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  1. Hey all, Here is a diorama that I recently finished building. We have the General Lee jumping the river from the opening credits of the TV show the Dukes of Hazzard season 3. I still have the base to build yet which will have audio from the show playing when you press a button. Scott.
  2. Hey all, This is my first time posting in the car section. Anyway I have built an old police car that has been left abandoned in the dessert for years with lots of decay and weathering. Scott.
  3. Hi all, It's been a while since I have been on here, thought I would put up some pics of my latest and best build ever. So we have a Double Road Train with a Kenworth SAR. I spent most of the year building it and finished it a week ago. Hope you like!
  4. I found this article but it was so blurry that you couldn't read any of the writing in the diagrams. The links you posted were so clear it is just what I needed to help me with it, so thankyou. Scott.
  5. Hey everyone, I am planning to super detail a Kenworth K100 and W900 Chassis with all the airlines. I have a diagram for the braking system, so that's no problem. I just need a diagram for the airbag suspension that shows all the plumbing from the air tank, to all the valves including the height control valves and to the airbags. Does anybody have a diagram I can use to assist me? Thanks. Scott.
  6. Hey Guys, I just joined a few days ago. And I finished my Duel Truck build That I have been working for the last 3 months in the last couple days. I used the California Hauler kit for the truck with a hood conversion kit from American Industrial Truck Models. For the trailer I Kit bashed the trailer from the Dodge L-700 Tanker Kit. Really happy with the result, so here are a few pics. Scott.
  7. I didn't know that there was any Australian forums. What part of Adelaide are you from? I am also from Adelaide though I recently moved to Mildura for work and to be closer to m sister.
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Scott. I am from Australia. I have been building models for 25+ years. I have a huge collection. I build trucks (I have lots of them), cars and Star Trek models. I am currently scratch building replicas of some of the studio models from the movie Star Trek The Motion Picture. I am also working on the truck from the movie Duel, also a Kenworth W900 and a Kenworth K100.
  9. There is a fuel manifold as part of the cylinder heads. Fuel lines go to the fuel manifold and then to the injectors. Refer to picture. Hope this helps. Scott.
  10. The air compressor behind the blower will have airlines coming out of it to the air tanks. I did a google search for "8v71 Detroit" click on images and there are hundreds of photos of the engine showing where all the wiring, and other vacuum lines and all the othe lines go. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=8v71+detroit&biw=1366&bih=614&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwil-ej1l_HJAhWlF6YKHZ7fAUkQ_AUIBigB Here's a link. Glad you like what I have done with mine so far. Scott.
  11. I am in the process of building the Duel truck too. Here's a couple pics of mine so far. Scott.
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