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  1. Cannonball 2018: ´69 Charger Slant-6

    I really like it with the six,I used that same slant six and put one in a Little Red Express truck and made it look like abase model truck.
  2. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    I will try that when I build the Monogram version.
  3. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    If I can get the parts I will be building a 4 cylinder Monogram version.
  4. Where can I get these wheels

  5. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    Its done enough for me and if I had a way to replate the grille I would have tried to take the V8 emblem off.
  6. Where can I get these wheels

    Is there a 1/25 64 or 65 GTO kit made,that car had those bucket seats in it.
  7. Where can I get these wheels

    Yes I would be interested in them.
  8. Where can I get these wheels

    Thanks and I will get one of those kits,that was a older friends car he had back in the late 60s.
  9. Where can I get these wheels

    I want to build this car and need to know if there is a kit to get these wheels or are they being made.
  10. What Irked You Today?

    The slow pokes in the Monfort lane on the highway irked me today.
  11. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    Its getting closer,tail lights,bumpers and hubcaps and it will be done. Might paint the top insert and this one was a pain to get the front suspension they way I wanted it.
  12. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    40 pickup caps would be interesting.
  13. Stock 34 Ford kits

    I am not too impressed with this AMT 34 Ford kit,I do not like how the hood needs to be glued to the grille and the front suspension sat too high when trying to use stock parts so no more of them. I am going to find the needed parts for what I have of the Monogram kit and make a 4 cylinder version from one of them.
  14. Model building season is coming to a end

    The cold has not been letting up so I am still in the basement,the models have some competition since I have built a sewing table so I can do some small auto upholstery work in the basement too.
  15. Buying online or brick and morter stores

    I have two small hobby shops that I buy paint,glue and other supplies from and a third hobby shop that I can get parts and restoration projects.