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  1. Love itLoveit Loveit. Awesome build
  2. I love them all but am partial to the 1962 SD Catalinas and Yenko Deuce Novas.
  3. I more into the Stoner Rock side of things. Hypnos69,Abdullah,The Hidden Hand,Place of Skulls,Solace,Alabama Thunderpussy,Black Sabbath,Sleep,High on Fire. There are so many I could name I'd be here all night typing.
  4. If I remember correctly the 1:1 cars shared the same hood dimensions. I'd say it's a safe bet that they would interchange.
  5. That is an incredible build. I actually have the '32 Ford p/u kit on order from Norm also. Hope I can come even close to the degree of your build. Stunning!
  6. Picked up 2 of the new Revell '62 Impalas and a Johan Pro Stock Comet
  7. Gracie and Jasmine Lucy...who I lost to cancer on 4/11/08
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