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  1. For those who curently serve and those who served; Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for puttin' your life on the line to defend our ways of life.
  2. Since the 5.0L cars came with 1.25" diameter front sway bars installed, a good 'ol large paper clip'll pretty much do you right (since they're pretty close to .050" diameter).
  3. Hawk, two questions: 1) Is that Turbo T/A 1:24th-1:25th? 2) Where did the wheels it wears come from? I ask because you contributed awesome modernized F-body to this thread!
  4. That is FANTASTIC. One question for ya'; what type of 3D you using? Ok, two questions; what material?
  5. MANY years ago, my pops and I attended a local contest. I brought along my latest 'build', complete with string for spark plug wire (merely glued blob-style to the distributor and with not-a-care as to right firin' order), a 180-grit paint-job, and wonky wheel work. I thought I was the cats-@55 'cause I was the best of all ma' friends. Turns out I wasn't SQUAT. Didn't even come close to anything resemblin' placin'. So, turnin' to pops, all dejected, he says: "Boy, now you know. The difference between placin' and not placin' is the knowledge and bein' able to have the skill to use that knowledge. It ain't just for model buildin', boy, it's for life." I learned a LOT that day, and because o' some hard life lessons and people willin' to tell me what I done wrong and me bein' willin' to listen, I got better (not just at models). To watch someone get worse before your eyes, and have folks heap praise on rubbish; it ain't doin' them, us, or anyone else any favors.
  6. LOVE the color, very subtle indoors and I bet it would explode in the sunlight!
  7. Noel, Please don't take my comment about makin' here pay as anything more than just a suggestion. As to the digital rag versus pay forum differences: while I do tend to agree with your thoughts, my counterpoints: 1) If this forum was pay, there'd likely be a higher level of content quality (as no longer would most freeloaders with no real skill contribute), 2) Since there's already a great content of knowledge here, what possible benefit would a digital rag give over what's already here? (realize this ain't a slam, but a real honest question) 3) If you have some real skin in the game (payin' for forum access), you will likely be more aware of what's up and try to police it and actually positively contribute. Several of the 1:1 forums I do frequent also have a 'donate' function, which also opens up a private area of the forum just for the donaters (and also increases their personal setting storage/PM capacity, and even gets you some real, tangible swag). Let's say the forum doesn't go pay and dies a sudden death, and the 'rag never gets printed because options weren't explored. Who actually loses? Personal opinion from 'troublemaker', but we ALL would lose.............. just keep that thought in the back of yer head!
  8. A thought on digital magazine: Don't we really already have access to that (this forum)? If that were the case, Gregg could make this a pay-forum and not have to ever worry about a digital or print magazine again. Since more builds, tips, tricks, and general information are exchanged here than what a monthly magazine could produce/distribute (even in digital flavor), why even bother? Refund the subscribers their monetary investment and make here a pay.
  9. Hey Mike, Ya' got a source for the 'ROAD RUNNER' roundels on the tail uprights? I see all the newer re-issues don't have 'em.
  10. Given the color of the car body, it's an opinion o' mine that the wheel centers would have been killer in Dark Charcoal. As it is, you've got a good lookin' Ford there!
  11. Ya' just don't see these old Mopars out there anymore! Love the subject and glad ya' showed it the love it deserves!
  12. Tom, I'd like to thank ya' for your concern as to my real name. Pretty sure my full name and birthday are listed, per Greggs rules, in my profile! So it appears you and I share somethin' in common, our screen name pretty much is our real name!! Model on and be happy, Tom. I can appreciate your vigor, Tom, but resortin' to a personal attack (such as questioning my name when it is in my profile) is a known way to get a thread locked. Nice to see a typical tactic bein' employed.... waitin' for the rest to pig-pile in. Oh, and if a spade is a spade, might wanna' see it for what it is. Any other concerns can be taken to PM, Tom, as it don't need to be muddin' up a perfectly useful thread calling for a perfectly good reasoning for the rag STILL not bein' on track (even though Gregg himself stated funds are now available (through the sale of lifetime subs) and that he had several issues already in the pipe!).
  13. Got some signs of life (as of 13 hours ago, anyway), Mike. Da' Big Man himself, after not bein' on the forum since June 15th; came on last night to announce the latest standings on his personal life, and why the rag has yet to make it to print. The list of reasons is long and distinguished (and has been every time someone has asked about the rag), but the basic rundown is: Back surgery fail (yet he is able to sustain a 7hr flight each way to/from Hawaii to Salt Lake City), dementia-ridden in-laws for which he provides care (I'm pretty sure that hasn't been a recent development), and some other small issues. Now, before anyone goes and takes everything I type all wrong, and before his supporters dogpile this into lock; take a REAL look back at all the times nothing but excuses and "I won't give up" have been uttered with no actual physical developments happenin'. This is not one guy startin' trouble (me), this is some hard-core and honest examination happenin'. Look at the money bein' collected with no sign of tangible return. When does even the staunchest of supporter start scratchin' their head in wonder? I loved the rag and news-stand purchased every issue (as that's also supportin' the folks who make the brick'n'morter gatherin' spots happen). My concern is for the well-bein' of this magazine and what it represents to the hobby. Enough politicin' and get the rag out on the racks for Christs-sake! The below is DIRECTLY COPIED FROM GREGGS post 13hrs ago: have contemplated posting this before, but I think you guys need to see what the whole situation is here at home. The long/short story is, this 8th back surgery in February has been a failure. Plus, for the past year and a half, I've been the full time adult day care provider for my wife's 87-year-old parents (both of them), with dementia, and other health issues. She does the night shift, and by the time she get's home, I'm literally dead to the world. We have now gotten some daytime hospice care for them, so it frees me up some during the day. I know, hospice, that's a bad sign, but actually, it's the term the providers use so that they can provide the care they need before they really go downhill. If any of you have done this, day care for your parents, you know what it's like. Doing this for both of her parents, well, let's just say there are days that well, just suck. Still finishing up Contest Issue, #206. I know I may get a lot of negatives on the lateness of some of the shows, some are from 2017, but it's been passed around, and we think that with all the effort that went into covering the shows, we should include them. I will try and work on another Contest Issue as soon as I get up to speed. Thanks again for all of your patience, and support, and not giving up on me, or the magazine. I'm not going to give up. I have way too much invested in this to give up, and I don't quit. Gregg Hutchings Editor GateKeeper da Big Kahuna Model Cars Magazine
  14. I'm thinkin' your wheel choice is fine. It's the tires bein' so tall on the rim that makes 'em look a bit 'off' on the build. Use a slighly shorter sidewall with the whitewall and (in my worth nuthin' opinion) I think the wheels will look even better under your build.
  15. Funny you say the Red seems thin, Snake. I found it to be a bit thick-feeling when I build the Red hardtop. The fit of the chassis, with the engine installed, is pretty finicky as well. I managed to score two of the original AMT kits, so these went back in the box.
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