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  1. burysem added a post in a topic Police Intercepter Of The Future...   

    Love it!! What's the color?
  2. burysem added a post in a topic ford edsel pacer-58, beauty or a beast?   

    This is a car that I can't call pretty. But, like the sweet little ol' aunt that ain't much to look at, you still love her and would never want harm to come to her. IMHO, that's the Edsel.
  3. burysem added a post in a topic COMPLETE: Penske/RWR Javelin Trans Am car   

    I'm not a big race car fan, but.... WOW!!!!! That is a beaut!! What kit is that body from or is it resin?
  4. burysem added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    Did as requested, sir. BTW, I'm new here, looks like a good place to hang out!!!!