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  1. Looking good, Bernard, Both the valve covers and the cycle fenders are different between the 1st issue (your box art) and the second issue kit, which Mr Moto based his on. Both front and rear cycle fenders are narrower, and the fronts have the brackets already molded to them. AMT added some rather heavy handed bolt detail to the second issue valve covers. The 53 Truck valve covers are nice, providing you don't mind that they are Desoto instead Chrysler FirePower. The Lindberg roadster pickup and 32 Roadster kits both have a tri carb setup with the baloney cut stacks that are identical to the AMT piece. (Most of the engine in both kits is a direct crib from AMT) One of them might even have a blower that's close. I'd be happy to scan an original decal sheet for you when I get home from my work trip next week, if you like. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress!
  2. Hi Bernard, That's a project that's been on my bucket list for a while. I'd also heavily considered using a Revell kit myself, but in the end, given my love for old plastic will use some of my basket case original issue kits. If you get a chance, check out the frame mods I did on my box 5 window coupe. I'd steer away from that Vicky front axle and use the Monogram Deuce axle instead. It's a super nice dropped beam axle with early Ford hyd brake backing plates. I've never had any issues with those old decals (even without clearing them. I agree about the box art too. The coupe is like a 5 o'clock Friday job with no headlight mounts, and no frame rails behind the front wheels! But oh so cool anyway. I still need to finish it. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/135813-amt-trophy-series-deuce-5-window-box-art-replica/
  3. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Keep in mind this kit was originally tooled as a promo in 1967. That was pretty much state of the art back then.
  4. You still have models built long ago?

    Thanks! It's Plastkote Metalflake Green, and I think it's still available (in a different can design). I didn't clear it because I didn't the first time. https://www.plastikote.com/products/Specialty/Metal-Flake.html
  5. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

    Another detail I'm adding is the chromed voltage regulator that is only on the box art. I made a firewall out of .030" Evergreen sheet, and wondered for a while where I was going find that regulator or I would have to make one. While looking at someone's show coverage I discovered that the Monogram 32 Roadster has exactly what I need. I ground down the back side of the firewall with a Dremel until it was paper thin, then trimmed around the regulator with my trusty Xacto. A little dab with a Molotow marker and voila.
  6. 1957 Thunderbird.

    Looking good Tulio!
  7. You still have models built long ago?

    I had some basket case builds from my teens slated for restoration that our movers seem to have lost along with some other stuff. I have a good number of vintage survivors built by others if those count.
  8. You still have models built long ago?

    I was actually 16 when I built it. Thanks for the compliment!
  9. 1/25 AMT '65 Chevy II Hardtop

    You're welcome. I should have mentioned that convertibles and hard tops came out of the same tool, with an insert change to make the difference.
  10. You still have models built long ago?

    Love that one! It's on my bucket list. I built one when it first came out. But it definitely wasn't box stock. The next one will be just like the box art. Yours is gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration! PS: this one was in pieces too. Put them back together and let's see em!
  11. 1/25 AMT '65 Chevy II Hardtop

    Whenever an AMT kit of that era had hardtop and convertible variants, they pretty much always shared a convertible interior tub with no hardtop specific tub.
  12. AMT/Round-2 reissue of '67 Shelby GT-350

    AMT 58 Edsel has the same problem, only worse.
  13. AMT 1939/1940 Ford Sedan

    One of the reasons the hood trim isn't that great is the way the tool is designed. They had to allow some draft so the hood wouldn't get stuck in the mold. It's always been faint from day one. I'm gonna buy at least one myself.
  14. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

    That's way cool! And I just happen to have both of those books!