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  1. Da Grump could have been running a big block and automatic when match racing. That was all "run-what-ya-brung!"
  2. Some of the local PDs used Chief's cars set up like that for both police and fire departments. More "personal luxury" than pursuit.
  3. I ran across this on my feed today and wanted to share it. 15 pictures of Ford concept cars that were either Mustangs or other sporty cars that never made production. Some I have seen before but others were new to me. https://www.motorious.com/slideshow/features/301916/long-lost-ford-mustang-concept I think this one is my favorite:
  4. Reminds me a bit of the Fiat X19, also designed by Bertone.
  5. It is very difficult to judge a color based on TV screen shots. The reflections of the shadows and sky will alter your perception drastically from shot to shot. I would just go with a medium green call it good.
  6. You could build an engine test stand to display it on.
  7. I could spend hours looking through the Auto World catalog.
  8. In my experience back in the 60's and 70's, local tracks were a LOT more forgiving of the class rules than the national races. I knew several racers that were running Modified Production with cars that would have been in the Altered or Gas classes at a national event. They would not have been competitive, either, in those classes ;-). Also, there were lots of travelling match racers that threw the rule book away in the name of making money. They would be paid to show at these local races as crowd pleasers. The rules issues you have pointed out don't bother me at all. What you are building would have looked perfectly at home, and probably much nicer than most of the cars, at Golden Triangle Dragstrip in Beaumont, TX in the late 60's and early 70's. when I was a regular spectator and occasional participant.
  9. I followed some of that build on the HAMB. It was truly a labor of love and an amazing piece of work.
  10. Not a 351C though they look similar. It is a 385 series Ford 429/460. The 351C has angled exhaust bolts (top and bottom corners of the port). The 429 has them straight across from each other like this engine does..
  11. Don't give up Dave. It's people like you that keep the board interesting. I get this BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH all the time,

  12. Sorry if this topic offended some of you. It was meant to be a funny look at some really messed up cars, not a slam on your favorite builds. I'll go back to lurking in the background now. Heaven forbid I should ever try to brighten your day with a little humor again. DJ
  13. This one looks like something from a 007 film.
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