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  1. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    Its nice that I can see out of the rear window now.
  2. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    I am going to get the material monday to redo the interior in my 37 Chevy p/u so I think my model time this winter will be limited,I have been wanting to get it done for the last 10 years so time to do it while I have the money.
  3. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    Got the rear window in and turned out good so I hope my major projects are done and I can get back to my model table soon.
  4. Its about done,need to find some missing small parts
  5. 90s Revell/Monogram body with the 70s Monogram model A engine and the speed parts from the Revell 28 p/u kit,I was hoping to use the engine with the 60s stock coupe body to build a original 4 cylinder version but can not find the parts so a hotrod version is in the works.
  6. Ford big block ID help.

    Who ever designed it did not do a very good job.
  7. Revell 57 Chevy questions

    I am not too late to get it.
  8. Revell 57 Chevy questions

    Thanks for the info,I am building it as a salemsans car with the carbed engine,would love to find a six to put in it but I am going to use what I have.
  9. I picked up a open black widow kit that did not have instructions and noticed it has two firewalls and radiator/core supports so anyone know what he differences are.
  10. Ford big block ID help.

    That one looks to be more like a 460 but I have seen them that resemble both.
  11. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    My top is 56 years old and might snowball into a complete top and window if where it staples to the tack strip is brittle but this car has not sat outside much so I am hoping its still good enough. I am planning on sewing a new window to the existing curtain so it will still match the top and not look out of place,I have done this many times on newer window curtains but nothing this old.
  12. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    Yours needs a whole new top,I can just replace the window in mine. 04 was the last year for the mustang to have a two piece top where one or the other can be replaced.
  13. I do not know if I can get to my model table this winter

    I am going to do it in a garage with heat so it should not be too much trouble,I have been replacing tops for over 30 years and yes it can be a issue when cold but I can do it.
  14. Usually winter is my building time but I tore up the trans in one of my old cars on a trip to Florida over thanksgiving and its snowballing into a bigger project,I think I have the trans working but I am finding other things to do to it so it looks like I might be in the garage all winter. Working on installing a bigger trans cooler right now that in my younger days would have been done by now but still working on it and its a convertible with a top and rear window that were installed in 63 and I can barely see out of the window so its going to get a new rear window this winter.
  15. AMT 28 Ford roadster

    Picked up this one for the windshield frame and looks like it might end up as another build.