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  1. AMT 1960 Starliner reissue headers?

    A indicates Galaxie, E is the engineering revision level suffix
  2. Revell Porsche Tractor review

    Did Ertl ever kit a Farmall Cub?
  3. AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues

    Reverse engineering from an unbuilt existing physical vintage kit hardly qualifies for being able to "produce them readily" . Yes, Round 2 has done a wonderful job of recreating lost or missing tooling for certain options on kit reissues by laser scanning original parts and creating virtual models of them within a CAD/CAM system. BUT, if they recreated in whole an entire missing set of tools for a kit, then made them to say,1968 annual kit level of detail, they would be burned at the stake for releasing such simplistic product upon the public. Not to mention the costs and the prospect of recouping that from a relatively obscure car like the Toranados.
  4. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    Yes, I have noticed this in several instances. The 426 wedge in the Revell Tony Nancy dragsters kit is (ironically) one example. The assembled block is sectioned approximately two scale inches. Ironic, since there is no hood clearance issues as the engine is exposed. The lower block section of the engine has been "fudged" considerably, as the angles of the "Y" shape of the block as viewed from the front are wrong. The 1 to 1 angle is far more obtuse. The Revell Nailhead in the same kit and the Parts Pack and the Ivo Showboat dragster have quite a different problem....the block decks have been tipped in at the top, so they are no longer 90 degrees apart as they are in 1 to 1. I would say it's probably close to 100 degrees. The valve cover surfaces, which should be dead flat, tilt visibly inward on an assembled engine. In addition, the upper block section is shorter as well than it ought to be. I presume this was done first on the Ivo kit to make header clearance less of an issue, then all subsequent tooling used the same "fudged" masters.
  5. Polar Lights '65 Coronet

    I also have a couple unbuilts of this kit on the shelf. The most glaring flaw to my eye is the grille. Headlight engraving too flush and too faint, ends of grille are too rounded, and grille surround molding is too thick for an overall blob-tastic toy-like effect. Does any resin caster offer an improved grille for this kit mastered from the AMT annual?
  6. Trans-Am the pony wars....

    well, maybe for a 1966 car, but these evolved into VERY "worked" race cars in very short order. later cars had no upholstery except for the seat and maybe front door cards before 1970, so a separately tooled floor pan with interior ribbing, rear axle cooler cutouts and pivot boxes for upper suspension links would be required. probably two trees worth of race-specific parts would also be needed including the extensive engine compartment/shock tower bracing, fully adjustable specialized anti-roll bars with roller links (look very different from OEM), Watts linkage, fuel cell, dry sump parts (legal for 1971 season), Harrison-type engine oil and rear axle lube coolers, specific 4-wheel disc brakes and ducting, etc, etc. Even the body profile was changed considerably on the Bud Moore prepped Mustangs as the nose was drooped by 2 inches! Round 2 nor Revell/Monogram would NEVER put the proper effort into replicating this stuff correctly into any existing kit or new tool that had a dual purpose as a production replica.
  7. Trans-Am the pony wars....

    I personally love those cars, but i'm not certain for accuracy's sake of a real race version that Moebius is the right manufacturer, nor is Revell/Monogram. I'd like to see some high-end, full-detail kitting of that subject matter from Tamiya or Fujimi, although scale would undoubtedly be 1/24, not 1/25.
  8. Revell Anglia

    suspension is quite different than the actual Shores & Hess car too. the chassis was built by Don Long..front axle was chromed tubular, no drop when it was SBC powered (later when the BBC was put in, a mildly dropped axle was fitted). a transverse torsion bar setup similar to what was in favor with the Fuel Altered and Top Fuel crowd was placed behind front axle with chromed hairpins for location, ladder bars are wrong, etc, etc. some good reference material here.... http://theamazoeffect.blogspot.com/2013_10_01_archive.html
  9. Little Deuce Restoration

    This build is inspiring! Those Monogram kits may have been dead simple to build, but they had something that the AMT early-Ford kits did not...stance and presence. For the first time in a long time I have the itch to do a traditional, 1963-era early-Ford Hot rod build. i just got a buildup of the Early Iron Series (moulded in black) and I'm going for a quasi-box-art build with it using Lil' Coffin rolling stock
  10. Is Time Machine Resin gone ?

    I just purchased a '65 Chrysler 300 kit from his E-Bay store. My first purchase from TMR and a very nice kit.
  11. Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?

    wasn't the Revellion based on the 62 Dodge Dart body? sure would like to see any of the '62 Mopar annuals reissued
  12. Inline Dual-Quad Intake for 59 - 62 Chrysler 300

    yes, in absence of existing aftermarket this is my plan. i'm "between" desktop PC's right now, my old one which had my CAD and CAD/CAM programs on it had a failure in the power supply and was very old. i chose to purchase a used engineering-purposed workstation PC from the 'Bay and have spec'd out and purchased the Hard Drives and memory for it but have yet to have it built. anyone have some good measurements from any old 1:1 413, 426, or 440 manifold? would need...port spacing, overall length on each bank, bank offset ( i am presuming one port width would be accurate enough of a figure) bolt spacing, face angle (as measured from the horizontal plane), width at top of port flange at ports, bottom width at ports, etc., etc.
  13. Inline Dual-Quad Intake for 59 - 62 Chrysler 300

    thanks for the replies fellas. yes, i'm aware of the kit parts in the JoHan Chrysler 300 kits of 62-3; however those are rare as stated and pretty inaccurate to boot, as it seems to represent a dual-plane. the real deal is single plane as shown. with a set of air cleaners and Fireball Modelworks AFB's , a manifold like this would very nicely back-date Revell's excellent 68-69 Charger 440 and AMT's great 71 Charger 440 engines for early-'60's hot rod duty and would look great under the hoods of the Moebius 65 Satellite and Lindberg 64 Dodges & Plymouths too
  14. Does anyone cast the factory cast-iron low-rise inline dual-quad intake for the 413 powered 59 - 62 Chrysler 300 Letter Series cars as shown? I could find lots of uses for a vintage setup like this.
  15. How many Can Am Kits Were There?