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  1. I owned a full size 57 with a Y block, and I grew up them, but that fish nor fowl version doesn't bother me any more than the Lincoln engine in the 25 T. I'm just hoping the unibody 61-63 F100s are in the future plans.
  2. For context, John G works for Round2, who manages the AMT brand: JohnG says: July 31, 2014 at 7:40 pm This is only a portion of the molds, but goes way beyond the latest catalog. Some tools were never sampled in this program. I can say without a doubt that the early 60’s Ford trucks are long gone, unfortunately.
  3. I owned a real 57. Neither the fenders nor the valance are the same. The 57s and 58s have a slightly flared out round opening to accommodate the round parking lamps. The 59-60 fenders have the parking lights inboard of the fenders.
  4. This won't be a reissue. This will be a clone tool similar to way they did the Nova wagon. But with the 57-58 having slightly different front fenders than the 59-60s (owing to parking light shape) I'm not really foreseeing too much in the way of different year variants either. But I could be wrong, and I hope I am.
  5. Looking great! What paint did you use on it?
  6. Yea, like the removable top and the spare tire. I may have a top that will work. Top, yes. But this kit never had a spare. BTW, a little easter egg for Little Deuce fans, this release and the Basic Builder issue (only) have the front mag wheel center caps for the Little Deuce on the chrome tree.
  7. I'm a little late in the day here, but the 6 carb intake and finned valve covers from the Monogram 30 Ford Woody fit on this engine like they were made for it, and give it a nice trad look. I love the axles and brake backing plates in the Deuce kit. Very accurate for an period hot rod. Best ever in fact, IMO.
  8. Has that been verified? Could be the AMT/Ertl kit with retro box art. Or, perhaps a cloned new body, possibly using the remains of the annual kit that didn't get turned into a "Funny car".
  9. Anybody catch the gluing of the tailgate, where he painted the entire area around the tailgate with liquid cement? Epic.
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