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  1. I built this in tribute to my late dad and his truck he used on the farm
  2. The figures are American Diorama. I got them on ebay
  3. Yes the tires came with the kit
  4. The General is finally done. I've been working on this one for the last year so it's been a while since I've posted here. Hope y'all like it.
  5. I never use the same process for making rust. I constantly come up with different methods using oils, acrylics, powders, sponge's and brushes etc.
  6. Never use Windex or other cleaners that have ammonia in them. Ammonia will attack the plating on the inside of the airbrush and cause it to corrode over time. I destroyed two new Passche Talons before I figured this out.
  7. Been awhile since I posted anything. Here's my latest Mack.
  8. The engine was weathered to match the truck. The pic shown was taken when I was test fitting the engine before I weather it.
  9. This was built from an AMT kit. I put the original flathead on the pallet and installed a 409 with two fours.
  10. I got some great models at my local Ollie's. The chopper and Grand Prix were $9.99 and the chase Elliot was $3.99 I always remove the big orange Ollie price sticker's before I put them in my stash heap?
  11. Being a moonshine diorama builder myself this is a great build you've done. I wish more people would do moonshine builds.
  12. Mike, This is one of the best builds I've seen in a long while. It takes a lot of talent to build a daily driver and make it look that realistic. There's nothing more satisfying to me than to build something that's been used and abused. Tommy
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