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  1. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Round2 Sock it to me   

    That's the Katch the Kat issue. Only something like one in each master carton is molded in the metallic colot. Kinda surprized you want to paint it. I've seen them go for upwards of 50 bucks.
  2. Dave Darby added a post in a topic New reissue AMT '57 Fairlane questions   

    If you have any experience with Y block Fords you will know that neither the injector manifold nor the headers are anything near correct. The intake ports on  Y block are stacked one atop the other as in the photo. The evenly spaced headers in the kit  would be ok for a 390-428, but Y blocks have an exhaust port layout more like a smallblock Chevy, which have the center ports side by side. 

  3. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 56 TBird Mild Custom   

    That's a really nice build. Here's one I did for my wife a few years ago that's a little more old school...

  4. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"   

    Just about a
    Just about any issue of the 49 Ford since the mid 70s will have those parts. Guessing the new one will too.
  5. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '59 El Camino   

    I'd like to see the recording console back.
  6. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner Pre Order   

    Stock engine is a 352. Custom engine is whatever size you want.
  7. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Round 2 March 2017 Product Spotlight   

    You beat me to it! That is the right spot for the Desoto bumper, so my hope is that it is. I have a few of the Styline extensions and some old builders around so those parts will come in handy.

  8. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Round 2 March 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Well looking at the parts layout graphic, neither the Flashback nor the 90s update were sympathetic to the tool. You can see where the Flashback's fuel injection manifold partially obliterated the checkered flag trophy. The tree with the suspension is partly stuff that was chrome prior to the 90s update. (And some of of it really still should be, like the smaller quad headlights and gauge pack.)  On the other hand, not only do I spy the quad headlight pods (and the headlight bezels that go with them)  if you look above the stock front bumper, It sure looks like the Desoto bumper is back. Thats worth the price of admission right there. Also looks like some of the scoops are back too. And at least one of the globe shaped display lights.
  9. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"   

    Here's a dual belt setup I did almost 30 years ago. The pullies are Evergreen tubing, snd the belts are black vinyl tape cut into narrow strips, then dull coated after installation. 

  10. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"   

    Actually, the half top is what's left of the Carson top. If you compare the undersides, you can the pleat engraving from the Carson top on the half roof. The original second top (besides the stock uptop) was a chopped Victoria roof. That roof, along with the fins and fender skirts seem to have bit the dust to make room for the straight axle and plastic slicks in the Showboat issue, never to return.
  11. Dave Darby added a post in a topic What's in the box! Pictures of what is included on the 57 Corvette from the Corvette Collection by MPC   

    There were two different AMT/Ertl kits. (Not counting Street Machine issues) an MPC reissue and a new tool kit with separate frame and platform style interior. Other than a slightly largish headlights and not quite correctly shaped side coves it's a super nice kit.

  12. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 66 Ford Fairlane   

    Looks really good, and Glory Hallelujah, is that a fully chromed A pillar, just like the real ones? Ertl messed that portion of the kit up (along with too low of  windshield and backlight height) so most builders have a body color A pillar. Either way, seriously nice looking build.
  13. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT 60 Starliner question   

    The Deluxe 2 in 1 kit has all the parts of the stock kit, with the addition of all of the parts that are in the custom kit. Other than possibly pad printed white wall tires, expanded decal sheet, and a miniature box, I don't think there are any new parts.
  14. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT Corvette 'Sock it to Me' ?   

    If what you want to make is a 61 Vette, you could do what I started to do about 26 years ago, and hopefully one day will finish... This is the Revell 1960 (really a 59) multi piece body Corvette with the deck from the AMT 1962 kit.

    The deck, from the AMT 62 is a great fit where the Revell piece would go. The Revell kits are very accurate bodywise, and available for a song. And as you can see, the AMT chassis and interior tub fit like a glove, if you are feeling lazy. And no, that isn't an original 62 body, I cut the trunk open. The interior tub is old though..

  15. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Revell vs. AMT 1962 Corvette comparison?   

    The AMT kit started out life as the SMP 1961 annual kit (not bad for its time) and was subsequently updated to a 1962 Corvette.  Both of these issues had an opening trunk, and stock and custom headlight options, with separate headlight bezels that were much more proportional. When the 62 Corvette was re-issued in the mid 60s, they closed the trunk, and molded the headlight bezels to the body, these new ones being wildly under-scale. Until the Modelhaus went under, you could get resin repops of the original bezels, file off the ugly molded in ones, and use the nicer resin units. Either way, the Revell kit has it all over the current AMT kit.