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  1. I had a Revell 57 Nomad break trying to take it apart to restore,tried to repair but kept breaking so it got used for parts.
  2. Made a lighter duty truck 4 speed from the one in the Lindberg Dodge cabover then find the all black one I did not know I had,it will be going on the 300 six.
  3. The Mobius six will fit and will be using the rear step bumper from the 70 F 100,thinking about just rebuilding the chassis and leaving the body alone and do a little more detailing.
  4. Built it back in the mid 70s and was eventually going to get around to restoring it but the scenes Unlimited tires and rims came in so its going to be done sooner,I will get the tires tucked it better when I fix the suspension. I wish the original camper special rims were made since it could use some wider rims on the rear but these will do and thinking about putting the six from a Mobius kit in it,those tires are much better then what came with it.
  5. It has paint again and will be going togather shortly.
  6. I would love to see the original kit come back out,I do have one unbuilt that I am planning on building some day but would leave it alone if a new kit came out.
  7. Its a green I found at the part store,this was my second time using the chrome pen and did not come out as nice as I would like but it was the second time it had been painted and did not want to do it over again. I wish it would have came with the cheap chrome trim like the 2 door sedan which would have been easier for me to do.
  8. Its finally done,only took me a year to build
  9. As soon as the 57 Ford wagon is finished it will begin.
  10. It was on the porch when I got home from work,as son as I finish the 57 Ford wagon I will start on it. Going to be built as a 50s hotrod.
  11. I built one around 1977 and should still have it,yours might give me the motivation to restore it.
  12. Paint is off and need to get some primer and start over,I should have enough of that blue paint.
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