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  1. 1934 Ford Coupe

    The car is cool, but that diorama is epic!
  2. 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon Finally Finished

    Love it! Great job. Those Sportsman rear tires are just awesome.
  3. hobbymodels.com

    Thanx for the detailed info. I only refrained because they had been cordial and I was patient throughout the nearly 3 month wait. I didn't want to come in here whining about my $32 loss and slam them just in case there was a legitimate reason and/or they were a member of this fine board. I always give the benefit of the doubt, up to a point of course. I filed a claim with PayPal which is the only thing I can do. I will, however, tell anyone I come across NOT to purchase from this "business". Thanx again for your reply.
  4. hobbymodels.com

    Anyone ever deal with this outfit? I ordered a model back in July and never received it. They told me it was coming from Germany and to be patient. LMAO. I finally requested a refund in October because I found it elsewhere and they do not answer my request. I have been more than patient as all my emails with them show. They were fairly nice until that refund was requested. If you know them or ever had any dealings with them, positive or negative, please let me know. Hate to besmirch a model shop in a public forum, so I'll will refrain from that at this time. Thanx
  5. 55' Chevy Convertible

    Appreciate it. I will chrome pen those emblems I missed. Leaving the fender wells alone though...lol. Thanx
  6. 55' Chevy Convertible

    Thanx. No, nothing really to look at. All stock and no mods.
  7. 55' Chevy Convertible

    This was the 1955 Indy Pace Car by Revell. I decided early on not to use the decals and just make it a stock street ride. Bought it open from an estate sale and the windshield was broke in half. Glued it together because I had no spare. The purists will not like the engine red instead of orange, but I painted the car Rustoleum Coral and White, so I thought the orange would look too close to the body color. Fairly smooth build all the way. Thanx for looking. EDIT: Oops, I forgot to attach the driver's side mirror before the pic.
  8. Finally finished up this beast. What I thought would be an easy build, it was nothing of the sort. Operator error of course. The model is very nice, but I figured out afterwards that perhaps painting would work better after body is assembled. The windows had to be filed down, the doors would not hang and the top, OMG, it took me literally 5 tries to get it to fit on correctly. Many things need to line up at the very end and superglue became my only answer as lots of tension were on the parts, so Tamiya cement would not suffice. Anyhow, the color is Testors Fiery Orange Lacquer with Rustoleum Gloss White. Wasn't the color I thought it would be, but I do like it. No gloss coat, just one spray of Meguires Finishing Wax. Put some felt in for carpet and tinted the windows with Tamiya Smoke spray. Did all BMF instead of the decals or chrome pen. Used the wrong glue for the headlights and they fogged up. Thanx for looking!
  9. Revell Bronco vs. Revell Baja Bronco

    Well. it never came in stock and I requested a refund. Back at square one. Anyone know where one is? Why are they so hard to get? Did they stop making them already?
  10. My first Tamiya 66 Volkswagen...

    That kit is the best one that I've ever built. Fit is awesome. A real pleasure to build one.
  11. Nova Pro Street

    As others have said, Looks like a real one. Outstanding job all around. Paint, stance, photography, meats, engine detail etc. Love that body style Nova too!
  12. 55 Sedan Delivery

    That is EPIC! Love everything about it. Color, stance, engine detail etc. Just stunning.
  13. Two Tone Pro Street Camaro

    Looks fast! Where is engine from?
  14. 1949 Mercury Coupe

    Very nice!