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  1. Hello everyone! Coming back from long Russian New Year holidays with a freshly built model! This is a very nice 1/25 Revell kit, didn't required a lot of sanding and filling, also details fit great. One more time I decided to paint it ratty style. The body was painted with water based acrylics using brush only - I had a very interesing experience doing this. Added some wiring and plumbing to the engine, this kit comes with a cool straight six. Also added tailgate locks and chains and wood boards to the bed. The grille was cut to look like a grille, not like a solid plate as it comes in the kit. This "moustache" grille is the thing I like most about this old Chevy trucks. I had a chance to take some winter pics outside, although it was a little bit cold. Your questions and comments are welcome!
  2. Thank you all, friends! I appreciate your kind words. I have one more freshly built model with weathering and all that stuff coming soon, stay tuned!
  3. Greetings everyone! It's been a long since I've been sharing any new models, so here I am with my ratty Bel Air finished in the end of 2016. I took a Monogram 1/25 Bel Air hardtop kit and build it mostly straight out of box, except the wheels and the exhaust pipes. Also some wiring and plumbing was daone on the engine and chassis both. I found this kit very nice, it didn't took a lot of sanding and a little amount of putty was used. All the chrome parts were washed in oven cleanear and re-chromed with gloss black and than chrome paints. For sure, I applied some slight weathering. All except the mud stains done with water based acrylic paints using an old brush and cotton swabs. Mud is an enamell effect splashed onto model with a stiff brush. Actually, I had no real car prototype, I just created this one as what it may look like if I had a real one.
  4. Thank you all, guys! I know late C3 isn't very popular and the body design is a matter of opinion. I definitely wouldn't call it the most beautiful Corvette design of all times. But the point was to catch this weary look.
  5. Hello mates! It's been a while since I've been posting any finished builds, so here I am. This is a Monogram 1982 Corvette snap-kit. The detailing is kinda poor (34 details only), thats why I used tires from Scenes Unlimited, Fireball Models white letter decals, made new side pipes from plastic rods and added some hoses and plumbing. I know it's a late model C3, but I wanted to build it 70's street machine nostalgic style - black faded primer, meaty tires, chrome sidepipes, glass T-top, the 70's stance of course and a little bit of dust from running the backroads. I used paints and effects from a young Russian company Pacific88, mostly water based acryl and enamel filters. The weather in central Russia is absolutely unpleasant, so I had no opportunity to take some pics outdoors. Hope you'll enjoy this little 70's flashback!
  6. Hello, mates! It's been a while since my last post, sorry for that. So I'm glad to introduce you the model I finished just on 31 of December, 2015. By the way, this is the first big rig I was building I took an Italeri kit and carried on a little conversion. The cab was given a rear wall as I wanted it as a daycab. The bed is made from styrene sheets and profiles, the boards were cut from balsa wood sheet. I also made straight exhaust pipes from styrene rod and added mounting brakets made from wire and square profile. The truck has got some aftermarket parts - super-single front tires, six-spoke resin rims, photoetched badges on the hood and grille and the dog, of course. As you can see I tried to represent some wiring and plumbing under the hood and chasis, of course that is not 100% close. The final point is the weathering. You know, I like to give a 1/24 scale model some weathering, because it geves you much more opportunities than 1/35 scale. The effects you can see on cars and trucks in a real life are varied extremely wide, so there's a full scope to train your skills. As a result of it all - here we got this old, ratty but still sturdy workhorse straight from some construction site or a junkyard. I hope you'll enjoy it. Greetings from Russia!
  7. Thank you! I have only three models finished this year, going to post the rest of them soon. Hope I'll be able to finish one more before the new year.
  8. Thank you, Mike! You're right, we don't have this vehicles much around. Even though we have a couple of American young-timers here in Lipetsk, but they are kind of exotic cars for small Russian town. That's why Ihad to look through a lot of photos and listed trucks for sale. It was quite educative
  9. The van is very impressive, great weathering.
  10. Great job! Really can't decide which one I liked most.
  11. Thank you! The headlights are made by "Elf" - one of Russian aftermarket manufacturers. And the tires set is a resin copy of tires from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport kit by Tamiya. Just had to cut them a little from the inner side to fit rims.
  12. Thank you a lot guys for such a great welcome! I'm glad you like my first topic here! I will shure post my other works soon.
  13. Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you a modelcar build from Russia. I finished it a year ago. That was a 1/25 scale snap-kit by Revell with quite poor detailization. I just added some details as resin tires, mud flaps from sandpaper, antennas, steel rope on a winch, chain on a front bumper. Also carried some work on the winch itself. Headlights were replaced by new ones. I used decals from the box, but they were cut on my demand. Weathering effects were made using plaster and enamel paints. By the way there's another truck featuring on some photos - GMC plow truck by Revell, 1/24 scale, that was my previous build. Hope you'll enjoy this one! Best regards, Dmitry.
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