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  1. 11hamlin added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    It has been some time since i even visited this site, and had let my sub to the mag end. I had for a couple years noticed the magazine was always late, always excuses, soooooo figuring with the bad business model I was seeing, no need dumping money for a sub that will end up a mess or loss. THAT said, today i come back I see on the home page issue 201 was late, very late and my first thought, wow it hasnt changed.. A business is no better or worse than its leader and or manager and at the end of the day, the buck stops with Gregg. Now that I got that off my chest, I loved the magazine, LOVED, and now miss it, but come back looking to sub and things seem to be on the same shakey ground. Can you help me drop my guard, and re sub to the mag????? I miss it, barnes and noble in my area does not carry it. hobby shops are all but dead in my area. SO, GREGG, can you tell me the following, deadlines will be met? that its not going to die no quicker than I sub and if it does.. do I get a refund of monies for unrecieved issues?
    Simple deal for me... please?
  2. 11hamlin added a post in a topic '70 Camaro   

    nice start
  3. 11hamlin added a post in a topic ZZ top's new 32, just a question   

    Thanks,, I love that car. I dont think I got the chop skills to pull off the chop and sectioning, but if I can get it close.. thanks.
  4. 11hamlin added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    ZZ top's new 32, just a question
    How would you get a finish like the one on the car being straight metal. never tried it, but that car simply is sweet.
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  5. 11hamlin added a post in a topic Nick's New Ride - Finished ! 12 - 17 - 12   

    Absolutey do a remote radiator, but you need deer horns on the front..
  6. 11hamlin added a post in a topic 41 Chevy Pickup   

    what wheels and tires?
  7. 11hamlin added a post in a topic Steve Rogers 49 merc   

    love the concept, for sure
  8. 11hamlin added a post in a topic I can't use this engine!   

    Drew it looks awesome to me.... BTW are you planning on attending the va is for lovers 300?
  9. 11hamlin added a post in a topic Ford F-1 by Revell   

    I love it, awesome colors.
  10. 11hamlin added a post in a topic Dale Earnhardt - Year ?   

  11. 11hamlin added a post in a topic 1969 Chevy Nova COPO- Finished 11/28/2012   

    nice job
  12. 11hamlin added a post in a topic 2011 Camaro ss   

    Not a fan of green,, but shazaaaaam, thats a killer look. awesome job.
  13. 11hamlin added a post in a topic 1964 Ford Thunderbolt   

    I love it,,, one of my only fords I like.
  14. 11hamlin added a post in a topic '67 Chevelle SS 396, my Revell / Gearz entry   

    thats killer right there!
  15. 11hamlin added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Subscription, And A Thought, No Need To Ask.
    I just got the JANUARY issue, awesome issue in alot of respects. But the thing of note as long as i have been a subscriber, there has been a constant never changing theme-- "I am late" this crashed, I crashed, it crashed" And I am full aware of the auto accident and believe me I understand. BUT at some point in time a professional operation puts a stop to it. I read that you had taken on more responsibility in some political realm ( which I admire), but time to stop with all the excuses, because after awhile it gets old.

    I personally want to see you(Gregg) redo the scedule and not just send a january issue in march, just call it what it is and make the same amount of issues but change the months, catch up and then stay up. There are answers, and doing a contest issue that encompasses 2 year old events does not cut it. Sorry, not for me.

    I think the community as a whole loves you Gregg, respects you and has given you slack to catch up, but its time to soul search. I feel there comes a time when a paid magazine should deliver on time. That time for me at least has come, and based off of subscription numbers that are printed it looks like others might just feel the same.

    Yes I know this is a bash laden post, but all the sweet, nice sugar coated words have yet to yield a marked improvement, or at least one that can sustain itself langer than a month. thats how many issues i have recieved in a timeley fashion in over 4 years. I know this isnt(ModelCars) not on the same budget or level as say the competition, but I have always felt and still do it is better when i do get it( the mag).

    Please consider real answers when you catch up or how you choose to catch up, not just gap fills and reprints, cause most will see it for what it is, a last straw.

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