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  1. Finished the conversion of this Danbury mint Budwiser truck to a flat bed.
  2. That non acetate polish remover works great,got the lettering removed from two and others to do.
  3. I had thought about using that tank but then I would have to fabricate a bottom and extend the frame out some but not wanting to get into that and cutting the AMT tank off would be the least work,I think I will just build the Revell version the next time since it will not need the improvements this one does.
  4. I do not think those will work unless I had the chassis for it too,I think I might try to find some junk AMT fenders to cut a tank off of.
  5. Yes that kit is a joke but I am going to see if I can make something out of it.
  6. For one I did not know Revell made one and secondly I got it for free.
  7. The only problem I have with this kit as it does not have a gas tank so the rear does not look right,I can put up with the cheesy chassis but the no gas tank needs to be changed if brought back out.
  8. I got enough parts where I think I can build the pheaton too.
  9. Trying to make the sedan from the AMT switchers kit look normal so I am needed a gas tank.
  10. Trying to make a normal 32 2 door sedan from the switchers kit,going to look like a 50s hotrod on the outside but with a later model 302 and AOD for power.
  11. Thinking about selling my collection but I do not have anything close to that.
  12. I think I am going to use parts from a usual AMT 32 when I can find a some junk fenders to cut up,I do have a pair from the early roadster kit with the dual side mounts that I do not like but someone might be able to use them so I will not destroy them.
  13. I am going to build that kind of goofy AMT 32 Ford 2 door sedan kit and want it to look like a 32 in all aspects so it needs a gas tank,what is out there that I can use.
  14. Got this one just for one hub cap,the tail gate and front suspension were broken but put it back togather. I will find a rim to put the spare back on.
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