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  1. Yes, I would like to have a long bed for 73-77 GM pickups. Gary B.
  2. Revell '50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 2'n1

    You guys are griping about the fact that Revell brought out a kit of something that has never been done! Maybe you would just as well not see any new stuff! I remember guys having a fit because there were not any new kits. Maybe you would like a repeat of those years! Gary B.
  3. 5 model cars or trucks you wish were made.

    '56 or '57 Lincoln Premier--'56 Mercury-'58 Ford-'60 Ford pickup- LONG BOX '60-'66 Chevy pickup GAry B.
  4. full name

    1. gfb


      Hide my full name, please.

  5. What gets you going?

    I like Chevys, Fords, and Plymouths from the 30's through the 60's. Corvettes really turn me on. Gary B.
  6. AMT 49 Olds?

    I stand corrected. Thanks-no more comments. Gary B.
  7. AMT 49 Olds?

    Hi, AMT really didn't have much choice then as the hired help went on strike and AMT never recovered from it. Lensy bought them out and AMT went downhill from then until Ertl got ahold of them. Now that RC2 has them we are seeing more of the oldtime AMT attitude. If indeed the Olds was a die-cast, chances are we will see a plastic model of the Olds. Just my opinion. Gary B. P.S. Sorry I got that wrong. It happened when Ertl sold out to the Hot Wheels group.
  8. What kit did these tail lights come from ?

    Hi, They are also part of the original AMT '55 Nomad kit. Gary B.
  9. Your all time top favorite model?

    Hi, AMT '58 Chevy Impala. Gary B.
  10. Model Cars Magazine #154

    Hi, Got mine here in South Dakota today. GREAT MAGAZINE!! Sure is a good thing to have 2 model car magazines as it makes both of them better. The arrival date doesn't really bother me as it says on my subscription when it runs out (10-01-11)and that means it will last longer. Should get the last one in December of '11 then. Gary B.
  11. AMT vs. REVELL

    Hi--AMT-SMP is the reason I got into automotive model building. That was in 1959. At that point in time they were the only company that offered models that looked like the real thing. Yes, they were unassembled promotional models, but they went together well and got me started building. At that time Revell had multipiece bodies, without glass. Revell had the best airplane models then. In 1963, I bought a Monogram 1955 Chevy 2 door hardtop. I was disappointed to say the least. The car went together fine, but it did not have the stock wheel covers. Needless to say that was the last one of that brand I bought until the 1980's. I tried another Revell car in 1966. It was a 1956 Chevy 2 door sedan. The detail was great, but the fit for a green hand like me was terrible. Right now Revell does have the best selection, but only because AMT fired their great developmental team. My 2 cents. Gary B.
  12. Lindberg Kits?

    Hi, My opinion.. the '61 Impalas both hardtops and convertibles were a pleasure to build. Sure the first issue was not completely accurate, but hay it was fun to put on my shelf beside by original issue AMT convertible. When the "new" retool of the '61 Impala hardtop came out, it too found its way to my collection. I liked those 2 kits so much that I bought and built the '61 convertible when it came out. Now I have 2 kits of each the convertible and the hardtop waiting to be built. The new Lindberg line of 1/25 kits impressed me enough the buy and build the '53 Fords. I'm in the process of building the '66 Chevelle SS 396. It is every bit as good a kit as the AMT and Revell '67 Chevelle SS 396 kits. As a matter of fact the decals are a notch above the Revell Chevelle decals. I kick myself for not buying the '64 Plymouth Belevdere kit when it was available. Lindberg and Revell-Monogram have come a long way since the late 50's. Just goes to show what competion from the likes of SMP, AMT, JoHann, and MPC can do for kit improvements. Thanks for letting me sound off. GFB
  13. Hi-just my 2 cents. If I remember right the AMT '58 was tooled in '61 or '62. My brother and I each bought and built a '58. We were happy with the kit and the results we got. In l963, Monogram came out with a '55 BelAir kit, number PC83-198. I bought one and built it. It was a fine kit, but I was disappointed as the stock wheel covers were not in the kit. It was not as detailed as the AMT kit. Revell at the same period of time was producing one piece body kits. They were fine, but again not as detailed as AMT kits. Forward to the present. The Revell '58 has its merits. It is as easy to build as the old '58-'60 AMT-SMP kits. Revell finally got the '55 BelAir kits right with the convertibles and the new hardtop. Again I am happy to have both companies offering us kits. Its too bad that AMT fell on hard times with the management they had of late. They have brought us many kits other companies other than Linberg would not venture into. Thanks for reading my ramblings. GFB