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  1. '57 VW rag top

    Been a while since I've seen the tell-tale granite counter top! Gorgeous Beetle, Paul!
  2. Dodge Dart 62, hardtop. Johan. Red.

    Looking good!
  3. AMT '60 Chevy pick up

    Looking good, Paul. I'm eying doing one of those up as a stepside.
  4. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    A friend of mine saw a rendering of a Tom Daniel proposal to Monogram for a kit update of the Woody Wagon. That would have been pretty interesting to see.
  5. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    That's because they weren't in the first issue. They were included in several subsequent issues up until the Street Rods issue came out.
  6. 1941 Zephyr coupe

    That build looks like a wet dream.
  7. 1954 Mercury Monterey wagon

    You're a master, Paul. I've admired your Ebay pieces for years. Gorgeous conversion.
  8. Amt 36 Ford?

    My guess is that the slots went away around the time the chopped coupe went away. But I could be wrong. Just for posterity, the original issue was also molded in light blue. Unfortunately my example is incomplete and missing the wheels.
  9. Only a tool insert away. If the market warrants it, you'll see it.
  10. 1971 Datsun 1200

    One of my first cars. Loved it! Another gorgeous build Paul!
  11. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    While the majority seem to have been molded in red, there are a decent number of the light blue ones around. I have heard of a few molded in gray and in black as well, but have never seen them. I have 2 red ones and two blue ones. One of those blue ones is going to get the plastic polished and built as a tow truck, using the original decals - no paint. I had one like that as a kid. One of the others will be a box art build. That said, I'm still in for a couple of the new ones.
  12. '69 Mustangs....

    My thoughts exactly. They should have fixed the fenders too. But, in light of the rarity of the AMT kit, the much improved Revell offering is and will likely continue to be the only game in town. At least the new design is more tolerable.
  13. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    I just noticed from this box bottom photo that it appears Round2 either retooled or found the original glass tool for this kit. The AMT windshield is a better fit and the headlight lense detail is more accurate than the Lindberg set. Plus the lenses for the tow service lights have returned. Lindberg on the left, original AMT on the right.
  14. AMT Surf Woody

    Yep, and we won't even get started on the small block "396" in the Monogram Bad Man. Or did I just do that again? LOL...