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  1. Hello Dave Yes.. i buy a Trailer From CHRIS and i Want to built it the next time for the Astro. Greets Uwe
  2. Hi Guys Noe the Modified Rims are Painted In ALCLAD Airframe Aluminium Uwe @ Chris i Like the Mesh on the Airfilters
  3. oldstyle


    :lol: WOW a Super Nice Built....i LOVE it. Uwe
  4. WOW...so looooooooooong Nice looking Interior Uwe
  5. BEN...it,s NOT Chris Front wheel...It,s My... (Uwe OLDSTYLE ) But He Used the same Lug Nuts, that we bought on This SITE: www.knupfer.info Regards Uwe
  6. Wow.... a Very Fine Looking Model with Nice Detailing Looks Great Uwe
  7. Hi Chuckyr you,re rigth But i DONT Use the Italeri Rims.....i Used Aftermarket 2 Hole,s the Italeri,s are Only to Show the Stance of the Truck Uwe
  8. Hi there here are some Pic,s of MY Pete in Progress i Drilled out the Holes in the Rim,s Larger and Glued New Screws on New Toolboxes that CHRIS made For me...THX My Friend and the Built at This time....more Next Uwe
  9. The ASTRO is done now here are 3 pic,s of him....i make more Pic,s when the Weather is Better in Germany Uwe
  10. i Have seen this Trailer Yesterday LIVE...this Thing is a KILLER Uwe
  11. A fantastic Replika of This Legend Rod looks Realy nice Uwe
  12. Jürgen my Friend..... i Realy...LOVE this BAD THING Outstanding Built Uwe
  13. Hi The Astro is 95 % ready...he Only needs Small Parts like Wipers and New Mirrors i Made a Driver for Him Uwe
  14. Hello RAY The alternator is made from an SAFETY CAP of a Hypodermic Needle. Uwe
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