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  1. Nice. I need those rear tires, where did you get them?
  2. Built this mash-up because I always liked 4x4's and El Camino's. Color is florescent green (a bear to paint) Rustoleum. Many many light, mist coats to get it right. The hood was painted 5 times, but could never get it to match, so it's flat black. Wanted to do a Landau roof, but didn't want to order more paint. Donor kit was the Revell 1/24 1978 GMC Big Game Country and the '68 Elc was the yellow one with the soapbox car. Looked naked without a roll bar, so I made one. Engine and shocks are florescent orange. Hope you like it. Thanx for looking.
  3. Finished this a month ago after getting the decals from the other side of the world from echoxrayniner. It is a tribute truck for my friend who passed away. We flew flight sims together for years and drove American Truck Simulator together as well. He was as solid as they come. The hood number represents his day of passing. The plate decal was the wrong size (my fault), but he would have laughed because he was bigger than life itself. The colors were ours from the old flying days. Turn indicators were not in the box. This was my first and last big rig. It was kinda tough. RIP my friend. Thanx for looking.
  4. Yes, that's the one I have.
  5. Nice. I forgot about the Future as I use it for windows periodically. Thanx again for the tips.
  6. Thanx for the replies. I used 2 different colors, one is glossy and the other is a flat fluorescent. I think I am going to clear the car (rattlecan Testors wet look) only and then apply the decals that came with the model without clearing over them as I do not want to chance ruining the decals.
  7. I am building a Nascar model and I have a question about applying the decals. Is it best to: A: Clear coat, then apply the decals B: Apply the decals, then clear coat C: Clear coat, apply the decals, then clear coat again Thanx
  8. Mahogany Rush

    47 Chevy

    Simply awesome.
  9. Thanx everyone. I went with the Monogram 1995 model. Not expensive, just wanted to get a good one and that's what this community is for. Thanx again!
  10. Looking for any advice or opinion on which is the best brand of kit to build a NASCAR 1/24 or 1/25? I've seen the Revell, AMT and Monogram one's out there with price varying on all with none looking superior based on price alone. I would like to know from builders as to which were the most consistent as far as sprue cleanliness, fit, directions (what are those?) and overall experience. Thanx in advance.
  11. Very nice build. Great detail work. Impressive cage work.
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