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  1. I could use a set of the 32 fenders if they are still available
  2. This is the engine a 34 came with from the factory,the one I found in my parts stash is one like this with finned heads and dual carbs and would like to know what kit it came from as I never built one with the first generation flathead that had speed equipment.
  3. I just looked in my parts bins and found a 32 to 36? flathead with the water pumps on the heads that has finned heads and a 3 carb intake,it looks to be from a AMT kit and who knows what its from but it looks like I have the parts I need and did not know it.
  4. Would like to build my Monogram 34 Ford in a late 40s look so were there any 40 to 48 Fords built in 1/24 that I can grab tires,rims and hubcaps from or anyone making them. I want to keep the wires for a stock build in the future.
  5. I wish this kit would have older speed equipment,the optional parts have a late 50s vibe and I am wanting it to be late 40s.
  6. I might be one of the builders the OP was mentioning,I am not a pro builder but try to build that look decent and do not get into much detail. I like clean and simple builds and my eyes are not like they were when I was a teenager so that it why I do not get into serious details,I build in a basement and over a winter will try to get it a little brighter so maybe I can start getting into those small details again.
  7. I would not pay any more for them since I would never use the decals.
  8. I got a late 60s 32 roadster that has the dual spares in the fenders that I do not like so can I use the fenders from any of the other 32 kits,trying to build a mid to late 40s hotrod with a hopped up 4 banger.
  9. My 34 kit is 1/24 and if my memory is correct the 36 kit has the 38 to 48 style engine with aluminum heads and 3 carbs like the 40 p/u
  10. Just picked up the mid 60s 34 Ford coupe kit and would like to make it a sleeper so I was wondering if there are speed parts that will fit the original flathead in any other kit or will I have to use the engine from the 36 or 40 p/u,not wanting to put a OHV engine in it.
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