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  1. The AMT 59 is really just a stripped down reissue of the old SMP annual, and still represents 1960 kit. Conversely, and not sure why in either case, the Revell 1960 labeled Corvette (below) is really a 1959.
  2. That's a good looking truck, Tom. It's a shame the issue I did the box art for in 1991 didn't come with stock wheels.
  3. Here's a little background on the Moon Eyes Dragster box art. https://www.standard.net/entertainment/arts/2021/nov/18/hot-rod-artist-chambers-selected-to-illustrate-box-art-for-vintage-model-cars/?fbclid=IwAR0ayorPRjiJouwrrrUsoRM9jU6aBDpPytOZ6w_NDSbJkwwQhd6BmXaBPlw
  4. It would appear that great minds think alike! I started this one 20 years ago, but was never really happy with it. I ended up stripping the paint and redoing it, using Testors 1231 Bright Red, then changing the kit rolling stock out for something closer to the box art. Those decals were monstrous! I ended up using dry transfer lettering for the AA/A class lettering.
  5. Shades of the Purple People Eater vette. Looking good!
  6. The hood trim was never all that great, owing to the limitations of the tool design. If the trim was more pronounced, it would never come out of the tool. It doesn't have sliding sides like the body. A little .020 Evergreen strip fixes that problem pretty nicely.
  7. You night want to check on that. I got #209 over a month ago at a local hobby Shop.
  8. Shocks, exhaust, modify the rear bumper brackets to work with the stepped frame (they go over the now raised rear crossmember) and plumbing.
  9. I offered Round2 an original unbuilt 1911 Chevy to master a new kit from. They said there wouldn't be enough interest in that subject.
  10. I got side tracked with some other projects, so I haven't made any real progress in a while, but I wanted to share a fairly recent pic that shows the actual color. That and I just really like the photo.
  11. Hi Alan, I have no idea how I missed this thread. You and the other posters have put some really cool Deuces on display. Since you since mentioned my corrupting you into building one of your "faux-vivors" as we call them on the Survivors group, I guess I could share a few of mine. The 4 in the center are my builds, bookended by some survivors on the Vintage Workbench. A better view of the Vintage Workbench, with a few more survivors, and my black full fendered Deuce Coupe. And a greenish yellow survivor clove. Here is my box art coupe, which is far from box stock. Build notes here: I'll go out on a a short limb and guess this is the build Alan is referring to... Clone Clone and survivor...
  12. That color scheme conbined with your excellent craftsmanship nails it all day long. I love this thing!
  13. Righteous. Love that fiddly Jim Keeler perfect scale fidelity. You did it proud.
  14. Sorry Gary. I don't like it. I love it! Gawgeous!
  15. I like your thinking. The 36 is certainly feasible. The 34 saw a good deal of modification to create the ZZ Top Eliminator and the Thom Taylor Cabriolet. So much less likely. Then again, if Round 2 can do it, Revell GMX can as well. But would they...?
  16. Well, it seems to have worked with 63 Nova Wagon.
  17. Not so much the love of money as the love of power and control.
  18. The cabriolet parts would be in the Coupe tool. Wasn't that SSP issue somewhere around 1995?
  19. You were fairly close. Anthony Hazelaar http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/tonhazelaar/wwwhome/34-towtruck.html
  20. I fully agree. I don't think anyone has ever matched Jim Keeler's level of detail and scale fidelity. Never mind the ejector pins. If I need plating I always have my trusty Molotow markers.
  21. I'd love to see some of that Heller stuff come back. Like the Matra / Brabham F1 set.
  22. Well now they're working. Maybe my work server has imgbb blocked. Wicked cool phaeton.
  23. Way cool. I wish Round 2 would either find the tool, or otherwise recreate Hot Curl. https://surfsimply.com/surf-culture/the-legend-of-hot-curl/ https://www.lajollalight.com/lifestyle/outdoors/sd-cm-ljl-hot-curl-20190425-htmlstory.html
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