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  1. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod question   

    Exactly. Besides the grossly misshapen nose and cowl, the new tool engine is definitely under size. You don't believe me? 12 years ago, The guy who designed the new tool kit - John Mueller  and I measured a real Dodge Red Ram Hemi. (BTW, even John was disappointed with the kit. Racing Champions/Ertl/AMT had finished the project after he'd been 'retired').

  2. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod question   

    Years ago, when the new tool Ala Kart kit came out, I wrote a history of the car, the original kit, and a side by side comparison of the old and new tool Ala Kart kits.  The new tool kit fared very poorly. You can read it at this link. BTW, Stay tuned, as I picked up the new Mod Rod kit, and will do a detailed "Tim Boyd-esque" style review of it very soon. It's a good 'un!
    Old Vs New Ala Kart kit Comparo
  3. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1957 Chevy Nomad Custom   

    That is just plain uber nice!
  4. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Flashback 1976 - MPC '76 Monza 2 + 2   

    I built this one back in 1976 when I was 15 years old. Won first place in my very first model contest with it. Has about a bajillion coats of candy red lacquer on it.

    All original, except for the paint on the hood, and some fresh chrome I robbed from a started kit I got off eBay. Still trying to hunt down the mags from the Skyhawk kit. And I want to restore the hood. It was body color, with the scoop and the racing number. And I still need to replace the side pipes.
  5. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Has Anyone Built This Kit? Quality? MPC 1960 Corvette   

    I couldn't agree more. That's why I have several extras. Until the Pro Modeler/Revell 58-59 came out, I think it was the best solid axle Vette out there. Still is IMHO, as long as you don't flip it over, or open the hood.
  6. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria. Class of 1957.   

    Tulio, you never disappoint. Well done as usual!
  7. Dave Darby added a post in a topic MPC '71 Dodge Demon re release   

    Last I heard was it wasn't going to happen, at least not anytime soon. Shame.
  8. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    I agree on some of the points, but I can see even from that half a photo that there are quite a bit more of the old AK parts back in the fold than there was previously. Plus some of those parts will be chrome again for the first time in decades That said, the original Ala Kart does really need to be restored, and I wouldn't be a bit heartbroken if they scrapped the crude and inaccurate new tool to help pay for it.
  9. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    Or nah...? Nobody got any photos of this at NNL East?
  10. Dave Darby added a post in a topic The most dificult 1/24 or 25th auto model to build?   

    Man, I sure like that box art better than the current art for that kit!
  11. Dave Darby added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    Round2 had a test shot on display at NNL East. Anybody get photos?
    I snagged this one off of that other message board, from Chuck Rehbergers post, but it's cropped a little high. Sure do like the box art graphics for the 57 Vette!

  12. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Possible box art for the Revell '30 Model A Coupe   

    I'm not going to say never in the history of 'implement' tires have their ever been any, but those instances are pretty rare. So to my eyes, they look a little weird and overdone with them. And speaking of to my eyes, I probably came off a little harsh on the box art. First off, the builds are first rate. My issue, as it were is with the graphics. For the type of culture and era these two subjects represent (the 30 A Coupe and 57 gasser), the graphics should be be more of a retro flavor. The beveling and embossing (Making the lettering and rivets (what do we need rivets for anyway?) 3-D and metal looking) just smacks of Neo Retro to me. Like they plastered an erector set on the box.  Don't get me wrong. I used a very complicated, layered version of the bevel and emboss/metallic technique quite a few years ago when I created this logo... (and cover)

    Obviously Model Cars Magazine has a new cover logo now, and quite frankly, I like it. In fact, it's closer to what Revell should be using for those boxes.
    Consider this vibe... (Still a bit overstated, but more retro)

    Or this (Very fitting)...

    So, not to pick on Revell/Monogram, but I just think the box graphics are overdone, and take away from the models, which should be the focus. But again, that is just my opinion, and it doesn't take away from the model kits in question. There will be multiples of each in my stash. But great box art DOES grab your heart strings, and thereby your purse strings. Would it make a difference in this case? Who knows? Anyway, that's just my take. There are a lot of guys out there who enjoy making faux box art, to varying degrees of... um quality. This pair made more than one person think it was one of those.
  13. Dave Darby added a post in a topic 1959Edsel Convertible   

    Old school silver painted trim. Mad props! I like it.
  14. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter 2016   

    Probably not too well. The 57 Ford is wider than the 56. Why go to the trouble?
  15. Dave Darby added a post in a topic Possible box art for the Revell '30 Model A Coupe   

    That's why I put Implement in quotes. I know they aren't actual implement tires, that's just what most people refer to them as. Regardless, I've never seen any with whitewalls, and it just makes it look like someone didn't know what they were doing. Kinda like the amateurish graphics on the box art. Case in point; it's so bad that a lot of people didn't even believe the 57 Ford Gasser was real box art. It's not as bad as that scary LSD trip stuff RC2 was doing around 2006 or whenever, but it still isn't very good. (And my apologies if anyone here on this board did that work. It's just constructive criticism.)  Anyway, I see a lot of old school goodness in that parts inventory.