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  1. Nice, but where's the model? 😉 Seriously though, super nice job on both the build and the photography. Miuras are my favorite Lambos, and you did this one proud.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, it was updated annually, like the 63-67 that preceded it was. I always liked those old shark bodied Vettes.
  3. From what I've read, Ertl could not find the sedan body insert. Then again, they also at one point couldn't find the 40 Ford Sedan Delivery body insert either. My guess is that the 32 Sedan body insert is in the 1940 Willys tool, where it originated.
  4. Holy Moly. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better. These are gorgeous, and the colors knock them straight out of the park. The perfect frosting on the cake of excellent bodywork. What colors are those?
  5. Paint looks decent to me. Mask off the sharp character lines to protect from rub through, and polish that bad boy up, maybe.
  6. My guess is the only thing new in this issue will be the box art and decals. AMT/Ertl redid the wheels and tires (not for the best), and added a pair of engraved emblems for the Pro Shop/Promo issue during the 1990s, so it will likely be running the same promo tires it had from those issues. I'd like to see the old wheels returned to the kit, as the engraving was vastly superior to the current ones. Either way, I want one. Or more. Curbside or not.
  7. Too many pictures? poppycock. Looks great Gary! A nice save, great melding of the old and new kits, period correct to a tee, and another lovely paint job. I hope we can meet again at the next "Hope It Don't (get cancelled again) Snow show in Spartanburg next year. Always love seeing your work in person.
  8. I'm sending some solid kudos to both of you, Tom and Dennis.
  9. Ding ding ding, we have a winnah! Love this one. Everything about it. It's modern, yet classic at the same time. The engine detail is icing on the cake. Love the other "El Co's" in this thread too. But this one had me at hello.
  10. Excellent! Today is Faux-vivor Friday. I hope to see it there.
  11. I'd say you nailed it. I will say that it would be interesting to see some vintage decals on it. If you have Facebook, it would be right at home on Faux-vivor Friday on the Scale Survivors group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/scalesurvivors
  12. It is a pretty cool build. The taillights appear to the custom units from AMT 34 Ford Truck, inverted.
  13. Subject matter, paint and wheels create a cool vibe on this one. I like it. Looks like something you'd find on Scale Survivors.
  14. As a guy who's appreciated good box art from a tender age (knee high to a grasshopper, you might say) it's not terribly surprising that as a model builder, I might try and duplicate some of those vintage illustrations in Plastic. Artists like Jack Leynwood for Revell, and Al Borst for AMT have lived rent free (with an open invitation) in my brain since I was a tot. On top of that, I had the privilege of building box art models for both AMT, and later, Revell. So without further ado, here are some of my box art art replicas. This pair comprises my first two. The second issue AMT 32 Sport Roadster Street Rod and Drag versions. Built over 20 years ago. This one was started shortly after the other two, and was redone last year, with new paint, front tires, and a set of those fragile 1964 decals, supplemented with dry transfers for the class lettering. Believe it of not, the decals for the older (pre 1962) kits always seem to work flawlessly for me. Next up I did this original issue 25 T Chopped coupe, built from a couple of basket case originals I picked up off of eBay and swap meets. No, you're not seeing double. The nearest one was a commission build I did last year from a re-issue (albeit with original issue firewall and taillights). I'm extremely happy with the paint on this one, but I should have massaged the fit of the fenders to compensate for the smaller diameter of the re-issue wheels. This one is still in mock-up stage, as I still have a few details I want figure out, plus mount some headlights that will match the box art. This one is where I deviated the most from box stock, in order to better duplicate the box art. Build process for this coupe can be viewed here... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/135813-amt-trophy-series-deuce-5-window-box-art-replica-updated-112019/ Here is one more replica. I didn't have a box to pose it with when I owned it.. This one is built from a 2009 Revell re-issue (Monogram) 30 Woody, with rolling stock from the Blue Bandito as an homage to the 1965 issue Monogram Woody Wagon. Last up, when is a box art replica not a box art replica? When it is the actual box art car. The last project I did for AMT/Ertl was this trio of Chevys in 1995. It only took 25 years, and a long chain of correspondence with the late "Viper Dave" McGaughey, and the also the late Ted "Chopper" Lear, who connected me with long time excellent care-taker Richard Geis, who kindly sold it back to me. (BTW, thanks to Gary Seeds for giving me the box for the set, which actually happened before I knew I was getting the car back!) No, I didn't forget the window glass. AMT policy at the time was to leave it out, and retouch it in to eliminate glare and optic distortion on the box art. Thanks for indulging me, and I hope you enjoyed my box art replica collection (more to come!) I'll close with a shot of my Vintage Workbench... Maybe someday I'll post a tour. (Would that be on Under Glass, or On the bench?)
  15. Thank you very much for the kind words Tim. It took me quite some time to get it where I wanted it. Regarding your other post, the 1998 Pro Shop issue has all of the parts except the tonneau cover. Looking over at Craig Stansfield's Replicas & Miniatures album, Norm has a pair of the blower scoops for 5.95, and a package with the tonneau cover and center steer dash as well for 4.50. Were I to start another, I would seek out either a basket case original, or get the Pro Shop issue (it has the roll bar, headers, injector pump, blower and intake) and supplement with Norm's excellent parts. I imagine he probably has the right tires for a period look as well. These would make great front runners for a period look. https://public.fotki.com/crstan/replican-and-miniat/replicas-and-miniat/
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