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  1. Kool Aid / Country Time Grand Prix

    everyone's builds look great!
  2. Kool Aid / Country Time Grand Prix

    This is one I did last year (a different version): work in progress with this link: http://badscaleracing2.com/index.php?topic=1361.0 Jamie
  3. Dremel Tool Saw wheel

    Why the grumpy response, Harry?
  4. U-JOINTS.

    I don't think he was ripping you. He was just saying that the project wasn't going to be too hard. Take a chill pill, bud. He also mentioned how you could do it.
  5. new "windshield" or window net?

    For a window net, MCG makes a template with everything you need.
  6. Dale Jr's 2007 Bud Patriotic Monte Carlo

  7. Done for NNL East

    Thanks guys, muchly appreciated!
  8. Done for NNL East

    I managed to build this in time for the NNL East. I literally pulled an all-nighter and finished a half an hour before I left to go. I was contemplating building the large scale Poncho when Dave built his. I asked him, Jay, Clay, and TJ a MILLION questions, and I just wanted to thank them. I can officially say that this was the biggest pain in the ass build I have ever done. You were right, Dave. I had to scratch built and / or modify pretty much everything, including the fuel cell / entire trunk area, roll cage, engine, etc. a BIG thank you to patto @ www.pattosplace.com Feel free to comment - good or bad. List of stuff: AMT 1/16 kit, Tamiya blue & Tamiya yellow, Patto's Place decals, mesh grills, window net made from plaster netting (the stuff you use to fix plaster walls) Detail Master line scratch built fuel filler hood hinges on front & back Again, thanks guys! jamie
  9. 03 #87 ditech.com Kyle Busch Rookie Busch ride

    Why is it pearl? the original was basic black...no?
  10. RIR Pontiac NASCAR

    So, i guess you must love the COTs. What most people refer to when they say Pontiac's is the body shell. Of course they are generic GM setups. So, if you want to be that minute & say that there weren't Pontiac's since the 80's, that's fine. But i think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. No offense, but if he had said, "here is a generic GM platform NASCAR", we would have probably asked him what he was talking about and let him know he built a PONTIAC.
  11. Kevin Harvick 06 Outdoor Channel M/C

    Nice job man! I haven't seen that scheme yet. Looks great! Jamie
  12. 2006 Monte Carlo SS

    Not that bad for a first-timer! 1. Use better brushes if you must paint with them. I use Sable brushes. 2. You might want to try a different brand of paint. Model Master makes a great line of Acryl paints that go on smooth. 3. Try painting the pieces with Tamiya spray instead of brush painting. I only brush paint the finest details. Hope this helps...
  13. Cracked Windsheild?

    That's going to haze the plastic. I know you don't want to do it, but I recommend a clear sheet of plastic and use that.
  14. Jr's 2008 Nationwide Daytona Ride

    Beautious. Brilliant. Etc. Already commented on this beauty and I LOVE IT!
  15. Dave Marcis's 2001 Team RealTree

    Ohhh..gotcha....but it was regular black, right?