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    Working Dome Lights
    I am new to this forum (just joined an hour ago). I have been modeling and showing for some time locally. Everytime I build a kit I try something new to it just to see if I can do it, on the AMT '57 Ford I wired a working dome light so when you open the door the light comes on and when you close it, it goes off. My dad (a modeler for thirty years) thinks I'm nuts! But it works and looks cool. Further more you don't see anything except the leads coming off the light and down one pillar. When painted they blend in. If anyone is interested in the schematics let me know, I'll be more than happy to share. I have also made working brake lights, they light up and then get brighter when you push the brake pedal (need a convertible for this though as it gets hard to reach in the car under the dash). I used a '65 GTO. This is really a good site. Hope to here from so of you soon.
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