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  1. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Lindberg Diamond Duster Wilhem's Wonder King "T"   

    Most of the XR6 bits bit the dust when AMT converted the tool to build "My Mother the Car". That said, it would be interesting to see just how much of those parts still exist of either version.
  2. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1957 Del Rio   

    I like it a lot! What's the paint on this little sweetie?
  3. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Lindberg Diamond Duster Wilhem's Wonder King "T"   

    Not real familiar with the Diamond Duster, but I wouldn't put it past Round2 to bring that one back.
    The Wilhelm's Wonder and King T are different stories. The tools that those came from were extensively modified to create other show rod kits. (Someone else here can probably give you the list). 
    I won't say never, but it would be likely a fairly labor intensive/pricey undertaking for Round2. And yes, I'd love to see those come back, too.
  4. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Vintage Kit Review: AMT's Other 1/25th '57 Thunderbird   

    I have that baby blue one too. That would be the one I'm thinking of.
  5. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Vintage Kit Review: AMT's Other 1/25th '57 Thunderbird   

    I do have a Craftsman/Trophy Jr T-Bird that has no skirts. Apparently they did it both ways at some point. If mine pops up on me (haven't seen it in a while), I'll post pics.
  6. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    I spoke with John Mueller back in 2013 at a car show in Maquoketa Iowa. He told me that Round2 had brought him in to go through each and every mold/tool they had. While I am not at liberty to say just what they found, I can tell you that a few things that were thought to have been lost forever are still there, and we'll probably see them at some point. So Round2 does have a pretty good handle on what they have.
    And just in case you are tempted to PM me and ask, sorry, but I can't tell you. All I can say is just keep buying what they make, and you will see some pretty cool stuff come out of the next few years.
  7. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"   

    Actually, according to Collectormodel.com, the Reactor Wheels shown on the old box cover are being recreated. The kit will also come with red glass, both skinny and wide cheater slicks, a set of wide whitewall tires, and a set of Goodyear Polyglas GTs.   http://www.collectormodel.com/category/round2-models/#sthash.71pbjl4L.dpbs  I'll need a few of these for my stash!
  8. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '57 Ford Hardtop News   

    The Flashback version had the addition of an incorrect injector manifold, as Mark correctly states, as well as an equally incorrect set of tube headers that would be more accurate on an FE (390, 427, etc) engine. They also added a set of unplated reversed wheels for the rear. I vaguely remember possibly some traction bars too, but I don't remember for sure. I would like to see Round2 tool up some accurate parts, but I really love to see them restore and or retool the styline parts.
  9. Dave Darby added a post in a topic What are the differences between AMT 39/40 Ford Tudor sedan kits?   

    Bumpers and guards are different too.

  10. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '57 Ford Hardtop News   

    The Styline parts all disappeared with the Flashback issue. More of the custom parts went away during the 1993 refresh where they added the modern bucket seats, billet engine dress up parts and Budnik wheels.
    That said, I'll bet there are more than a couple of the old custom and Styline parts cavities still available to run. I'm also thinking whatever was done in 1993 can be undone by moving/swapping some inserts. But don't hold me to that. Some of those parts I am sure are gone for good, but this issue should be an interesting one.
  11. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod Review   

    HI Vince.
    I actually covered that in the caption describing the difference between the two fender units. As Mark said, both of the original Mod Rod issues also built an Ala Kart. The changes came with the 1973 Street Rods issue. I would love to see Round2 restore this tool. It's totally doable.
  12. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT 63 Corvette   

    The 65 also has the vents on the B pillar. The 66 does not. In addition, the 66 uses the 1967 style egg crate grille. But it sounds like you already have that.
  13. Dave Darby added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT Mod Rod Review
    Well guys, I finally got some free time, and did a quicky review of the new AMT Mod Rod reissue, As a bonus, when you click on the link, you will find a another link to a history of the real car and the kit I had done for the now defunct Bonediggers site back in 2002, which also features a side by side comparison of the old and new tool Ala Kart kits. In the photos on my Fotki site, I added some shots of the original box art for all of the Ala Kart kits, and some of the later variations. Plus side by side comparisons of old and new kit content. I have added captions to explain parts, differences and historical tidbits as well.  Buckle up, it's gonna be a great ride. BTW, if you think you are in good shape because you have that 2002 Model A reissue, you are mistaken. There are a BUNCH of Ala Kart and vintage speed parts in the new issue that were not in the 2002 kit.  Link follows these two teaser photos...

    AMT Mod Rod 2016
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  14. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Revell '57 Ford Gasser   

    If you are going to build a Revell 57 Ford into a gasser with no front bumper, do yourself a favor, and trim the bottom of the front fender (ahead of the front wheel) even with the bottom of the grille. That's where the fender ends on the real one. It'll look a LOT better. As for a 56 body on a 57 frame. No. Just... No. The 57 has a cowbelly frame, while the 56 is closer to the 1949 frame. It would be a nightmare of epic proportions to connect the two. And for what? A 9 in rear end that would practically be a bolt in swap on the 56? I highly doubt many, if any such swaps were ever done.