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  1. I also have big problems with the execution of the grille, headlamps, the shape of the grille opening and leading edge of the hood. The overall effect is too flat as viewed from the top. The grille almost then seems too flush as a result and from straight on front view, the bottom of the hood that forms the opening is too arched. The headlights are also too large, and too close together
  2. These are really, really nice builds of these kits. Just beautiful
  3. Assuming that it uses material rods of the same diameters commonly found in Evergreen and Plastruct round stock, I can't see why it wouldn't. ABS and Styrene should have pretty similar melting points.
  4. This video will give you some idea of how it can be used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29dsCVFI0HM
  5. I have seen a couple of YouTube videos on these gadgets. Kind of like a tiny hot glue gun, but has an automatic feed for the medium. Just thinking aloud what someone could do with one. The one that I saw used ABS rod, but I would not be surprised if Evergreen round styrene stock might work as well
  6. It's a common mistake to make but the company that did the GM conversions was called NEAPCO. They made driveline parts clear into the 80's at least. I bought NEAPCO brand U-Joints at my local mom and pop parts house in 1985 for my Pinto
  7. That's essentially what it was. Can Am in those days was wide open to experimentation, being pretty much a Formula Libre class. Still, I would not want to lose an argument with some Armco Barrier in that car. That would be a quick route to a burial plot
  8. I'll go out on a limb and vote for your first choice in wheels, the custom ones from the 64 Cutlass annual. I think that they lend a more aggressive visual interest to the car, and maintain the mid-sixties vibe
  9. All I can say here is WOW! I am slayed by your efforts here Steve! Fantastic work.
  10. Because, in that period of time, the AMT annuals (and promos alike), where a convertible variant was offered, never had hardtop specific interior tubs tooled up for them. The hardtops invariably had a convertible tub supplied in the kit
  11. At the risk of hijacking/derailing this thread, I would love to see "what's inside the box" of that Premier kit!
  12. Thanks for pointing out the differences between the sedans and the coupes. Now that I am looking at pictures of the coupes, I see how the front is extended and the nose is slightly more sloped along the fender tops.
  13. Have a look at these two photos Bill. There's more shared DNA in those body skins than might be apparent on first examination... Modify the A-pillar and windshield header for a little bit of a wraparound, juggle the wheelbase a bit and you are there. The rear quarters of the Jo-Han Lark would have to be pared down accordingly an utilized, as well as the front fender tops and hood near the front
  14. Bill, I am curious about your thoughts on dispensing with the basic Lark body altogether and modifying the Revell Miss Deal body, grafting on the Lark-specific sections from the Jo-Han body to come up with a more scale-accurate piece that would fit the Avanti chassis. I have a slightly warpy 1960 Lark promo with a crushed roof that I am contemplating upon with this very conversion
  15. The old Revell opening doors 56 has a pretty nice engine, on par with the well-regarded parts pack engines, and has nice period speed equipment. There are also a smattering of decent parts sprinkled through the kit as well, but the bulk of it is pretty awful. It is great kit-bash fodder if nothing else.
  16. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/how-is-a-pruned-blower-case-mounted.999144/
  17. Great work on this rare kit Steve. I will be following this one closely!
  18. The "oval case" GMC blower in the AMT 40 Ford is typical of a unit modified by pioneer hot rodder Tom Beatty. He, and other builders modified the cases, trimming away the large mounting flange, and counter bored the inside of the case for Allen head bolts to retain it to the manifold. This process was commonly referred to as "case pruning"
  19. Greg, here is another source for the Monogram Pontiac.... The Tom Daniels Sand Shark aka Dog Catcher kit. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/monogram-instructions/show-rods/monogram-sand-shark-/scan0006.html#media
  20. Greg, I goofed on one of those suggestions... The 36 Ford has a multi-carbed flathead, not a Pontiac. Sorry
  21. Hmmm. I am eyeballing that grille in the Maitso diecast..... I have seen it online for as cheap as 16 or 17 bucks. Might be worth it for the grille alone. Might yield other parts as well. The rest of the car is kind of questionable, proportionally speaking
  22. I am starting to come around to that thinking guys. Now to find a GTX grille. Does anyone cast it? I believe it was 2 pieces, a surround and an insert for the mesh
  23. One of the front wheel openings is completely malformed at the corner because of a large air pocket, there are lots and lots of pinholes and air bubble inclusions all over. The molds appear to be shot as the grille had spots where the teeth were all blobbed together. The grille had a big chip out of the corner and it came with two front bumpers and no rear, and those were equally in need of repairs due to the same issues
  24. Don't kill the messenger. It is likely that a TorqueFlite was used in the actual car, which was not, incidentally, a "Factory Backed" car. It is important here to make a distinction between factory contingency programs and actual back door skunk works type race cars. Contingencies made sure there were cheap or free parts available to independent racers who were most likely to help sell cars on Monday (record holders and highly visible teams).... Ford really didn't sweat too much about something like the TorqueFlite transmission use if a guy was on a contingency deal. They knew that drag racing at that point was largely a mongrelized sport and soon enough their then brand new C6 transmission design would have enough r&d and field development in racing to be in wide use
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