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  1. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    My senior year, I blew the engine in my 65 Mustang. My dad found a 55 Buick 4d Special that I could buy for $35 dollars. It had just been registered so it had a years worth of license plates ($32) on it. I drove that thing until it needed new plates and sold it for $35!
    The old Buick was a real beater but it was as reliable as any car could be. It had working AC (with rear vents!), dual heaters, and Buick's version of a Wonderbar AM radio. The Wonderbar was an early version of Seek where you could just hit the long bar-shaped button on the front of the radio and it would seek to the next strong station and lock in. This was very rare even in 73 when I bought the car. To make it even cooler, it had a switch on the floor next to the dimmer switch to activate the seek. The other unusual feature for the time was that the key did not have a start position. You turned the key to the Run position and floored the gas pedal to activate the starter. These two features are what brings me to the fun part of the story.
    My friend and I concocted a story about the car. We would tell people that the car was haunted by the previous owner and that she hated Rock and Roll music.  Then after riding around a while with some unsuspecting passenger (usually female) I would tap the seek button of the floor. Since I live in Texas, it wasn't hard to make the radio change from RnR to country! Then my bud and I would laugh while our dates would get nervous and usually slide over real close for protection. This worked especially well when parked. That's when the "can't start the car with the key" feature would come in handy! Let them twist the key all they wanted but the old Buick would never even give a grunt. "I guess she is punishing us for listening to RnR!"
    Of course we always let them in on the joke and usually there were no problems until one particular night when I ended up getting one young lady home late. She got so scared she jumped out of the car and started running. By the time we caught her, got her calmed down, and talked back into the car we were close to an hour after her curfew. :-(
  2. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Stone Woods Cook Willys ( Black car )   

    I have used a soft brush from the makeup department for dusting off models with good luck.
  3. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic What do you suppose this is ?   

    The body lines all look correct for a 34 Ford but it is missing the hood louvers.
  4. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Where did all this "stupid" car safety stuff come from?   

    The center headlight on the Tucker was linked to steer with the front wheels. That was in 1947.
  5. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Cobra   

    Cobra with the Lemans hardtop. Very nice.
  6. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air from Return to Macon County   

    It is not unusual for movies to have multiple versions of the cars for different uses. The most detailed for close up filming is termed the "hero" car. Lots or cheaper, less detailed versions would be used for stunts and such.
  7. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Any chemists out there?   

    The raw materials have to come from somewhere. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon so somewhere you need to get hydrogen and carbon as basic building blocks along with other trace elements.

    Unless you are an alchemist and can transmute one element into another. If so, I would be making gold instead of gas!
  8. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Get your drool cups - Ford 427 FE Block CNC Milled From Billet Aluminum   

    That pretty nice but it's not a true 427 FE. It's is some sort of hybrid because it doesn't have the extended block skirts which are used for the cross-bolted mains. Instead, it is using a more conventional 4 bolt main cap set up. It also does not have the side oiler provisions of the race 427 but instead is oiling through the center of the block similar to the hydraulic cammed version built for street and marine use.

    That said, Kirkham builds really nice stuff. Aluminum bodied Cobras with all billet suspension pieces and now a billet block option. "What's in your wallet?" ;-)
  9. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic A pleasant suprise part I didnt know I had   

    I'm always finding things I had lost, the most important was my wedding ring!

    A few years ago, my sister sent me a box of stuff I had given to her son when I was about 18 and he was maybe 6. That was more than 30 years ago. Inside the box was about a dozen models I had built, most of them busted up glue bombs. It was cool to see them after all those years.
  10. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic 2014 Revell First Quarter Kit Releases   

    What's worse is discovering that the music on the Oldies station is too new for you!
  11. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic 1956 Corvette Impala   

    Nice project! I always liked these Motorama show cars. There are many of them based off the early Corvette. Lots of them are shown on this link:
  12. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Converting the Red Barron to the Black Knight   

    As good as you are, I'll bet you could come up with a variation of the blackout headlights used on military vehicles:

    The lens strips should be clear
  13. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Read any good books lately?   

    Like some others have mentioned the bible is always on top of my reading list.

    Joel Rosenberg is one of my favorite current authors. He is a former CIA analyst who specialized in the middle east. His novels are based on bible prophesy and his knowledge of that area. Several things he has written about in his novels have come to pass though he does not pretend to be a prophet. Start with "The Last Jihad" if you are interested. Very fast paced.

    "Lights Out" by David Crawford is an urban survival tale. A very good read.

    "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and "Starship Troopers" by Robert Heinlein are two of my favorite all time scifi books.

    I plan to read "Killing Lincoln" soon. An older book on the assasination was "The Lincoln Conspiracy." It's amazing what they don't teach you in school about this sad part of our history.
  14. OneTrickPony added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Mercury concept vehicles

    I ran across this on another forum and felt like it should be cross posted here. This is a website with pictures of Mercury concept vehicles for the 40s through 2006.
    Winged Messenger Concept Cars

    I especially liked the 65 Comet with the Baracuda-like fastback rear.

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  15. OneTrickPony added a post in a topic Is anybody using Google Sketchup?   

    Have you looked at RepRap?

    RepRap 2 Mendel