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  1. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic AMT MOUNT 'N GOAT Jeep Commando   

    I'm not positive, but wouldn't the engine out of the Revell-Monogram Jeep J-10 pickup(Pink Poison, Rancho, etc, etc) be correct?
    I realize that it's 1/24th instead of 1/25th, but it could easily be shrunk some if deemed necessary by scraping block, head and various other surfaces down slightly.
  2. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Richard Petty builds model cars ?   

    I've visited his museum before. He also has had quite a few models donated from people who have built various replicas of his famous #43 through the years.
  3. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic REVELL 48 FORD CUSTOM   

    Sure beats the heck out of trying to chop the top on an IMC 46-48 Ford! I bet they are going to sell a ton of these.
  4. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic New engine models from Hawk   

    They really are nice, it's just they have the same problem that I had with 1/18th scale. They take up so much room I could for the more typical 1/24-25th scale things. Very tempting though and I'm just glad to see the name Hawk back on the shelves, even if just for the nostalgia factor.
  5. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Making Door & Hood Hinges   

    Very nice! Sometimes the traditional wire hinge just isn't correct in appearance for some applications.
    Not that I've installed that many of either on any of my builds,lol!
  6. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Is It A Fake?   

    That's another one of those subjects that I'd love to see done as a curbside to help cost costs.
    Now all we need is a 71-72 Riviera to tow it with!
  7. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Revell SSP Austin Healey 100-Six   

    I have an earlier release too, about 80% done that I need to get back to. One thing on the multi-piece body. I used liquid cement which allowed me to slightly squeeze the glue joints, which if carefully done would leave just a slight bead of plastic which you could scrape smooth when cured.
    Toughest part was the front and back gravel pans, IIRC, I filled most of those gaps with pieces of kit sprue using again, liquid cement.
  8. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic 55 Corvette Review   

    I built one of these back in the day. The only thing I noticed that I wasn't quite happy with was it set a little high. Anyone building this may want to check ride height before final assembly. The glue on tail fins will need a little smoothing up around the joints too. Careful trimming and assembly here can save some body prep time.
  9. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Revell '57 Cadillac   

    The kit is dated, but where else are you going to get a 57 Cadillac Eldorado in 1/25th scale?
    Better than nothing, better than collector prices too.
  10. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Prius Model Kit - Preorders taken   

    I'm no Toyota fan by any means. However, in my scale parking lot, everyone is welcome. The kit is timely, if they are going to release one, now is the time, not 5 years later when something new has come along and this has became passe.
  11. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic The Chrysler from Hell is at the dealer....   

    I guess this is the smear mouth trash Mopars thread.
    Mine run fine, always have and the Chrysler's I've bought in the past that had a problem and were supposed to be "junk!!!" had a problem that could be traced down to either neglect, abuse or mechanical incompetence. All ran fine after taking care of a former owner's poor care.
    I guess you folks like Toyotas with broken frames, Hondas that the wheels fall off of, Chevrolets with blown motors, etc, etc....
    And Jello? I'm getting ready to take my daughter to summer school in my Grand Caravan with just under 180K miles, and it's low miles compared to my ol 86 Plymouth Reliant with 400K and the several slant sixes I've had with almost that many miles. I've had more Mopars with over 200K than I can count.
    You guys better stick to glue and plastic, I can tell most of you haven't had a wrench in your hand much. Funny thing is, if something else was being trashed, I'd expect a moderator to step in.
  12. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Duty Sucks   

    Just want to say , thank you for your service! Also, don't worry about ghosts, if you actually did really experience one, it'd just be proof of life after death. I've been in some creepy places but have never experienced a haunt in such a way that I could unequivocally state I had seen a ghost. I do live next door to a graveyard, btw...
  13. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic Chrysler Van Problems-Can ANY ONE HELP ?   

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but in this case, I've never ran into this problem, either on my own 2000 or my daughter's 98 Caravans. Sounds to me like Dodge-Tech has the right idea, always good to get the codes checked on any late model vehicle before you run down a bunch of blind alleys. One quick check you may do is find the fitting for checking the pressure on the fuel injection. A pressure gauge is nice, but just like a tire valve, if you press it carefully, some pressure will relieve and you may even get some fuel. If not, then either the fuel pump has gone bad or something wrong in the system that turns it on. If nothing else, pop off the baffling for the air cleaner and give it a small shot of ether, if it runs on that for awhile, or keeps running, obviously you've got a problem in the fuel system. If not, check the ignition and electronics.
    However, I think that getting the codes checked is a good idea, regardless.
  14. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic New Model company Announced!   

    Scary to read, after hearing this plus the stories of how the JoHan tooling got systematically trashed, it's amazing we have any old tools at all. You'd think they'd take better care of those assets, that's the true identity of the company.
    I'm still wondering if Rev/Mon will ever get their act together on the 62 Chrysler tooling, though I expect that's another nightmarish tale, truth be known.
  15. Phil Patterson added a post in a topic 49/50 plymouth business coupe   

    And what a disappointment that was! I'm a huge Lee Petty fan and would love to have an accurate representation of about any of his cars or other early 50s Plymouths in 1/24-25th. The diecast is just wrong, though as pointed out previous, might be good for parts.
    Good luck with your project, I thought I saw a similar resin by a seller on eBay named miteymouse. He usually carries some of the more unusual cars of the early 50s and 60s.