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  1. The original from 1962 has the green & white box. The second issue (1965) has the blue box. The third issue came out in 1968 with a red Mod Rod on the box top. The final issue with the original Ala Kart still intact was in 1970, with a yellow fenderless Mod Rod on the boxtop.
  2. You do reeeeally nice work, Steve. Photography is top notch as well. Gorgeous build.
  3. I agree. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. That's where the Revell SnapTite and the new tool AMT 57s come in. But the olf tool 57 does offer a plethora of cool vintage custom and speed equipment, along a nice pair of Chrome reversed wheels.
  4. Does not, and never had the the rib detail. I wouldn't look for it in future issues either. One nice thing about that though, is that by modifying (shortening) the spear on the top of the fin, you can make a 210 hardtop.
  5. Comparing the two in photos (I've never owned the MPC kit) I'd give the AMT body the edge in accuracy and crispness, but the MPC isn't bad.
  6. Actually it's 2002 tooling. And unfortunately, the cowl, hood and nose are way too square. The wheels are pretty off, too.
  7. Times two. Gentle cleaning, replace missing parts.
  8. Right? And as you can see, there's even a few parts missing off of that original tree probably sitting in the box i pulled it out of.
  9. Conversations with Round2 management indicate it will be a straight re-issue of the previous Pepper Shaker, with the box art of the Gen 1 Pepper Shaker. The box side will be updated to to reflect the available parts. Everything except for the custom wheel covers still exists in the tool (and I let them know that), so let's hope that the next reissue contains those parts. You can see a short shot of the rear Styline extension on the upper left of the photo. This is from a 1990's AMT/Ertl issue.
  10. This is really good. They took away all the negative gimmicks from the Rat Roaster, and added some cool stuff, I'm in for multiples. I do agree that a beam axle would have been nice though. Kitbash in the flatty from the Tudor sedan, and you're almost to the Doane Spencer roadster.
  11. I fully agree. In fact, they look more accurate for a gen 1 Falcon than they do for the 66-up. I suggested the Moebius kit for those who cant handle molded in suspension.
  12. New release? Hopefully with the Styline parts gates reopened.
  13. I've always liked that box art. Glad to see the Avanti back. I need to get one.
  14. I agree. Scalemates is completely unreliable.
  15. https://youtu.be/me6Uz_6LzOM
  16. I remember that build and article well. Very clean and near period neutral build style. It's a very well done conversion to a body style that is overdue (along with a 29 A Coupe, and a 30-31 A Roadster). Love it! BTW, you have a PM from me. Regards Dave
  17. Besides the necessity of raising the windshield and backlight heights, another huge mistake on the part of AMT/Ertl (and most builders) is the body colored A Pillar. The whole thing is covered with a stainless trim piece.
  18. Streaker Vette I slightly modified back in 1977 when I was 16. Wheel flares are made from plastic record album dividers from when the local drug store quit selling records. That rear spoiler is the chin spoiler from the Revell "Jungle Jim" Vega funny car.
  19. Pretty neat survivor. Judging by the wheels and tires, that is the Gen 1 Night Stalker issue that immediately followed the Streaker Vette. Out of the MPC mid-year Corvettes, only the 65-67 annuals, had the working springs. The Streaker Vette returned to the 1964 style front suspension.
  20. I do have to agree with you there. As poor as the rest of the kit is, the shock towers and braces are really really good. I wish the rest of the car was that nice.
  21. That is one gorgeous, fantastic build. Your cover feature is well deserved.
  22. I think it's the same chassis, with the working suspension front clip stubbed in. You can see the joint line just ahead of the center crossmenber on all of the versions after 1965. Another couple of changes include the return of the 1964 interior tub (the annuals had the correct door trim) and corrected front fender louvers. The 67 annual had them straight up and down.
  23. Superb! The extra detail work you put into it paid off in spades.
  24. Well on the other hand, the original has a lot of great features, such as a nice blown 409, Keystone mags, chrome reversed wheels, and more. More importantly, the old tool 57 has consistently been a much better seller than the new tool 57. And sales are what keeps the lights on. As long as they keep cranking both out, I'm good. As far as the new tool Ala Kart goes, I don't recall it ever being that hot of a seller, (I could be wrong) and I practically couldn't give my extras away on eBay. I do like the front tires though...
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