down low, with the door lock pin in the middle of the door pointing forward. 1980 will have the door handle moved to the top of the door (where it stayed from then on) with the door lock pin still in the middle of the door pointing forward. 1981 was when the door handle and door lock pin configuration was finalized into what everyone knows as their locations (pin and handle high on the door panel). This kit has Capri bulges with the Mustang flares. To be a closer-to-correct Capri, you would have to sand down the Mustang flares and re-construct the well opening to better match the Capri profile.
  8. Model Contests

    Buckeye Scale Auto Classic (held in the Columbus, Ohio area) had two buildings this year. 50-ish more models competing and one whole building just for vendors. From what I heard from friends up that way, it was a better show than last year by a LOT. Seems just your area, and possibly who puts the show on, may be why the show is slipping. Listening to the participants/vendors seems to work when it comes to improving show attendance.
  9. Maisto Mustang

    I would say it is more like a GT with a Cobra body kit.................
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    ^^ All of which were written about/predicted in the short stories of Isaac Asimov. ^^
  11. Tamiya Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R "Hakosuka"

    Inspirational work, as always, Mike.
  12. Lee, your inspiration (prototype) sits on stretched '32 rails. You WILL need to stretch the kit rails as well, just like the 1:1.
  13. What both Bill AND I were getting at is that certain paints and certain materials don't play well together. Since the original poster went and got the harder spoons for the color test, that is what mattered. I may offer up a word of advice here: What brand of paint are you testing? Reason I ask is that even on one of the harder spoons, I have had Dupli-Color leach through the primer and etch the spoon. It may have been my doing (I may have sprayed it either a bit too wet or without enough primer). Before you try the paint on the model, use a piece of the sprue the parts are attached to as a paint compatibility test. That way, you will know 100% whether your paint choice will work on your model. Having a model you spent so much time on destroyed at the paint stage sucks!
  14. So you think, Bill. Sad life really, having to look down your nose at other modelers and give credibility to your life while doing so. :-( And while you are correct on some paints/adhesives containing those ingredients, it is the STRENGTH and amount of said chemicals that has the effect on styrene. You are NOT the only one with intelligence, get used to that.
  15. Re-reading your post, AGAIN, the info you give was for his initial spoon (poly). Your later argument about material being important for compatibility is also negated by the original posters reply of using HARDER spoons for COLOR test, NOT compatibility. I get what you are saying, but it becomes negated by his switch of spoon material and his PURPOSE. And if you wish to continue the 'argument', we can take it to PM as his post doesn't need be messed up by what will ultimately become a wiz match.