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  1. Hillibillies coupe

    While it isn't a coupe, it sure is off the rails cool and creative!
  2. 58 Impala custom-the way it was done in the 60's

    Great! Can you share this one one on Scale Survivors?
  3. 58 Impala custom-the way it was done in the 60's

    I love it! Are you on Facebook by any chance?
  4. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Like this?
  5. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Stock exhaust manifolds and crossover pipe are molded to the engine. These go with the molded single system Greg mentioned.
  6. $6 find

    Nope. It's a Lindberg.
  7. Reborn Charger

    You beat me to it! Nice work Tulio!
  8. 1958 Ford, Corrected Stance.

    Yeah it did have a bit of a broken spring look. Looks great now.
  9. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    I've only seen the Lindberg 40s in pink or blue. Anybody seen a Lindberg 40 kit molded in white? This one has no louvers, like the blue one in a previous post.
  10. 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster

    That sedan kit is not out. The body insert was moved over to the Vicky/Phaeton tool in the mid 1970s for one run and hasn't been seen since. The only 32 Ford AMT currently has available is the Victoria, which is a completely different body. Google is your friend, Bob. Please Research before you post misinformation.
  11. Enamel Testor's paint.

    I don't know that there is much demand for the newer bottles. 20 and 30 cents are 70s and 80s era. The real money is in the old 50s - 60s bottles.
  12. Enamel Testor's paint.

    If you use their airbrush thinner they dry much faster and harder. I often times mix in a drop or two of that thinner in a little paint in a cap when I brush paint with it, too.
  13. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Very cool.
  14. AMT '67 Mustang Mach 1 concept

    Looked presentable before, but it's super nice now. I wish I still had mine. I'd imagine the tool (minus the 66 Mustang stuff) is probably still around...
  15. 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster

    It was part of the same tool. The real estate used for the XR6 was cleared out to make room for the conversion parts to make My Mother the Car.