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  1. I have one if you still need it.
  2. I am going to see if I can get something close to that Miami Cream and I pushed a couple builds back since I wanted to build this since first seing that picture a couple years ago
  3. Added a o/d trans too,took it off a FE engine I had in stock.
  4. Trying to get it close and wonder what color that 50 is painted.
  5. I had that six and it needed a home and put a truck 4 speed behind it and I like strangely optioned vehicles. Last summer I bought a 65 mercury Montclair breezeway sedan that had a 3 speed with o/d with a/c and delayed wipers.
  6. Just picked it up today,going to build it like in this 50s picture and will have a Y block under the hood.
  7. The thick black paint is finally coming off and its a deluxe cab with all the trim which I doubt would never been ordered with a step side bed in the real world so thinking about finding a wide bed to put on it and build as a deluxe C20.
  8. The body will be soaked next year,I will just add a little detail to the body for now and stick it back on the shelf. I need to find the correct tail lights before I completely restore it,I needed some of the parts off the BBC for the longbed step side I do have soaking.
  9. I built it over 40 years ago and decided to tinker with it some,it really needs a complete restoration but that will come later so while some paint and glue is drying I am going to take the Keystones off along with the two piece slicks and going to put steel rims on with some one piece slicks. The BBC is coming out and a Pontiac engine is going it.
  10. I am needing the glass for that kit,mine has been apart a couple times for repaints and are not in good shape.
  11. Now to find a use for the box that came off it,its too heavy to use on a plastic model.
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