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  1. Testors brush paint

    I have also notice the bottles need to be stirred up before every use where years ago it did not need to be,looks like government got to them or they are trying to make them cheaper.
  2. Supposively there were less then 1000 made so I am building one with the sedan fenders and will try to get the 39 grille to look similar to the 40 standard version,I am using the chassis from the sedan I built back in the mid 70s and a Olds motor from a sedan kit. Was not going to build another 40 so soon after the others but I found the parts I needed and will build it while waiting on paint and glue to dry on other projects.
  3. Testors brush paint

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the paint seems to be thinner and needs more then one coat to look good,I do not remember it being like this years ago but I know nothing stays the same.
  4. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    I am glad to see there are more being built,here is a picture of all that I have. One stock coupe and another coupe with the custom grille on the 90s chopped top street rod chassis with the Pontiac motor,the stock chassis from it went under the 90s body with the 60s convertible parts. There is another 90s version with the 60s convertible parts and a ZZ Top coupe.
  5. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    Starting to look like a car
  6. 1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    Looks great and now I know what that sleeper cab I seen in a junkyard is.
  7. Opel GT, 1/25, AMT (Round2)

    Looking good,I built a AMT version back in the early 70s and would like to build another but I would get carried away and put a V8 in it now.
  8. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    Its in color,I really like that maroon and need to see if there is a blue that matches Washington blue for another projects
  9. Monogram 34 Ford convertible top

    I am looking for the convertible top from the early 60s 34 Ford coupe/convertible kit,I do have the bobbed rear and cycle front fenders to trade.
  10. 37 Ford sedan

    Trailer has been primed and painted,when it dries time to sand through the paint.
  11. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    In primer now and using the motor from the 40 p/u.
  12. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    I did not want to paint the body but I will have to so the fenders will match, its going to be painted Tamiya TS 11 which should be close with a black interior.
  13. 2 for1 34 Ford projects

    Convertible will be first and then the coupe.
  14. Beater 37 Ford

    I think the motor came from the AMT kit.
  15. Cheez Wiz 1955 Chevy update 1/14/18

    Being from Dayton Ohio I remember that car well.