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  1. A lot of those Revell kits are level 4 and 5 which I dont remember seeing before. Granted I have not build or bought a ton of kits but those skill levels are new to me. Come to think of it while I dont have any in my stash, I might have seen a level 4 before, but not 5.
  2. Wow Tony that is all kinds of awesome!!
  3. Very nice, clean build. Keep em' comin'!!
  4. Beautiful build Randy!! Very sharp. Does the kit come with the redlines?
  5. That looks Awesome!!
  6. Thanks you guys for all the kind comments. I really do appreciate it!! The decals really weren't all that bad. The only one that gave me any real problem was the one around the rear window because it is one piece and pretty flimsy. Yes that is the Revell lowrider snap-tite kit. The wheels come in the snap kit.
  7. That thing looks ready to eat somebody's lunch!!
  8. That's a real beauty for sure!!
  9. A bit late getting these up, but these are my builds for 2016. A few of these were started in previous years but all were finished in '16. Below are my 2016 snap kits Thanks for looking!!
  10. Very cool idea, and great execution!!
  11. Wow that came out really nice Bo. Beautiful build!!
  12. Dang that is one sweet looking Nova!!! And yes the pics are awesome!!
  13. All I can say is X2 what everyone else said. Very impressive!!
  14. That's quite a haul of builds for the year Sam, especially considering all the scratch building!! Oh and they all look great.Really like the campers!!
  15. Great looking builds!! Cant decide which one I like more.
  16. Was Able to finish this one up a few days ago. Definitely the last one for this year.
  17. Hello All. This is the Revell 67 Chevelle kit, and probably my last build this year. Although I do have a snap kit in progress that may get done by years end. Anyway the pics. Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome!!
  18. WOW!! All I can say is X2 what everyone else said.
  19. Sweet Cuda Adam!! I like the redline tires on it. Great build.
  20. Wow just Wow!! Those are all gorgeous Yuri. Cant pick a favorite.
  21. Thanks Monty. The only real problem/complaint that I had with this kit was that the vent window frames are part of the chrome tree. While that means not having to foil them, they don't really fit all that great into the window frames. You can see that in the pics somewhat. I do like that a lot of the other trim is also on the chrome tree which means you don't have to foil those
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