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  1. I was looking at the regular stores.and looking mainly at spray paints.
  2. I have a beater build in the works and wanting to use flat paint for a faded look,I can get flat black and maybe white but looking for other flat colors and have not found any yet. Can get satin but wanting flat.
  3. I am thinking about not painting it and just add some detail to the interior to match the color the body is molded in,it is missing half of the stock engine parts so that is why I am going to try to find the hopped up flathead from the 70s version.
  4. If I can not find a engine from the 70s and newer kits I do have the Olds engine from the early Monogram 32 Ford coupe kit.
  5. Picked up unbuilt mid 60s kit and it's going to get built,it was missing the optional parts so I am going to get some parts from the 70s and later kits. Most likely will be built as a stock looking convertible but with a hot engine under the hood.
  6. Picked up the early 60s Monogram 36 Ford kit off eBay today,it's unbuilt and open and probably missing parts but will use parts off the later kits to build. I bought it hoping there will be some parts I could use on the 34 unbuilt kit that I want to use only all 60s on it.
  7. Something came up and could not use the tires I had originally planned on using and should be done soon.
  8. It's nice until the battery catches fire then it's time to burn to the ground,the fire departments need to invest in equipment that will but out battery fires much quicker.
  9. Went in the hobby shop and got one can of Testors spray paint and two small bottles of brush paint and was a little over 16 dollars with tax,joked with the owner that those days of a 35 cent bottle of paint are long gone.
  10. It was given to me so I am going to do something with it,front suspension was missing and found what looks to be a Camaro front suspension I had in the parts bin and going to use the optional 413 from the 49 Merc. Removed the running boards and do have the tail lights and smoother optional bumpers coming off Ebay and debating on grabbing a better interior. Its going to be built as a work in progress with primered and other color body parts.
  11. Still looking for the rear bumper,I have found the stock hood.
  12. The cab came loose so I can take it to the paint store and see what they can do.
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