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  1. Here we are gents, I think I like the paint. It's Kubota orange, black with a silver transition line. Custom cut hood, chopped roof, custom hood scoop.
  2. Update fellas. I took some advise and fabbed up the mustang interior to fit in the car, minus the dash. Behind the front seats would have never fit a back seat so I installed a cover. I'll get pics of that later. Here's what we got so far. The paint turned out OK, you really can't see the lines in the roof too much. After another coat of black you won't see it at all. Don't worry about the orange/black transition, that will get a silver pinstripe that will hide the Shakey line. In the last picture here you can see the rear cargo cover.
  3. I had to narrow the front end about a half inch to make it fit. I may do the rear axle, but it would need to be shortened as well. I plan to use the bucket seats, maybe the steering wheel. We will see how far i go with it.
  4. I've decided to try all my skills out. I've built many a custom 1:1 cars, however I'm not used to working in plastic, lol! I have a 68? Mustang that the body went to another project, so I scavenged some bits. Smoothed the rails and grafted on the mustang front suspension, and of course the engine. Dropped the car down low in the front. I figured if I'm doing a chopped top I may as well do a full out custom. I'm going to graft any performance options I can from the mustang over to the coupe, without making it look tacky. Finishing it off with a set of 5 spoke creigers. I'm trying to decide Kubota orange, or flat black. Whichever one I do, my rat rod model A will be the other, rusted of course. That one will be my first weathering job.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys! I've never chopped a roof so I guess the praise I got above is amazing. What do you guys think of the hood scoop?
  6. Trying my first custom car. Starting out with a Lindberg 1940 Ford coupe. I cut about 1/4 inch out of the roof, so a 3"? Drop top. I put a mustang scoop on the hood. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's growing on me. This is my first attempt to chop a top, so bear with me. I cut it off, than cut it into sections. After that I lengthened it to line the pillars back up and glued it together. It will get a layer of putty before paint. As you can tell by the front end picture, Lindberg lives up to the quality we all know and love. That's why I don't feel bad chopping this one apart. I realize this is a major chop to attempt as a first chop, but if I can do this, I can do a model a no problem.
  7. right now im building the lindburg dodge l-700 and 1940 ford coupe flatbed trailer kit. i made my wife promise me we will buy no more lindburg kits! the parts arnt numbered, the parts need so much clean-up i could have made another model out of it. the flat bed trailer panels are so warped i dont know how im going to build it. directions, oh the directions... they are a micro picture from a terrible angle, then written out by someone whom has never built a model before. hate it.
  8. I picked up the revell kit of Dominic's charge from fast and the furious. It's a decent kit, comes with a couple extra parts to make it stock-ish. You can tell it's a charger kit, add a fast and furious sprue and remove the stock wheels and tires. Good build, parts fit very well. Now as you can see I didn't paint it true to the box, and i added plug wires, but it's built according to the box. I enjoyed it. I did make my first set of solder exhaust pipes for this car though. Thanks for the look guys!
  9. hello folks, time for another build. i picked up the Revell 1070 dominic's charger and figured i would give her a go. heres what i have thus far. the "carpeting" and other fabric is hockey stick tape. i find it works fairly well. the decals on the fire extinguisher are out of my stash. i just noticed how rough the backs of the seats ended up. its gunmetal grey, not the fast and the furious black.
  10. i seem to remember a few of mine didnt have pegs to go into the holes, so i just glued them on where i thought they went. not the best pictures, but the best i have.
  11. there was a few dips in mine that i didnt bother to fill. anything small has a lot of cleanup to do, but all and all not terrible.
  12. i really like the ideas of at least a lip to keep the end cars in place!
  13. dont mind at all, i love seeing variations of the kits i build!
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