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  1. Looking good there John, I just picked up a "Color me gone" kit also the other weekend and decals just to do Hemi Honker so I'm following closely to your build, you and Michael say the kit tires are too small, where did you get the replacement tires? Looking forward to the next update, Thanks and keep up the good work, Rick
  2. Boot hill express color

    Hey Jason and David, Thank you for showing interest in this build, Jason I went with a flat brass in the Testors little bottle it has a little glitter in it and should look good when I paint it, I'm off this week from work so I should have plenty of time to finish this, David I hope I can post a few picture's of this but when it comes to posting pictures I'm all thumbs, sad to say but I'll try. Again, Thank you for showing interest, Rick
  3. Hi Dan, I just dug out my Slixxs replacment decals for that kit and they recommend Majik blue pearl "PBC3701" by black gold. So hope that will help you some, good luck and hope to see that here someday, Rick
  4. Boot hill express color

    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question, have picked out my color now just need to head over to the hobby store. Again thank you, Rick
  5. Boot hill express color

    Jesse, Thank you for your reply, Jeff that looks real good, do you remember what color you used for the body, it's looks like gold but not sure. Again thank you for your replys, Rick
  6. Terrible Too! '65 Chevy II FXer

    That turned out sweet, bet that blown big block would be a hand full. Do you remerber what color you used for the super charger? Good luck on your next project, Rick
  7. Boot hill express color

    Hello all, Halloween is almost here and I always build a Halloween model around this time and while in Michales this weekend I saw the perfect accessory for the Boot Hill express, a cemetery gate thats the right scale the for it, so I would like to know what would be the colors for it. The re release dose not tell me what colors I should use. Thank you, and if possable please post pitchers of yours. Again Thank you, Rick
  8. looking for 1/16 decals

    Thanks Dude, they are my number one go too, but the others I was looking for offer hard to find cars, Again, thank you for taking the time, Rick
  9. looking for 1/16 decals

    Thank you Muncie and Mooneyzs, Thats the one and already back in my favorites, Steve last year I bought someone 1/16 collection and it came with both Snowmans decals one for the red car and one for the blue car and they look real nice, as nice looking as Slixx's but I have yet to use them so..... Again thank you Mike, Steve and Chris that very kind of you to take the time to answer my question, will be ordering soon, Rick
  10. looking for 1/16 decals

    Thanks iBorg, that was quick, yea your right it was Whoopie Kat decals, already in "Favorites" and thanks for the Chuck Boermer site had not seen that one, looks like he has Cha Cha Bountry Huntress decals that would look nice in big scale, How would I go about getting ahold of him? Again Thank you Rick boemer
  11. looking for 1/16 decals

    Hello all, my computer went kaput a couple of weeks ago and I lost all of my resources to people who made 1/16 decals, I think one was called "Kooky cat" decals and another was one called "Wild Stang" I think? Wild Stang had his home number and made some good looking decals also kooky kat had some diffrent ones like Don garlits funny car and wild 70s funny cars. Thanks and hope to hear from some one who can help. Thanks, Rick
  12. Looking good there John, How did you cut out the window's? I just got the 1/16 Mustang at a swap meet a couple weeks ago and never did a resein car before, So I'll be a watching and a learning. also what will you be useing for the windshield? Thanks, Rick
  13. Pinto Funnycar question

    Best thing to do is call in and ask, I placed an order on Thursday and she was real nice to talk to, or you could look at some generic decals and make it your own funny car, good luck on your Pinto. Rick
  14. Hippie Hemi

    Thats one far out ride, man
  15. Unreal Roller , Tom Daniel, MONOGRAM

    Wow.... Talk about an oldie but a goodie, that turned out super, Thats another one they need to reissue, good luck on you next project, Rick