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  1. Right? First thing I thought of when I saw that box art was "Freakin' Mooneyes Dragster! Sweeeeeet!" Last thing on my mind was looking for flaws with the box art. No worse than that mid 80s AMT Ertl stuff. Or even that Racing Champions AMT stuff for that matter... I want multiples.
  2. That build was done during a pretty low period for AMT/Ertl box art. IIRC, Ertl was utilizing grade school kids to build their box art cars at the time. The 25 T kit was similarly bad, using a stock firewall (instead of the sectioned one) for the T Bucket street rod version on the cover. This made the body sit too high on the frame. Then you have the backwards mounted cowl lights mixed with the Appleton Spots on the cowl. Almost as bad was the 56 Ford Victoria, with its miss-matched wheels... Spindle Mount on one side, chrome reversed on the other.. That's the hot mess that inspired me to start buiding box art models for Ertl, which I did from 1990 to 1995. Back to the "59" Corvette, Mark is correct. It is a reissue of the SMP 1960 Annual, and some of the newer issues (Pro Shop prepaint) have a few of the old custom parts restored (unfortunately not the clear hardtop). It's a fun nostalgic kit, although even then, the Revell multi-piece body 59 (reissued numerous times as a 60) kit was far superior, if you are a stickler for accuracy and detail. Certainly enjoy it for what it is, and a set of wide whites and two tone paint will really make it pop.
  3. Came out great! Nice save on the windshield frame.
  4. Lew King Goode, Sir! I like it a lot. All you need now is a miniature Daisy Duke figure to go with it.
  5. Hi Alan, Just discovered this thread. Very nice job on your conversion so far! I can give you some closure on your rear window dilemma. The two different roof lines were dependent on whether the car was a Fairlane (or lower line full size Ford), or if it was a Galaxie. My thought is that the Graffiti police car didn't start out as police car, but was converted as a prop. Anyway, once again, nice work, and my best wishes to you making your deadline!
  6. Looking good John! All it needs is the grille insert painted black, and some King Bee headlights.
  7. John, you posted this build 8 years ago and I still never get tired of looking at it! It just sings to me. Now when you get that Ranchero done, get back on that Model A coupe!
  8. Thanks Tim. It's an honor to have our hobby's Keeper of the Flame enjoying some of my work. I haven't made a lot of progress this week, but I did stumble upon the Tim Boyd 80's Tribute thread the other day (I think I poked my head into the WIP trucks section for the first time). I was awestruck by great construction going on in there that was obviously influenced by you. It is ironic in light of the 80's subject matter, that this build was a a semi 80's style build in the beginning, and is now getting back dated to an early 60's vibe. Even more ironic since it's painted with a Boyd Coddington color! I recently found a hood that I had modified for it over 25 years ago... maybe I'll catch myself in a Miami Vice mood for a future project... While this build is a bit of a tribute to Don Emmon's "California Orange" and Andy Southard Jr's roadster, you are also one of my evil influences (including some of the construction on this one), with your prolific body of work, from Street Rodder to SAE. Certainly you have far eclipsed Don's output. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to all who know you. For those folks who are not familiar with "California Orange", Here are a few photos from the 1962 AMT Model Car Handbook that feature it. I remember well the first time I picked up a copy of Here is Your Hobby: Model Car Building from the bookmobile - anybody remember those? The book was assembled by Bill Neumann, but the lion's share of the content was by Don, with unfortunately no credit. I hope to make some more progress soon, so I hope you will stay tuned!
  9. I was wondering if you were still alive! That Ranchero is gonna be peaches!
  10. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this, but it sure is cool. Based on Monogram Green Hornet I presume. Looking forward to the finish.
  11. Liking the colors and concept. I've heard tales of those coming with warped windshield frames. Luckily mine is straight. You might check in with RoG for a replacement. Looking fwd to seeing your finished progress.
  12. Well I can see we have an AMT 57 Ford right here.... What are your plans for it?
  13. A few years ago, I let my Fotki account lapse, and consequently lost a BUNCH of photos. I've since restored them to both my Fotki account and to this thread. In almost 9 years since last time I've posted any updates, I've yet to finish it, although it's pretty close. Here's what it looks like since I posted last time.... This is the same paint I used on it originally, in a NOS can. Ironic that's a 67 Vette on the label! By the way, that is the original glass, polished out. (Compare that to the before photo!) The side pipes and bumpers are held on with Fun tak, but one of these days I'll buckle down and give her the big finish. The right side wheels are my originals, complete with the gold spokes I added around 1980-81. There will be no foil or clear coat, and I did not repaint anything that still had the original paint intact, so it's a semi survivor. I wanted it as close to the way I originally it built at age 16 as possible. Altho those green wipers ARE bothering me a bit now... Anyway, for those who didn't see it the first time around, or if you just want to revisit it, enjoy the journey. It's a long way from this basket case!
  14. It cuts a nice profile and has the right attitude. Nice short wheelbase and a mean rake. I like it.
  15. Dimes to dollars your build looks way cooler than the box art. Beautiful build Gary!
  16. I don't know how I missed this one, but it's way cool. Great job on an underrated kit!
  17. I like that idea. Might just have to try that myself.
  18. Sounds really cool. I can't wait to see your build. At an earlier point in time I was going to use the chrome wire wheels from the Monogram 32 roadster on this one. But I like your idea better.
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