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  1. AMT 40 Ford Sedan Box Art

    Nice job on that! I have a scoop from that kit if you need another one.
  2. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Not if you want a 59 Imperial. Let's put it another way. New tools cost money. And we live in a shrinking hobby. Fewer people are building model cars, and consequently fewer retailers are carrying them. We almost lost Revell, even Round 2 seems to be tightening their belts. A 59 Imperial, as cool as a subject as it is will not support the investment it would take for a new tool. So if you want one, it is and likely always will be the only game in town. Does it have an engine and detailed chassis? No. But in all other ways it is an excellent representation of of a 59 Imperial. Plus it comes with some terrific authentic period custom parts. It's a winner in my book and I am up for at least two.
  3. amt's tin box version of the 57 chevy

    I think the only thing this kit needs is better rolling stock. Somebody posted this one on the Spotlight Hobbies message board.
  4. 31 Ford Model A coupe--The quick 368 day build

    I'm with you Tulio. I grew up on those engines, and I had 3 of them in my garage not so long ago. Plus one in my 57 F100 I used to own. And other than the oil pump feed is perfect. Only thing I'd change is the zip code it lives in.
  5. Looking good Bernard! I better get after my coupe!
  6. 31 Ford Model A coupe--The quick 368 day build

    I was going to say the same thing as Tulio, Tim. Then again, like the man said. "Modeling..."
  7. Per Dave's request: 1927 Ford "Owl T" Pickup

    Actually, I believe my guess is correct. The Monogram 37 Ford (bottom) has a two piece axle assembly (separate spring on front of axle). The ZZ Top 33 Ford axle (top) is a spitting image.
  8. Per Dave's request: 1927 Ford "Owl T" Pickup

    I remember that truck. It's way cool.
  9. 1960 Corvette

    Cut the outside first. My white walls are hand painted on old AMT Trophy series tires. Stock wheel covers are from an MPC 57-60 Corvette.
  10. Topic full of information just vanished?

    Too bad the thread wasn't limited to the 3D printing stuff and not full of a certain someone's meaningless drivel.
  11. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    That it is, but it's a blast from the past to build, gives you multiple building options, and the oh so cool retro factor.
  12. '57 Chevy Bel Air mild custom

    Looking good! Nice style and detail painting. Simple and catchy.
  13. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    Ebay and retail outlets are two very different things. Just like cleaning out your stash differs from cutting molds and cranking out mass production.