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  1. That was true until about 1975. When AMT did the Street Rods issue of the 25 T kit (with a Coupe body only), they performed some reworking of the tool. Besides revising the custom taillights (for the worse IMHO) they deleted the chromed hubcaps (now hubcaps are molded to the new wheel) and made the wheel/tire assembly two piece with the separate 'rubber' tires. All AMT '25 T kits subsequent to that issue have the two piece tires. otherwise your review is correct.
  2. Near straight, except this one can also be built stock. I hope Hobby Lobby gets some in. I could use a couple.
  3. The one somebody posted a little earlier in the thread. Actually looks like it went down. We'll have to see where the price sits when it's released. https://www.diecastdirect.com/product/17851/Pre-Orders
  4. Agreed. And the MSRP appears to be a bit lower than claimed above. It's actually MSRP: $26.99. Previously, ebay or swap meets were the only game in town if you have to have a 63 Nova wagon. Now you have an additional choice you didn't have before. A minty fresh one for 27 bucks, or agin, you can go on ebay and spend considerably more for one plus shipping. I have no complaints
  5. My best wishes to you and Gregg on a successful relaunch. I will also look forward to seeing the writer's guidelines. I contributed in several aspects a decade and a half or so ago, and would be very happy to assist again. I hope that getting retail distribution again will be part of the plan. Pōmaikaʻi!
  6. To me, the 1/24th scale Monogram based Satellite/GTX runs a distant second to the MPC 71 RoadRunner. The grille is too tall i the headlight area, for one. While the MPC kit has its shortcomings, as well as being out of production for over 30 years (I don't think they realize they still have the tool) but it presents a much more pleasing shape in my eye. Speaking of Dom's GTX, Hot Wheels has a pretty nice one in their premium line (although it appears to have been scaled down from the Monogram kit.) But the fit and finish are super nice.
  7. Looks great Tim! I love the color combo. I wonder if were someone to try it in the future how it might work to overlay the red graphics over the white graphics (if the kit comes with them) so the thin border strips would show up better. The headlights look great, and your use of the white pearl rather than solid white mixed with the clear looks like an idea worth trying out. Now I'm going to have to finish this one! (I only started it about 25 years ago or so... I want to go Day 2 with it as well. With some Keystone Klassics. And definitely want to get the 74.
  8. Yes. per what I said in the post, Most box art builds for Ertl were done sans glass, as it induced glare and distortion. Instead, the retouchers airbrushed (and later Photoshopped) the glass in. If you look at the Revell 48 Ford Coupe kit, it appears that Revell did the same thing on that kit. Thank you for the kind words. I'm still just thrilled to have one of my box art cars back.
  9. Beautiful build, Richard. Love the color.
  10. Gary, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the detail painting on the blower and the chrome factory valve covers, which give it a period late 60s early 70s vibe. And then there's that paint. Having seen your paint jobs in person, photos don't do them justice. What do you clear coat them with?
  11. Nice job on an under-appreciated kit!
  12. Manuel, I don't know how I missed this post, but what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I took the liberty of sharing the link to it for Faux-vivor Friday on the Scale Survivors Group. The more I look at it, the more eye candy I see. Great eye for detail. Beautiful!
  13. I was going to add that part of the story not long after after I had posted it, but the original post is no longer editable. Here is where the story gets even more interesting. back in January, I met an amazing model builder/painter named Gary Seeds. He was packing up his swap meet haul, which included the Chevrolet Classics three car set. I mentioned as an aside to Gary that that I had built the box art cars for that set, and that it was one of the few boxes I didn't have. Gary instantly dumped the contents of the box into another box, and gave me the box art I was lacking. Little did I know that a few months later I would be reunited with my favorite car of the set. Thanks a million for the box, Gary and it was great to make your acquaintance! Sorry it took so long to see your comment. Just spotted it today.
  14. I built both of these box art cars. Even the test shots were molded in gray. I have a couple on hand. I like the JGG box art. Just not real keen on the green plastic. Not a deal breaker.
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