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  1. Welcome back. You going "box stock" on the first one out of the gate? Post pictures when you can.
  2. I think your a manic with that blade... nice work opening her up. Very clean. Keep pics coming!
  3. Scored a perfect condition #75 Scale Auto rag off ebay, came today...
  4. a small update from my build desk. The GTO has been hacked apart, started with a small backhalf job then felt it needed more...so a full frame has begun. I have kept the side rails so there is some GTO in there. I go for a late 80's early 90's style Pro Street look - stock looking body, Big motor with blower...etc. I started a second poject Pro Street "car".... well okay it's a Toyota truck. hay why not?
  5. wow, that is really coming along great! The door line moved helps alot... keep posting progress pictures. .
  6. You could run the Alt off the rear pinion and place battery in the trunk...
  7. Can I play along? Here is one I have been wanting to build. A 2004 GTO. Still not sure on what motor to drop in, I have many TF & FC HEMI blocks... maybe pull the Pontiac mnt motor from a PS kit.
  8. Dollar stores sell these, I have been storing like this for years now... Good to see I am not alone.
  9. Named the hand built Teardrop trailer I constructed back in 2003, SnuzBox and have CA plate on it that says it too,,, so just stuck i guess. As for the picture, that's my full kustom '49 Chevy I am building.
  10. Wow, someone is into road racers! Nice stash.
  11. Great work, looks perfect. You got skills.
  12. "I wanna sit in back, more headroom and I am 6'4".... called it!" Nice build! Great finished product.
  13. Dr Kerry, what you need are a few kits... your stash is getting thin.
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