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  1. Very true, and retailers purchasing fewer and fewer units, the necessary price increases may hit that tipping point where some hobbyists will balk. Last time I brought this up, several people brow beat me. I wasn't complaining. Only putting forth reasoned conjecture and hoping we don't see a death spiral.
  2. I always love seeing your work. Your builds are to hot rods what Steve Boutte's builds are to customs. Almost inhumanly good!
  3. I was told by someone who is trying to research him, that he had passed away. Is there anybody who can confirm this, or has more information on him? Sounds like he had some of his builds featured in the magazines.
  4. I'm guessing the budget has changed. I don't think retailers are buying as many car kits. Recall last year Hobby Lobby downsized their selection.
  5. Great looking box art, except that snorkle hood scoop looks a bit out of place on what otherwise looks like a street car.
  6. Oooooohhhh that's lovely!
  7. Nice job and perfect color choice.
  8. My comment is I love it, and my only criticism is that it resides in the wrong zip code. I'd be much happier with it in mine!
  9. I'm in! I had a convertible like that one. Sold it under financial duress.
  10. That is Bad. To. The. Bone! Old school McCool. Makes me want to open my wallet and get my own off the Bay.
  11. That is beyond cool, Ron. Love the AMT 57 bits on there and the interior is off the hook cool. I'm glad I checked out the Under Glass section today. I almost didnt.
  12. Whenever I look at that box art build, all I can see is a train wreck. Stock firewall, body sitting too high on the frame goofy spotlights, black carburetors... It was a low period for AMT box art. The 56 Ford and the 59 (really a 60) Corvette with its upsidedown headlights were just as bad.
  13. That body has been rough ever since they opened the hood on it. The hood fit particularly is less than stellar. Certainly not one of their better examples. Thankfully most of their other reissues are far better. That said, I'd like to pick one up and kit bash it with their 64.
  14. I for one really enjoy hearing and reading the history of our hobby. Our Facebook group "Scale Survivors" which promotes the preservation of vintage builds, and memorabilia from the golden age, has over 3500 members. That, my friend is just the tip of the iceberg. If you write it, we will come.
  15. Dont get much cooler in Coupes-ville than this.
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