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  1. While not standalone kits, these add-ins from the late seventies through the mid eighties are pretty interesting. I understand that they have pretty low parts counts, but they all seem to look the part nonetheless. I believe there was also a Formula Vee racer as well (or maybe a smaller cycle-powered single seat open wheeler). Any observations, photos, and references to kits they were released with would be welcomed.
  2. The old Eldon "Invader" twin Pontiac powered show rod had some pretty convincing Mickey Thompson cross rams. The kit was reissued in the eighties by Doyusha. Still pretty rare but maybe someone could be convinced into casting it. Here is one that is built up (not mine) http://www.showrods.com/gallery_pages/invader2.html#
  3. The AMT grille opening is DEFINITELY narrower than the Jo-Han. Vaughn Hart's grille is mastered from the Jo-Han part.
  4. The SCCA created the Can Am series beginning in 1966 in order to have a prestigious race series for group 7 cars that would also attract sponsorships for big prize money and world class driving talent. The Can Am and the Trans Am series also represented the SCCA' s first attempts at a unified, professional race series under a standard set of rules, and a championship structure geared toward the car manufacturers. Prior to 1966, the group 7 cars competed in USRRC sanctioned events. Cars like the Cooper Monaco essentially created the template for all of the Can Am/Group 7 cars to follow
  5. Does anyone cast a flat hood for the Jo-Han 1970 Roadrunner? I just purchased the SMH Resins repop and would like to build a fictitious 1970 A12 car with the lift-off 6 pack hood and need a flat one as a starting point. In a pinch, I would be willing to make something fit that was made for the Monogram 1/24 kit.
  6. Limiting my replies to the suggested subject matter at hand of 1960's era of open wheelers and sports/endurance cars, this is not a comprehensive list by any means.... AMT kitted the Lotus 29 and the Lotus 92. I believe that IMC kitted the Lotus 38 Indy car as well. IMC also did the Ford GT40 MkII and MkIV, the Ford J car, and the Lola/Ford T70 Can Am Spyder. IMC kitted some Chaparrals also, maybe someone can fill in the gaps. MPC also kitted the Ford MkIV and the Ford J car, as well as the Howmet TX turbine gt prototype and its sister car the Howmet Can Am Spyder. Accurate Miniatures did a very nice McLaren M8B kit in 1/24. Monogram did a Porsche 904 curbside in the same series you show the box art for of the Ford GT roadster. Also in the same series of curbsides are the Chaparral 2D Coupe and the Reventlow Scarab USRRC Mid-Engined Modified Sports Racer. AMT did some 1/24 curbsides based on their slot car bodies too, including a Lola T70 Can Am spyder
  7. In the 1:1 world, the earlier 59AB 24 stud heads with the center water outlets can be bolted onto the later 49-53 8BA, 8CM, and 48-53 8RT blocks. With the earlier timing cover, cam and the 8RT water pumps, the later blocks can be installed in many pre-48 chassis and use the 59AB distributor
  8. As for the wooden masters being sourced from the big three, it's hard to say...masters for the individual kit parts would also have to be crafted by the kit manufacturers to trace on for the pantograph mills to cut the cavities of the molds, so clearly the kit manufacturers employed very skilled pattern makers anyway. I do get the impression though, that if a kit manufacturer had a promo contract, access was likely unprecedented for photographic references and production prototypes of new cars to measure and take notes from
  9. Just wanted to pass along that Kevin had a set of 3 413 cross rams listed on E-bay which I purchased. I could not be happier with the price, quality and service that I received. A quick visual looks like the cross ram will look really nice on the Revell/Monogram 440 engine found in the 69 Charger kit once I fill the open area of the cylinder heads with flat Evergreen stock. The valley pan included in the Revell Charger needs to be omitted.
  10. Unreal, just gorgeous work.
  11. The Round2 MPC Daytona Transport Truck is a good source for the transaxle
  12. Look at photos of Stromberg 97 carbs on Google. You will notice that the throttle body section (the baseplate of the carb) is cast iron, so you will apply a weathering technique there to simulate surface rust and fuel staining. The main body is diecast potmetal with a very slightly gold irridited finish. Of course by the time these were in hot rod use they were kind of dingy looking. I would start by painting the upper portion a dull dark silver and the base some shade of reddish brown in a selection of military flats. Then mix a drop of dark green and a drop of gold into some decanted dull-cote and topcoat the silver with that. Then apply a black wash to get the dingy effect. The levers and accelerator pump rod are cadmium plated so a brighter silver is appropriate for those
  13. Sharp eye and reliable info once again Bill. Forgot all about the Bowers cases, I saw the uneven spacing in the ribs and my mind went to Littlefield.
  14. Still looking for what's-in-the-box comparison photos of the Modified Stocker and the annual kit guys
  15. ZTony8, this thread concerns bench fixes to work the actual kit back toward stock, not speculation about Round2's ability or likelihood of restoring the tooling
  16. Have searched here to no avail... I thought someone was casting the Max Wedge intake from the Jo-Han 1964 Dodge annual kit but have turned up nothing.... Anyone?
  17. It appears to be a Mert Littlefield magnesium 6-71 case. He started making those in the late 60's and would have been common swap meet fodder by the time MAMG was made
  18. I would be happy in making a day 2 base Skylark or even a Special out of it. There are lots of talented guys on here doing more involved things than what I am proposing. Did you see the Duel Valiant movie car thread? I am not saying I am working at that level but without reference material nothing happens. Maybe instead of popping corn you should take pictures of what you have and post them here
  19. Fellas, lets not derail the thread with what-ifs about the tooling with Round2. I would really like to see some what's-in-the-box photos of the Modified Stocker and the annual if possible to develop a game plan for an on-the-workbench fix or series of fixes
  20. I was thinking along those lines as well, a double layer approach with styrene stock. looking at this picture, round stock could possibly be used to make the wheel opening molding on the lower layer..
  21. (Admins, please move to the Model Building Questions forum....sorry) I have been thinking a bit about finding one of the Modified Stocker kits and trying to reconstruct some wheel openings, mount it on the Revell 1966 GTO chassis, use the AMT 66 Rivera engine and try to fill in the missing pieces as I go. I have questions about the changes that might have been made to the front and rear to make it the Modified Stocker that would need to be addressed. I am assuming that the tail lights are MIA, correct? I have also noticed that the 66 Wildcat seems to include the 66 Skylark tail lamps for the Custom option. Since I don't currently have an original or the Stocker, any photos or insight would be appreciated (Calling Snake45)
  22. Re: the original post...I think judicious use of a good panel scriber and perhaps some .010 thick evergreen strip could easily negate the purchase of a second snap kit to harvest the hood from.
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