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  1. theraif added a topic in General   

    a flipper
    i seen full size cars  get flipped all the time , like most of of i was looking to see if i could snag a cheap kit or two . i was looking on auction zip and looking at one near me and was wait a min. i just saw this kit on shop goodwill auction . i know goodwill got there $$ so if they can resell it for more $$ have at it hehehe
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  2. theraif added a post in a topic Fiat/Chrysler won't build cars in the US anymore   

    my issue with any thing new is all the extra junk i`d be happy with a new dodge with a hemi 6 speed tilt cruz and power windows thats it , some day i`ll get a dodge magnum wagon rip out all that useless stuff and have a nice 360 old school
  3. theraif added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Dart Hemi Super Stock - Taking Delivery   

    i had a pic of them lined up from the hurst factory and you can see how out of wack the front ends were
  4. theraif added a topic in General   

    $$$$ woooooo
    i haven't built any thing new or bought any thing for years. i knew prices have gone up but dam some of the kits lol good thing i got a few kits in stock to start with
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  5. theraif added a post in a topic 1971 duster by AMT.   

    oh why a gm carb
  6. theraif added a topic in Auto Art   


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  7. theraif added a topic in Auto Art   

    some art

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  8. theraif added a post in a topic Ss/ah 68 Dart In Progress   

    cool, you can move the carbs in little more i think they got it down to a 3 inch offset now ...................................i could be wrong lol
  9. theraif added a topic in Auto Art   

    Some Of My Work

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