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  1. I agree. I'd be more excited about this kit if they would have retooled the original custom wheels. Luckily I got mine on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
  2. I almost didn't open this post because I feared an assault upon my eyes. But my curiosity got the best of me and I am glad it did. This is a rock solid cool and well done beetle. Uber nice build! I love it.
  3. I'm talking about the Monogram 1/24th scale Bel Air and matching Nomad. The Revell 1/25 57s with the opening everything have their own issues but are still much more accurate than the Monogram versions.
  4. The Monogram 55 Chevy has nothing in common with the 56 kit. It was done in the early 1960s. While it does come with its own (minor) issues, it has way better proportions than the 56. While we looking at other kits, as bad as the 56 is, the 57 is even worse. The 56 is at least fixable with a little surgery.
  5. I've always thought the new tool AMT 57 was under-rated. The only shortcoming is I think they put too small of tires on it. Yours is a gorgeous build and the color combo is just what i would pick. Nice job!
  6. You are more than welcome to your opinion. But I am just entitled to disagree and offer a counterpoint to your opinion. You don't need to sound like people are blind because they aren't as concerned about those metal axles as you are. Condescension is a sad and pitiful attitude to have. Also, I don't think dont "think or pretend it's the best kit ever" either. That's just your imagination driving down the wrong street. But it certainly was one of the best for the time period it came out in. And certainly not "horrible" today. You seem to have spent your entire day trying to convince people that they are stupid if they buy one. How's that working out for you?
  7. But if you want a Commodore 64 it's the only game in town! But seriously, I just dont see the need to bash reissues of old kits. And true you can spend all your free time and energy plus money scratch building an axle, but you still need the T bucket to put it on.
  8. Except for the Monogram T bucket, (which also lacks brake drum detail unless you can afford a Little T or SweeTee) it's the only game in town if you want the classic V8-60 style tubular front axle. And to me, nothing looks better on the front of a T bucket. Revell's front axles dont look all that old school to me. They are best hidden under fenders. The older Monogram Deuce axles are much better in that regard for anything other than a T bucket. Anyway, different strokes for different folks, but no need to slam a classic.
  9. I think Casey meant the roadster body might not be included. Kind of like the Ertl versions that didn't include the coupe body. Or the Street Rods issue with the Tall T coupe body and no roadster body. Everything else was there. The Moon discs are kn a separate tree. I guess we'll see in a month or so...
  10. What's wrong with the suspension? You get a nicely done V8-60 tubular front axle for the front and a Halibrand quick change for the rear. While I agree that Lincoln is niether fish nor fowl it has has some great parts, including the Latham blower. The steelies are chrome, so those are always welcome. (I'm using 40 Ford wheels on the build in thr photo.) It's been 9 years since the last issue, so I will definitely be picking up at least one.
  11. I knew that art looked familiar. Retouched version of the 1964 issue Tall T side panel art. My photo is not quite straight on, so it looks a little off, but if you have one on hand, you can see. Chopped, different wheels and removed the Moon tank. Clever. Also clever is the homage to John Mueller on the door.
  12. I hope you are wrong, but if yiu aren't, i have plenty of extra roadster bodies. I just hope it has the Moon disks.
  13. That kit, along with the two 57 Chevy kits are very poorly proportioned. Too tall of roofs, too long of front wheel openings, etc. If you want a 56, I'd pick up the very nice newer tool Revell tudor post. I'd even take the 60s era Revell tudor over that hot mess.
  14. Looking good. Great execution and cool subject. I'm sure your friend is thriiled with it.
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