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  1. Holy smokes, I'm gonna need to buy one when you're done! I actually have a copy of original exterior blueprints for the 5301 prototype...unfortunately, has a few styling modifications from the production coach, so probably not of much use for you...
  2. Great build. Big fan of the HE/HH, and love how you converted to the set-forward axle variant (I think the axle moved back in '75/'76, though). Have two of these on the shelf to build...would love to know more about your hinge fabrication, as the engine detail is spot-on to the real thing. Loved the 1/10 scale model on display at Hino's corporate museum just outside Tokyo...
  3. Can't speak to the bodywork involved, but as I'm looking to build up my '66 into a four-wheel-drive '66 K10 Suburban, I've been brushing up on factory literature over the past few weeks to see what I need to change frame-wise. C10 pickups and Suburbans have independent front suspension and coils at all four corners; 4WD K10 trucks did not -- leaf springs all around. Be prepared to modify the front crossmember and ditch the triangular locating linkage used on the rear axle of the C10 frame.
  4. Beautiful work! Ironically, I think I witnessed one of the four remnants in person a few years back when I toured the Mercedes-Benz truck plant in Woerth. The Customer Center not only had some neat modern machinery to ogle up front, but some amazing historical machinery on display in the cafeteria. Admittedly, I was more interested in Unimogs -- especially the early 401 also in the cafeteria -- and I might have missed getting the model number for this rig, so if it's not the same model, forgive me! Edit: Actually, after going through my files, looks like we saw two examples on that trip, since a few days later, we ran into this green example at the museum in Stuttgart as you noted...
  5. Been a while since I've really built up anything, but have a newly crafted build space in my basement, and figured it was time to do a quick build. Noticed most of the tributes to the late George Barris touched on his work on the Batmobile, Monkeemobile, and other Kustoms, but my longtime fav, the wild Raiders' Coach, didn't get much attention. I did a little digging and found little else -- this one seems to have made its mark on pop culture back in '68, and then vanished seemingly into thin air. In any case, I managed to get a hold of AMT's 2000 re-pop of the original MPC kit last night, and at least got the frame for the tow rig, the coach chassis, and the two Pontiac 428 blocks glued together. I'll be building it somewhat quickly and largely box stock, but I do have a few little tricks in store for it that you might get some "kicks" out of, so stay tuned. :-) -Evan
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