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  1. Sweet job there, but your pictures are like potato chips, one is not enough. Keep them coming.
  2. Rob, check out Pro Tech Model Products,com That might be a start, good luck, Rick
  3. That came out great, can't wait to see the Mongoose, good luck
  4. Donn, that turned out sweet, what kit did you start with? good luck on your next project, Rick
  5. They all look sweet, love the colors on all of them, good luck on your next project, Rick
  6. Looks great, what colors did you use for the yellow and blue ? Good luck on your next project, Thanks, Rick
  7. Hi Dan, I have a new sheet still in the wrapper if you want them, just E-mail me your address at richardwolfe710@yahoo.com and they will be in the mail the next day, also how are you painting the body? Good luck, Rick
  8. Thank you everyone for the reply's I thought that he ran a small block but was not sure, ordered the decals and tunnel ram today and try to start this weekend. Again thank you everybody for taking the time to reply, Rick
  9. Hello all, a couple of weeks ago I was at a swap meet and was lucky enough to pick up a "Twister Vega" and want to build a Grumpy vega so tomorrow I'll be ordering the slixxs decals and was wondering what size motor did he run ? small block or big block, also what type of valve covers did he use, Will also be getting the comp resin dual quad tunnel ram for it also, Thank you for all your help, Rick '
  10. What in the wide, wide world of sports happen ? Please DON'T give up now, get some thin wire and add pins to it, it was in pieces when you bought it, now just a couple of more pieces to add to it now.
  11. is this the same Chuck that sold 1/16 scale decals also ? Stang1forever I think. Thanks.
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