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  1. Just got a bunch of Monogram 34 coupe parts off Ebay so now I will be able to have a stock height roof and hood.
  2. I would like to make it a Zephyer and it looks like the roof from the 36 coupe might be a good start and with the trunk from a 40 coupe.
  3. I really like the Monograms molded in solid colors,the metallics are not so good and need to be painted.
  4. I really wanted to keep the original body but I messed it up 40 years ago. Since its the same era body its not so bad.
  5. Its got a new body,found one not painted and no excess glue so it went on my repainted chassis and got the originals interior. I got it for the lower chrome pieces that mine was missing but this body was too nice to cut up for a custom so I will make the custom out of the rough original body.
  6. After looking at the body a little more closely I am now going to use the body from the parts car,my rough body will be used for the custom I want to build. The original body is just way too rough so it will be perfect to cut up,many repaints have done much damage.
  7. When the rear of body is smoothed out it will lower the body where the rear of top under the window attaches so the top will have to be modified.
  8. This will most likely be next winters project since I have plenty to do this winter,I am going to gather the parts to do it now. I have the top from the 50 Ford convertible somewhere and would like to see how it fits.
  9. I have a extra body to play with and never liked the trunk area,since a Zephyer or how ever its spelled was made thinking about putting the trunk area from a 40 Ford coupe on it. Also thinking about shortening the top and making provisions for quarter windows,anyone ever customize a Continental like that.
  10. It was Testors silver,I do not know what I was thinking back then but I used alot of it.
  11. I presume they are a tad bit smaller but would like to see a Monogram six first.
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