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  1. It runs and has went around the block,even with a good brake pedal nothing happens so everything is froze up.
  2. I found a box in the trunk with two reproduction parking light lenses and two NOS tail light lenses.
  3. Gave it a quick bath and found that the crank pulley and most of the bolts for the front of the engine are missing so a trip to the local old junkyard will happen soon,rear springs are sagging and found the old springs from a 65 Country Squire I had a few years ago to put in it.
  4. Now that I have the real thing I would like to have the model or will I have to settle for a promo.
  5. My 65 custom 500 just needs too much body work that I do not want to do so I bought this 65 Mercury that only needs quarter repairs,it has a fresh but never fired 390 and has a unusual 3 speed on the column with overdrive. This is going to be the old car I drive on long distance trips.
  6. There is one like mine in another color that they think is worth more.
  7. That 32 Caddy I got must be the common one made,seen a sedan and a 2 door convertible that the sellers were wanting way more money. Both of them had a starting or BIN price over 200 but I got mine for less then 25.
  8. Got a Danbury mint 32 caddy off ebay and will post pics when it arrives,not exactly what I go after but got it cheap so I could not pass it up.
  9. If there is a 97 and up p/u or 92 and up crown vic kit made they would have a more modern trans then a AOD.
  10. I noticed it did not look quite right but will give it a try,I got the switchers to look a little better so I will see what I can do with this one but probably will not be until fall when I can get to it. I am going to collect needed parts for it over the summer.
  11. After this virus BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH cools down I will go looking for a kit to get a 289.
  12. I think I am going to get that latest kit and just keep the rebuilder the way it is,I was wanting to find a 289 to drop in it but have not found one yet.
  13. It came with broken suspension so since the frame still has the spots for the original its going old school and with a flathead engine.
  14. I picked up a rebuilder that I think was the streetrod version,wanting to do it as a traditional hotrod so I picked up the stock suspension off Ebay but is this kit as bad as that switchers 32 Ford I just finished.
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