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  1. Hey guys, I am looking throughout the net for pics of cool custom 1:1 Western Stars and Superliners and I am not having much luck. Does anyone here have some pics they can post up for some build ideas? I have an idea for the Superliner, but IDK if I will do it that way or not. So if you have pics of 1:1s or models, please post them. Thanks Benjamin.
  2. Hey, I havent forgotten my build, been busy taking care of my mother that's on bed rest for 6 more weeks due to a broken ankle. I have however started a new rig and a trailer for it too. Western Star and a Gravel Trailer.
  3. How did you paint that frame and underbody like that????? That's what I'm wanting to do, but yours looks perfect. Please explain how you did that.
  4. Nick, nice lights. They look like aftermarket units, was it ordered without them originally? LOL, just joking. It's looking really good. I need to find a set or build a visor for my plow.
  5. That's the look I was going for. 1970's cruiser. Nope, it's staying the way it sits. That'd be nice if I had the parts. Thanks, it's Testors Lacquer, I love this stuff. It might be an older one, but the interior leaves alot to be desired so the rear windows are getting either mirror (if I can do it) or black limo tint.
  6. Ok, here's mine. The only part of the body holding me up from finishing it is finding some graphics for it.
  7. I have 2 VTS junkers that I'll give ya for the price of shipping them. They arent in the greatest shape, but there's enough there to do what you're wanting to do.
  8. This is a neat twist on an old kit. I like it. Reminds me that I need to finish my twist on this kit. BTW, the grille in the kit was never done in 1:1. It is a phantom grille.
  9. Travis, this looks great. It was an awesome build. I like the pic without the tank on it, it would be awesome for a grain truck build in that pic.
  10. LOL, I know how that goes. I'm getting better at bringing the dead ones back. Hmmm, I wonder why my truck doesnt have them, even though its a Silverado 4x4. Nice job on the exhaust.
  11. That may be my best bet. I could trim it length wise and cut it down height wise to make it more P/U appropriate. Now to find one. I've never seen the one frome that kit and I've never even seen the kit itself either.
  12. Hey Nick, this build started out much like my build of my 1:1 truck, as a prebuilt or glue bomb. Good job on reviving a forgotten kit. I have seen one of these in person at a car show, sadly I didnt have the camera with me. One thing I noticed though, was that it had tow hooks, were they an option on the Sports as well as the work trucks?
  13. Nick, that is looking great. Did you make those decals? They look great as well. BTW, any updates on the lightbars?
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