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  1. Correct, and BTW, the Bob I was scolding was "RegularGuy". Not Mr Ellis, who actually knows what he's talking about! Lol....
  2. Looks gorgeous! Almost identical to one I built for a good friend of mine in 1996 who owned a real one. The one I built differed in that it had a dark green interior and dual quads. I rebuilt his engine and used the leftover paint for the model engine.
  3. Gorgeous. Once you get past the curbside aspect of it, this is likely the best proportioned 57 Belair hardtop ever kitted.
  4. That paint job sure is purty. This build is gonna be a stunner.
  5. I built this 76 annual when it first came out, age 15. Yes, those are sewing thread plug wires. It's missing a few parts in these photos, which are slowly getting replaced. (Including those ultra 70s sidepipes!) The hood will get repainted with that bitchin scoop and #4 decal to match the sides once again, so it can relive the day it won me my first ever Trophy at Toy Fair. (Anybody remember them?
  6. I'd love a look inside that 27 T /XR6 tool. While portions were obliterated for My Mother the Car and the Cinder Bug, I'll bet 2/3rds to 3/4ths of it could still be there.
  7. How are they going to accommodate the custom nose piece?
  8. Great color and I love that Day 2 look.
  9. My guess would be pad printed tires, a new expanded decal sheet and possibly tinted glass. Maybr we'll get lucky and they'll throw in the DOHC from the Super Bee it.
  10. That puppy is just a couple bumpers and valence panels away from a 71-72 version. If only somebody would repop them.
  11. All the more frustrating that I can't find my parts pack wheel tree. Just to muddy the waters even more, check out this Vicky. The blue coupe probably has the original issue parts pack wheels, but no idea where this Vicky got them. Supposedly built in 63, and they arent from the Vette, the XR6, or the parts pack.
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