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  1. I've had many over the years, the newest being an 84 Mustang GT. Currently working on my 70 F100.
  2. It may not help when selling single kits but I have been using pirateship.com for larger boxes. It's generally 3/4 the price of UPS online and can save on USPS, too.
  3. Yeah, I especially love the ones where they say "my bf/brother/dad just fixed it."
  4. Definitely not an accurate representation of a Y-block. They use a 1-2-1 exhaust pattern that comes out the side of the head. As mentioned above, they resemble a small block Chevy on the exhaust side. That looks more like an FE exhaust and the oil filter is in the FE location. The valve covers resemble Y-block items, though.
  5. I like that video. There are other similar videos on Archive.org. The NHRA channel streams on Pluto TV for free. The videos cover all years of racing.
  6. That Lingenfelter Pinto has a massive droop on the front clip. They were usually much more subtle.
  7. Plastic model of a Wells Fargo stage with horses, all molded in brown. I was about 6 or 7 so it didn't last long.
  8. My first model kit was a stage coach. Queue the "old" jokes... It really was a stage coach. Early to mid 60s. I was big into cowboys.
  9. Another thing the tech told me was to make sure the car was completely stopped when shifting from forward to reverse or reverse to forward. The CVT is less tolerant of a slight role while shifting than most automatic transmissions.
  10. The CVT has a poor reputation but I was told by a Nissan tech that they will outlast the car with a simple oil change every 30K miles. I have over 130K on my 2010 Altima and the CVT works just fine. I use the simple method to change the fluid through the dipstick tube. Use a pump to suck out as much fluid as possible and replace it with the same amount of fluid (to the ounce.) I use the Valvoline CVT fluid in mine. As always, your mileage may vary 😉
  11. Pictures from my dad's wrecking yard in Beaumont, TX. from around 1960. He would pick me up from school in 1st grade and take me back to the shop with him until he closed around 5:30.
  12. The new buzz phrase I am hearing is "options by subscription." As long as you maintain your subscription payments, your optional equipment will continue to function. When you drop the subscription, they remotely disable the function. This allows the manufacturer to maintain an income stream from the vehicle. Think of OnStar for your power seats. Your cool driver memory function will require an annual payment to work. So far as the issue the OP brought up, the only parts that are federally mandated to be available are emissions related items. Some emissions parts are required to function for 100k miles
  13. I love this show. My wife and I have watched the entire series twice through. I've been watching the animated version and most episodes are pretty good, too. There is also a full length movie with all of the same actors. So far as the cars go, the only two others I can think of are Wanda's blue econo box (not sure what it is but it's pretty prominent in the episode where Hank's truck is sold in the police auction) and Lacy's car that's always in the Ruby parking lot. Edit: there is an episode in the animated version where Brent and Hank buy an old car to build a hot rod. It's a generic looking 20s or early 30s, sort of Model A looking coupe
  14. It makes me think of a cooler looking version of an MG Midget. Well done!
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