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  1. OH NUTS!

    Yeah, but does it have it's own song? "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeFCZ8n6MVU
  2. What made the Edsel fail ?

    Imho, the styling was part of it but another part was timing. It is hard to bring out a new, more expensive model when the economy is taking a downturn. Ford just blew it all around.
  3. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    I grew up in the automotive repair industry and I can tell you for a fact that it does not just happen at dealerships. I have seen it all over the years from charging for repairs not done to doing repairs not needed. Charging premium prices for substandard replacement parts was common. Most shops were honest but even the best shop foreman cannot keep track of everything going on in his bays. Playing CYA also happened many times. A tech would break something because he did not know what he was doing or he was trying to take a shortcut to beat the book and the shop would charge the car owner for their misdeed. I could write a book....
  4. 1970 Mustang Boss 302

    I build a bogus Boss 302 back in the 80's for my 65 Mustang. Regular 302 block with 351C-4V heads, stock Boss 302 intake. I had to do lots of tweaking to get it all to work together and fit into the smaller engine bay but it was worth it. There were no good aftermarket 302 W heads back then so the C heads were a huge improvement. I used headers for a 70 351C Mustang and was able to get everything to fit but it was all tight.
  5. GM and Chevy Quality

    I noticed someone in a Yugo broken down near my house. I stopped to see if I could help (I couldn't, broken throttle cable) and was talking to the guy as he waited on a tow. At one point he said "I don't know why people talk bad about these Yugos. They are great little cars."
  6. GM and Chevy Quality

    Two quick stories: 1. In the late 70's, a co-worker bought a new Fiat Spyder. It was a cute little car, cream yellow with a black top. We were looking through the owners manual when I happened to spotted that the total carrying capacity was 450 pounds. My co-worker was a big lady. If she missed 300 pounds it wasn't by much and her husband was even bigger. Together they had to exceed the load capacity by 200 pounds. They looked like something from a comic strip going down the road. Her husband could not even ride in the car with the top up. She kept it for about a year before the unibody/subframe cracked right under the seats. 2. One of my brother-in-laws started a company in the natural gas field about 10 years ago. Being a big Chevy guy, he only bought Chevy and GMC trucks for his field techs. After 5 years or so, he was so disgusted with the break downs he began to buy Fords and Dodges. His fleet is now over 100 trucks, mostly Rams but supervisors get the option of buying Fords (more expensive but nicer ride). Not a single Chevy left in the fleet after 10 years. My B-I-L, however, still drives a GMC.
  7. Polar Lights Snap Draggin

    I like it! This would also be a good place for some cotton ball smoke behind the tires.
  8. Waterspots on windshield of diecast car

    If the spots disappear when wet, maybe a light coat of Future would hide them.
  9. Back when I mixed automotive paint for a living, the brightest white to my eyes was GM Frost White, used on lots mid-70s Chevy trucks. The base white paint was a yellowish color out of the can. To turn it into Frost White, a bit of blue toner was added.
  10. A Pinto with serious attitude.

    I built a 75 Pinto with the drive train from a wrecked Maverick. 302, C4 trans, 8" rear, and 100HP shot of NOS. It was tons of fun and mostly a bolt-in job except for welding up a set of adapters to connect the Maverick engine mounts to the Pinto frame rails.
  11. My next modeling project... Maybe.

    I like the colors, too. My GM had a 58 Impala with a similar two tone job.
  12. No more Centerline racing wheels....

    I owned Centerlines, Super Tricks, and Street Tricks back in the early 80's. The Super Tricks were the bolt together wheels, Centerlines were riveted. The Street Tricks sort of looked like chromed Super Tricks if you squinted just right ;-) The Centerlines and Super Tricks were the drag racing versions. The Super Tricks were recommended to only be used with tubes because they did not have the safety bead to hold a tubeless tire. The Centerlines had the safety beads. I wrecked the car with the Street Tricks and 3 of the 4 wheels broke the center section out from the rim. They were cast aluminum centers welded to steel rims and all three broke at the welds from sliding sideways. I decided at that time that I would never own any wheels built like that ever again, and I haven't.
  13. Graveyard Ford

    Or a small cannon!
  14. 3D printers are one thing, but what about a 3D scanner?

    My crystal ball is broken, but having a few years behind me in the technology industry, let me just say that what you are asking about will be available in the future. How far in the future is the only question. If someone can imagine it, it will inspire someone to build it. It may not work quite the way we imagine it, but the end result will be the same.
  15. 55 F-100

    I like it. (but turn the valve covers over, they are upside down. Wide edge to the outside of the engine.)