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  1. Scratch Rod

    Very creative with excellent execution.
  2. Revell 2019

    Wow, looks like a little short on the front fender overhang, too. And too blunt.
  3. Oops, I read your post too quickly. I agree. The engine is a blob. I built two of them neatly identical. One for a customer (this one) with a mostly kit stock engine, and one for me, which got top end parts swapped in from a Revell 53 Chevy kit. I'll post a photo of that one when I find it.
  4. I don't think the molded in taillights look like blobs Here's my Prestige issue. Foil and Testors 1204 Dark Red.
  5. There werent separate promo tools for all of the annuals. The Skylark is a Mod Stocker.
  6. The 39/40 Sedan has the Cragars. The 40 Sedan Delivery has only had the Keystone Kustomags or the flipper disks.
  7. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    If you are doing the AMT 64, recall that the annual had working headlamps. The holes are still there on the backside of the grille. Next one I build is getting those drilled out, and some nice lenses with reflectors recessed in to get rid of that awful bug-eyed look.
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    What's the SN Chevy?
  9. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    When AMT tooled up the 1964 annual, the chassis and engine went into that tool. What was left was the promo/Craftsman version that lacked an opening hood or engine. Sometime in the late 60s/early 70s, AMT did a small run for disabled veterans (IIRC) opened the hood, tooled up the crude engine it has now and molded in the taillights. Fast forward to around 1989, AMT/Ertl opened up the gates to whatever custom parts remained in the tool and reissued it in the Prestige series. The newer reissues have the injector tubes. My guess is the upcoming reissue will be the same partswise, along with an expanded decal sheet and pad printed tires. (Likely a set of stock whitewalls and the white lettered tires that have been showing up in their other kits.)
  10. That's odd, because neither the promo nor the Craftsman kit had an opening hood, and the reissues have a totally different hood opening configuration than the annual did. The annual used a metal hood clip. I can't imagine them going to that trouble if the original opening hood body insert was available. And the chassis is definitely different. I had read somewhere that the reissue was the promo combined with some of the extra part inserts from the annual kit.
  11. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

    That is super nice. I really need to get me one of those. Beautiful job.
  12. Really.. I built box art.models for AMT/Ertl for 6 years, and Revell for 2. You know what they referred to them as? Tools. Also. Do explain how the the 63 annual chassis and engine ended up in the the 64 kit. And why we still have craftsman 64 Galaxie when the annual kit got butchered into a mofified stocker. You don't have room to be condescending. Try getting up on the right side of the bed next time.
  13. The Craftsman kit was derived from the promo tool (which never had an opening hood). The annual kit used a different tool that was updated to a 64. The injector manifold from the annual is in the most recent issue of the 64.
  14. I'm sure that is still the case. Easiest fix is to kitbash with the AMT 64, which was based off the the 63 Kit tool.
  15. Humming Through The Green Hell